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December 17, 2012

Years ago there was a rock formation near the beach in Santa Monica, California.

The railroad company wanted to lay track along the stretch of land where formation stood. To their dismay the local authorities declined their request, noting the formation had geological significance and was a tourist attraction.

The railroad company waited.

One night a thunderstorm blew through Santa Monica. When the sun rose, the rock formation was gone. The railroad executives shed a tear for all to see, but rejoiced in private. (Also missing were someone's sticks of dynamite. At least, that is the speculation.)

The railroad company laid its tracks.

Last week there was a devastating massacre in Connecticut.

Was it a set up?

No. It was a thunderstorm.

And in the morning we heard calls for gun control.

Why the disparity in reporting?

The media doesn't want us to think we have a black violence problem. They want us to think we have a gun violence problem.

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