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December 17, 2012

The race is on.

The Republican Party busies itself trying to prove it's not racist.

To make that point, the GOP is seeking to parade as many non-whites as possible before the public eye.

It's a common-sense strategy if the objective is to win elections in an increasingly diverse culture.

Specifically, South Carolina Republicans elected a Sikh Indian to be their governor. Governor Nikki Haley, in turn, appointed a black man to the United States Senate.

There once was a time when the objective was to send persons of character, not persons of color, to Washington.

That's not to say that South Carolina's new U.S. Senator, Tim Scott, is not a man of character. As far as we know he may well be the most qualified Republican in South Carolina to fill the seat vacated by the resignation of out-going Senator Jim DeMint.

I wonder, however, if Mr. Scott were white if he would be the nation's newest Senator. Is it a matter of character or color?

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