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December 26, 2012

What's worse?

The sound of a vacuum cleaner while you're trying to watch television?

Or a dirty floor?

Thinking people will endure the brief distraction of the vacuum, grateful that someone is bothering to tidy the house.

Most people hate the nerve-grating dissonance made by the sound of the vacuum and prefer the dirty floors. These same people, of course, will raise hell and high water later in the day about the filthy condition of the floors.

Liberals understand this principle. They can affect public opinion simply by causing dissonance or, as Saul Alinsky called it, agitation.

Bill Cosby noted in his stand up routine about parenting rowdy children, "I'm not interested in justice. I'm interested in quiet."

In time Americans will agree to anything. Just shut about it.

Starbucks has gotten in the fiscal cliff fray by damning dirty floors and insisting Washington lawmakers "come together" and pass legislation to deal with the matter. We don't know if Starbucks CEO is intentionally playing the agitation card, or if he is venting his own frustration. Either way, the outcome is the same: The over-priced coffee entrepreneur is asking employees to mark throw-away coffee cups with the words "come together" scrawled on them.

Starbucks prefers 'stupid and quiet' over 'agitating and productive.' The company doesn't want justice, it wants quiet. It doesn't care about good legislation, it just wants Congress to stop fussing.

Liberals win.

Later, we suppose, we can expect Starbucks to gripe about dirty floors and complain about the outcome of a hastily constructed guard rail that failed to protect the economy from the fiscal cliff.

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  1. Always impressed with the high-quality writing on DailyKenn.com. Very creative analysis. It puts things in perspective.


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