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December 18, 2012

Those of us who attended black high schools know the routine all too well.

Roving gangs of black males show no regard for others and little respect for themselves. They speak an incomprehensible dialect salted with 'm*****f*****' and other profanities. It is a bizarre world that is never seen in television's make-believe reality.

White students stay away when possible. If they cross the path of a group of blacks, they risk getting sucker punched at best. Often white kids are beaten so severely that one would think they were in a head-on car crash. Many victims sustain serious lifetime injuries. A few are killed outright.

So it was in Jena, Louisiana.

Justin Barker was on his way to class when a mob of at least six black males encountered him. Barker was beaten and bloodied. The senseless attack he endured sent him to the hospital.

Oddly, thousands of blacks rallied in support of the attackers. The Black Entertainment Network honored the attackers during their awards show. Race hustlers came to their defense.

And now, one of the Jena Six has been hired by the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) as a community activist. His job is to utilize his jail experience by counseling teens in similar circumstances.

To my knowledge there was never an apology offered for the brutal attack on Barker, nor was there a condemnation of the overt black racism.

We wonder: What is going on the minds of the folks at SPLC? Do they not view themselves as enablers of racist hatred and violence?

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  1. When the balloon goes up, SPLC better hightail it out of Dodge. They're on some peoples' "hate lists" I imagine.

  2. SPLC IS a hate group. They hate white people.

  3. Obviously you don't know about the SPLC. Its exists to make money for the evil people who run it. They're no different than the ADL. They are universally despised by the White nationalists and other seekers of truth.

  4. It is long past time that a formidable group stood up to the blatant disinformation and bigotry of the SPLC. They are tops on my EXCREMENT LIST.