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December 21, 2012

Paranoia, by definition, "is a baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others."

The simple minded, children in particular, are most susceptible. Tell a little child that disobedient children will be eaten by a monster, turn purple, or grow up to be Democrats, and they will snap in line.

The strategy was also used by slave masters during the brief period of American history when slavery was legal in certain areas. Slave owners knew gullible black people would believe stories of grave danger that lurked beyond the plantation. The further north one went, the more danger one would encounter. In fact, it has been posited that the black tendency towards gullibility made them preferred slaves as opposed to, say, Indians.

Today that same psychological chain is used by liberal Democrats to keep their "property" from running off. They convince gullible black people that the danger of racism is everywhere. Slave masters in the big house (and thousands of slave owners were black!) used paranoia to keep blacks under their control. Nothing has changed.

That turns our attention to the title of this article.

George W. Bush owned a house that had been party to a 1939 contract that forbade non-white persons from purchasing it. Even though such covenants were nullified in 1948 by the Supreme Court and made illegal by a Texas state law in 1984, the rumors proliferated across the world wide web.

It is typical of how race baiting keeps gullible blacks zombified on election day.

That same election year, 1988, saw another more subtle and wider spread race rumor emerge. Republicans warned that Democrats were soft on criminals and, as an example, featured the story of Willie Horton. Horton was a convicted murderer who left a Massachusetts prison for a weekend furlough during which time he committed robbery and rape.

Liberals spooked gullible blacks into believing that Republicans mentioned Horton in their advertisements because Horton was black. Republicans, therefore, must be racists.

Not all black people are gullible and not all gullible people are black. But the use of racism is a powerful psychological chain that preys on America's black population by saturating their minds with paranoia.

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  1. Thanks, Kenn.

    It's a pleasure to read a well-crafted article. VERY CREATIVE (and interesting).

    Seems the Internet is saturated with cut-and-paste writers that are afraid to color outside the lines.

    Look forward to more incredible articles.

    Keep up the good work!