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December 21, 2012

Breaking news? No. But the implications are incredible.

Those news networks that have been preaching the urgency of diversity are less diverse than a NASCAR tailgate party.

At least NASCAR allows a few women.

Even the exclusive club of NFL quarterbacks has more diversity.

For all their [bellyaching] about the GOP being a white male club, the uber-exclusive cadre of news network heads is 100% comprised of white guys.

No women. No Hispanics. No black folk. No Asians. No Arabs. And no gays.

I'm only guessing about the gays.

So who are they?

The president of NBC News is 49-year-old Steve Capus.

The soon-to-be president of CNN is Jeff Zucker, 47.

Jeff Zucker is replacing white guy Jim Walton, 54.

Ben Sherwood, 48, is president of ABC News.

Jeff Fager, 59, is the CEO of CBS News and David Rhodes, 38, is the president.

Roger Eugene Ailes, 72, is president of the Fox News Channel.

Phil Griffin oversees MSNBC as president.

So the next time you hear a talking head spew nonsense about a Republican 'war on women,' redneck Republicans, or lack of diversity, keep in mind it's coming from the whitest of white-male clubs in existence: TV network news presidents.

I don't know why no one has picked up on this before -- maybe they have and I just didn't notice -- but I'm guessing this bit of trivia will be circulated in among conservative web sites in the new few days. may not be the largest conservative web site, but we are cutting edge.

The thought occurred to me while posting an article about the departure of Jim Walton from his long-held position as president of CNN. I wondered if ALL the TV new network head honchos shared his preference in ethnicity. So I investigated. And sure enough...

For the record I could care less about how a network chief's DNA is arranged. My concern is that the person earned his/her position without being an 'affirmative action' cheat. If I need brain surgery, I'm not going to request the surgeon with the bluest eyes and blondest hair.  I'm going to seek out the most qualified person who doesn't have an issue with my realist views or grudge against my website.

My beef with the all-white line up of network news bosses is their blatant inconsistency. Even Fox News, the least of the offenders, tows the line of diversity for sake of diversity. It's akin to Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnell conducting a weight-loss seminar.

Oh, the hypocrisy!

Below is a copy/paste from an earlier post regarding masses of white people who are somehow exempt from the liberal media's rule that the absence of color constitutes white racism.


Thousands of white people rally to . . .

Actions, they say, speak louder than words.

And so we wonder. Liberals tell us that the problem with the Republican Party is its homogeneous tendency towards white people. That smacks of racism. The absence of a black face is sea of white is quite telling, the say.

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, prides itself on diversity. Anything less is patently racist.

Oh, really?

Below are four photos of  huge crowds in which white people obviously dominate.

The first is a photo taken at the Academy Awards.

The others are  photo's of Elton John concerts; one at Dodgers Stadium in New York.

An nearly all-white crowd at the Academy Awards. Racists? Republicans?

An nearly all-white crowd at an Elton John concert. Racists? Republicans?

An nearly all-white crowd at an Elton John concert. Racists? Republicans?
The above is a screen grab from an Elton John concert video in which performs, 
Sad Song Say So Much. Watch it here:
The image below is from the same concert.


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  1. How many of them are Jewish? Does it make any difference?

  2. They're all jews. This is not news. Plenty of other White Nationalist sites report this stuff. google "jews control the media" or some such.

    1. Hence the first line,
      "Breaking news? No. But the implications are incredible."

      To my knowledge, only two are Jewish. That's not the issue. At issue is the hypocrisy of the media; not practicing what they preach.

  3. Jews are NOT White. Ask them yourself to hear it from them!

    Jews, not Whites control the Media. Jews HATE Whites with every fiber of their BLACK hearts. They HATE Whites almost as much as they hate God or Jesus...

  4. As anonymous said above me... jews are not white. They do not have the same interests ethnically, religiously and culturally as whites. They undermine white societies.