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December 7, 2012

Ted Nugent is a racist. That assumes, of course, that one defines 'racist' as anyone whose brain hasn't been diluted by the delusion of socialism and has the character to speak the truth with unrestrained courage.

Ted notes in a recent op/ed article that our nation will soon acquire a national debt of $22 trillion.

"If that’s not a certifiable, titanic financial disaster," he asks, "someone please tell the American public what is."

Ted offers a solution. He says we can "stop the insanity by suspending the right to vote of any American who is on welfare."

Fat chance that will happen, but it's a good idea, nonetheless. After all, the most efficient means of bankrupting a nation is to allow citizens to vote themselves benefits from the treasury. There will always be an abundance of corrupt politicians like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi ready and willing to fund EBT cards in exchange for election day considerations.

There is another flaw to Ted's notion: How does one determine which government benefits constitute welfare? Government schools, for example, are essentially a free hand out. Shall we conclude that anyone whose children are enrolled in government schools should be erased from the voter roll? Shall those of us who use tax-funded roads, police service, and trash hauling be considered welfare rats? If we benefit from tax-funded air traffic control, military defense, and the Securities Exchange Commission, are we on the dole? Are Social Security recipients -- those who are receiving a effect tax refund on money confiscated by force over their careers -- considered welfare dependent?

The point is: Our lives have become so intertwined with government services that we fail to recognize how entrenched and, therefore, dependent we really are on various government bank accounts to fund our safety, education, transportation, etc. So while it may be wise to remove the dole from the roll, it is also fiducially expedient to seek privatization of government services.

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  1. If I'm not mistaken the Confederate Constitution had three qualifications for voting.
    1)All voters had to be able to read, write, and do simple arithmetic.
    2)Any person on government assistance were ineligible to vote.
    3)Any person not paying taxes were ineligible to vote.
    Not a bad idea considering their President would only be serving a 6yr term only once.


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