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December 17, 2012

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  1. Some of the liberals are saying "if we save just one life by banning guns, it is worth it" - well I think that we need to shout the same thing "if guns save just one life, then we should have them".

    Thank you for compiling this list.

  2. We don't, and can't, know how many others were prevented by guns by the simple virtue that nothing happened at all as armed persons MAY have been present to prevent it from occurring. As opposed to events stopped in progress because of a lower likelihood of armed intervention, at say, a posted no guns movie theater or school or university.

  3. Is that all? Where are the details?
    Here's the NRA Massacre List below:
    08/66: Austin, TX Univ of Texas: 15 murdered, 32 wounded
    02/83: Seattle, TX Wah Mee Club: 14 murdered
    07/84: San Diego, CA McDonald's: 21 murdered
    08/86: Oklahoma US Post Office: 14 murdered
    10/91: Killeen, TX Luby's Cafeteria: 23 murdered
    04/99: Littleton,CO Columbine HS: 13 murdered, plus (2)shooters
    03/05: Minnesota, Red Lake High: 9 murdered, (1) shooter
    03/07: Blacksburg, VA Virginia Tech: 32 murdered
    12/08: W. Covina, CA Christmas Party: 9 murdered, (1) shooter
    11/09: Ft. Hood, TX Military Base: 13 killed
    12/11: Tucson, AZ Safeway Parking Lot: 6 murdered
    07/12: Aurora, CO Century Movie Theater: 12 murdered
    08/12: Oak Creek,WI Sikh Temple Shooting: 6 murders
    12/12: Newtown, CT Sandy Hook Elem.School: 27 murdered
    Try justifying your rights to all the dead here.

    1. I can't think of day when Americans didn't use guns to protect themselves and their property.

      Examples from recent days:

      Dec 23, Cleveland, OH

      One dead in home invasion shooting.

      Dec 22, Sacramento, CA

      Armed resident fends off four home invaders. One shot dead.

      Dec 20, Houston, TX

      Armed resident defends girlfriend and two year old. Intruder fatally shot.

      Dec 20, Calera, AL

      Armed resident defends home when armed intruders invade.

      Dec 19, Atlanta area, GA

      Armed resident fends off home invader who died after leaping from 2nd story window.

      Dec 19, Allegheny County, PA

      Armed resident kills one of three home invaders.

      Dec 17, Florence, SC

      Resident shoots home invader in the leg.

      Dec 15, Boardman, PA

      Home invasion suspect shot by homeowner.

      There are more -- many more -- news accounts of home invasions this week in which vulnerable, unarmed residents were killed, injured, and raped during home invasions.

      When guns are banned, burglars will have little deterrent from invading homes. The number of home invasions will increase along with bodily injuries and murders of innocent residents who are unable to resist. There will be no more news stories of residents successfully defending themselves with fire arms. Virtually all, with few exceptions, will be condemned to be victims of crime.

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  4. Not that I need to justify anything to the likes of you, Nick.
    10/91: Killeen, TX Luby's Cafeteria: 23 murdered
    This massacre could've been prevented by a woman exercising her 2A rights. A female M.D. returned her sidearm to her car because Luby's had a "No Guns" sign on the door. She got to watch her parents get butchered because of sanctimonious pillocks like you.

    1. pillock

      my vocabulary just increased by one word