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December 30, 2012

A class action suit has been filed against Chicago.

At issue are teachers who lost their jobs due to a turn around program. The program's purpose was to elevate the academics in failing schools -- most of which are populated by black students. Canning unproductive teachers is part of the process.

It turns out that a disproportionate number of fired teachers happened to be black. While blacks were not intentionally singled out, the disproportion constitutes a violation of their civil rights and prompted the class action suit.

The screamer is the fact that the suit only applies to Aframericans, leaving fired non-blacks to fend for themselves. The 100% inclusion of blacks and the 100% exclusion of non-blacks seems to be a tad disproportionate and, consequently, violates the spirit of the civil rights principle the suit intended to uphold.

Here's the article from NBC Chicago ►

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  1. this nation will fall and it's on the horizon if we don't fix it. there's no way i'm going to keep working to support the half that wants a free ride. there will either be secession, or an awakening to save this nation, or total economic collapse, or slavery of the productive. this is our future, and it is the past of others who have failed before us.