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December 28, 2012

If we give D'nesh D’souza a pass, we owe Anthony Wiener an apology.

Christian apologist D’nesh D’souza has been unloading on atheists lately.

D’souza, you'll recall, is the mind behind the movie “2016: Obama’s America.”

But before that movie made its way into theaters, D’souza had busied himself exposing the evils of atheism.

A video of D’souza lecturing skulls full of mush at Caltech provides a classic example. Atheism, D’souza reveals, is responsible for more murders and rapes than any other philosophy, including Christianity. (See video below.)

• Faulty logic

The brutality of godless atheism was more severe than the brutality of Christianity. That, somehow, justifies Christian brutality in the minds of some apologists and the thoughtless throngs who follow them.

Somehow Christians believe their brutality is acceptable because atheists were more brutal.


Is murdering one person acceptable because another murdered 10?

There's nothing wrong with condemning the brutish destruction caused by communists, most of whom were atheists. There is something wrong with excusing Christianity's brutality.

• Bad theology

Christians have a tendency to catagorize sins. Some sins are bad. Some sins are really bad. Other sins are really, really bad.

What's really, really bad is the theology behind that notion.

When I was a pastor I invited five people to stand before my congregation. I asked the audience to imagine Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Al Capone, Stalin, and Hitler were standing before them.

Noting five chairs on the platform, I asked the congregation to seat the five guests, arranging them in the order of their sinfulness. The best guy would sit to the right. The worst on the left.

Once the five were 'seated,' I asked the congregation to imagine he or she was on the platform. "Where would you be seated?" I asked.

Most imagined themselves sitting between Jerry Falwell and Al Capone.

I then ask, "If Jesus were on the platform, where would he sit?"

There was a hush as the crowd considered the prospects.

He would be sitting to the right of Billy Graham, of course. But he wouldn't be on the platform. Jesus would be sitting outside in the parking lot because he was much more righteous than Graham or Falwell.

No, actually, Jesus would be seating in the next county, or country. Come to think of it, Jesus would be as far away as the east is from the west. And that left the dear parishoner huddled together with Jerry Falwell, Al Capone and Joseph Stalin.

The point, of course, is that when we compare ourselves with ourselves we are not wise. (See 2 Corinthians 10:12.)

"All have sinned," Paul said, "and come short of the glory of God."

Translation: Christians are no better than atheists. (See Isaiah 64:6.)

Maybe D'souza will start a new gospel music group. Call it, "Casting Stones."

• There's a problem

D’souza's credibility as a Christian spokesman was tarnished a few weeks ago when he was seen emerging from a hotel with a woman other than his wife. D’souza, it turns out, was in the throws of a divorce and, while still married, was quite mushy with another woman. [See more here.]

Excuses abound.

D’souza played the culture card, noting that he was unaware that American Christian culture frowned upon dual relationships when divorce was immenent. Apparently biblical instruction and Holy Spirit conviction don't apply.

Some Christians joined on the chorus and recited the well-worn cliché, "We're not perfect. Just forgiven." The 'not perfect, just forgiven' card is nothing more than an admission of being two faced.

It's not a biblical quote. Rather, the Bible says that "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." (See James 1:8).

• Oh, the hypocrisy 

How well I remember when we unloaded on Bill Clinton for his immorality. No one played the 'not perfect, just forgiven' card.

When it's one of our own we start talking about apples vs oranges.

More recently we hammered away at Sandra Fluke for her lifestyle and Barack Obama for condoning and encouraging it. We don't want our tax dollars going to buy Fluke's contraceptives, but we eagerly buy D’souza's books to fund his floozies.

I guess it's acceptable to underwrite adultery, as long as our funding is voluntary. Seems to me that would make us all the more accountable!

Has it not occurred to anyone in the conservative movement that we lose our credibility when we pound Anthony Wiener into the ground, then pronounce D’souza 'not perfect, just forgiven'?

If we give D’souza a pass, we owe Anthony Wiener an apology.

• What's good for the goose . . .

I'm growing weary of preachers who can't keep their pants zipped telling me how to live.

I recall as a teenager listening to Baptist fundamentalist, Jack Hyles. For all his badgering about morality, his daughter has spilled the proverbial beans. (See video below). It seems Hyles was no better than Mr. D’souza.

Hyles son was also notoriously ousted from his pulpit when porn pictures emerged featuring himself. More recently, Hyles successor, Jack Schaap, was carted off to prison for toting a 16-year-old girl across state lines for sex. (See Jack Schaap scandal here.)

Then there was the long-playing episode of the Florida super-church pastor, Bob Gray, who died at an old age wearing his orange prison jumpsuit, accused of years of molesting little girls at his church.

Ted Haggard, you'll recall, gave both Christianity and conservatism black eyes.

Add the now-forgotten episodes of Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, and a slew of other notables. I've included a list below for the purpose of memory jogging.

The question that comes to my mind is: How could God 'bless' these mega ministries, knowing full well these guys were living double lives?

At what point to we quit playing the 'not perfect, just forgiven' card?

When do we ask, "What makes us the good guys and them the bad guys?"

• Practicing what one preaches

D’souza's lifestyle tells me he preaches Christianity, but practices hedonism; a charlatan who has made millions off of gullible church folk. He does great damage to the conservative movement by his inconsistencies.

Now, back the issue of evil atheism.

If faith is a matter of simple choice, then atheists could simply choose to believe in God. I don't think that's possible in the case of sincere atheists. Do we really want atheists to pretend their Christians? Could that be the case with Hyles, Schaap, D’souza, et al? They're professing Christians, but practice what they really believe: atheism.

What about the others entrapped in scandals? (See the list below, with links.)

What about the many more who were never caught? Or not yet caught?

I can't choose to believe in Santa Claus, Mormonism, or Islam.

Can you?

Not all atheists are tyrants, not all tyrants are atheists. I know many atheists who live compassionately and shame many Christians.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia is an atheist. I don't think she would fit the Stalin mold.

Let's not be enablers of immorality by excusing D’souza.

Here's the list:

1 List of evangelical Christians involved in scandals

▲ Above: D’souza passionately exposes the evils of atheism.
▼ Below: Linda Hyles Murphrey exposes the evils of fundamentalist Christianity.

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  1. All I needed to do was read this one blog post and it convinced me you're not worth following. You do a lot of posturing for someone who will believe anything said in the media. You're not just stupid, you're a Useful Idiot. It takes a special kind of stupid to be completely unaware of the timing of Disouza's so-called affair and the release of a movie that questions the Holiness of Obama.

    So now, magically, everything the media says is correct? The media's reporting is 100% true because your Cult is in question? Yeah, you're that stupid! Embarrassingly stupid. A verifiable moron.

    Did you understand that? I was trying to be as specific as I possibly could. My diction was chosen carefully.

    Nope. I'm still not convinced. You're a fucking retard. Get it?

    BTW, I'll sign in with my real name. I could care less what you "think."

    1. 1 - D’souza embarrassed the conservative Christian movement and gave the media red meat.

      2 - D’souza admitted the affair, but excused it.

      3 - We need people of character to represent our movement. D’souza is not that person.

      4 - It's D’souza, not Disouza.

      5 - The media does a lot of damage. This, however, is a self-inflicted wound.

    2. True. This was a self-inflicted wound.

      D’souza knew the media was watching. He knew the movie 2016 had thrust him into the spotlight. What was he thinking?


  2. Well, Thomas needs to take a few deep breaths. Aside from that, I just want to say a couple things:

    . I've read D'Souza and I've never heard him justify killing done in the name of Jesus just because atheists have also killed people.

    . While it certainly is poor theology to say that one sin is worse than another - at least when it come to guilt for breaking God's laws, everyone categorizes evil. That's how atheists decide that they're good people. They can always point to someone who's done something worse.

    . I don't believe that faith is a choice - it is a gift from God to those of His choosing.

    . I agree with your premise that those of us Christians who sin give great opportunity to the enemies of God to despise and blaspheme Him.

    . If the media reports of what D'souza is doing re: divorce and involvement with another woman is correct, then I agree that what he is doing is wrong. It is also perfectly normal, even for Christians. We humans have a tremendous ability to delude ourselves and without a VERY close relationship with Jesus, we are always, always, always prone to wander.

    God Bless.

  3. Sorry, Thomas.

    Your ad hominem attacks carry no weight.

    Come back when you have something substantial to say.

  4. There are a lot of charlatans and Elmer Gantrys who make piles money through their "evangelism" but it doesn't seem right to tar all Christians because of them.

  5. I'm an anomaly in that I'm an atheist who supports religion. That may sound contradictory but I don't think it is. I can recognize the benefits of religion and support them easier than I can make myself believe a false premise based on the supernatural. No disrespect intended.

    Having said that, I have mixed feelings about your post. Its not that I think D'souza should get a pass. If anything he should be hoisted by his petard as an example to other hypocrites who, if they can't behave better, should at least be more careful.

    I know that sounds bad. But is it better for degenerates to openly acknowledge and advocate degeneracy or to hide in the closet like hypocrites? That's a difficult moral dilemma but the practical outcome makes it easier. The hypocrites are better because at least they aren't trying to normalize degeneracy. They only become a problem when there are so many hypocrites that they normalize degeneracy anyway.


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