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December 30, 2012

Tell the truth and suffer the consequences.

I'm not sure who first offered that bit of advice, but as the suppressible politics of Obama-Chavez style mandates increase exponentially, it wisdom worth heeding.

Take, for example, the headline "Obama to import more Democrats." That blatant honesty cuts though the major media nonsense as it strikes the root.

The major media's sterilized version reads, Obama names immigration as top second-term priority. Sad to say most Americans believe the sanitized version. Hence the need for to tell the truth and suffer the consquences . . . while we can!

The article quotes Mr. Obama as stating, "Fixing our broken immigration system is a top priority.".

Let's venture a guess. By "fixing," Obama is not referring to securing our borders, rescinding the anchor baby provision, disabling the EBT bait that lures illegal aliens, or establishing English as our nation's official language.

Obama's immigration emphasis has nothing to do with social justice or compassion for the less fortunate South of the border. It has everything to do with hard numbers.

And those numbers are: Two of three Hispanics vote Democratic. If Obama can import a few million Hispanics, and voterize* those already already here illegally, he can solidify the Democratic majority and condemn our nation to his fascist-Marxist vision.

Here's the story from the major media . . . 

* a neologism

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