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December 27, 2012

Some things are immutable. They can't be changed.

Take Shakespeare for example.

Change a word here and there and it's  no longer Shakespeare.

Or history.

Tweak a few details to your liking and it's no longer history. It's fiction.

Or the Bible.

Biblical criticism is a science that trends back to the early church fathers who questioned the veracity of this or that passage. But once the canon was settled, there was no changing it. That's not to say that disagreement can't exist. After all, there are 34,000 Christian denominations each claiming to have the correct interpretations. Nor is it to say the sacred text can't be disbelieved. There can also be updated versions as scholarship rethinks the meaning of early manuscripts. Consider, for example, that the King James Bible translators used the Textus Receptus as their primary source in 1611. The New International Version leans heavily on Nestle-Aland for its rendering of the New Testament.

The objective was never to tweak the original meanings to fit one's beliefs, but to tweak one's beliefs to fit the original meaning.

Enter Piers Morgan.

The CNN talkster who got more attention that he deserved when he suggested the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment was somehow evil, has now moved on to another highly respected document, the Bible.

Morgan seems to think the original 40 or so authors missed something, or flat-out got it wrong. To correct their errors, Morgan wants the Bible amended to accommodate the prevailing beliefs of liberals regarding homosexuality.

Morgan fails to realize that if the Bible is tweaked, it's no longer is the Bible.

Consider the consequences if others had followed Morgan's strategy.

Had Nietzsche tweaked the Bible to fit his personal beliefs, the Bible would be condensed to, "In the beginning God didn't do anything because he didn't exist. The end."

Had Engels and Marx done the tweaking, we would have God commanding us to live in communes.

Had Jeremiah Wright tweaked the Bible (and he may still), there would be a passage that reads, "God damn America."

Twitchy reports, "The all-knowing Piers Morgan, in his infinite wisdom, declared tonight to his guest Pastor Rick Warren that it is time for an “amendment to the Bible” to cover gay marriage. Apparently not content with rewriting the U.S. Constitution to exclude the Second Amendment, Morgan has now decided that he wants to boss around the almighty. He really doesn’t understand how amendments work at all, does he?"


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