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December 17, 2012

Ever wonder why I frequently feature black crime on

Because it is reality. And that reality, which the Marxist taint as 'racism,' is facing us down this week.

The objective is not to demonize people with dark skin tone and kinky hair. The goal is be bluntly honest; to strip away the facades and false faces, and expose reality for what it is -- as it is.

At issue is Barack Obama's weepy speech Sunday night. His reference was the recent tragedy in Connecticut that snuffed out the lives of twenty small children. He was dropping hints like tear drops: He fully intends to use the power of executive order to suspend the Second Amendment to the Constitution. He didn't use those exact words, of course, but as the liberals like to say, the 'dog whistle' was obvious.

Most telling in Obama's speech was this statement: "We can't accept events like this as routine."

It is routine!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, 260 black children were killed by violence in Chicago schools over a three year perior. That's an average of nearly 3.5 deaths per week in just one city! [source]

If that's not routine, I don't know what it!

Think about it!

260 black children were killed by violence in Chicago schools over a 3 year period. Obama sheds no tears; doesn't even turn his head. The national media pays it no mind. Apparently there's no traction to be gained, no psychological buttons to press; no opportunity to advance gun control chatter when black children die.

And they call me a racist just for telling the truth!

The media seeks to minimize black crime because it's reality runs afoul of their agenda. That agenda includes agitation, a key component of Saul Alinksy's strategy to destabilize free societies, forcing them to succumb to 'social justice.'

38 children, including teenagers, were killed by guns in Chicago this summer. There was no national media frenzy. Why? Because it would compel us buy guns, not ban them. Conclusion: It's not about children. It's about gun control [source].

Courtesy link . . .

A parting note: When the Second Amendment falls, the entire Constitution falls with it.

Why the disparity in reporting? 

The media doesn't want us to think we have a black violence problem. They want us to think we have a gun violence problem.

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  1. Has anybody else thought "how do we know this isn't a set up to begin with, after F and F, how are we to trust this administration regarding ANYTHING related to the 2A?" I wouldn't suggest any sort of involvement other than exploitation, except that several thousand dead civillians in Mexico do not seem to bother this administration, so why should several dozen dead Americans kids? They've already killed a number of American adults that we know of and refuse to confess to. What else will these people do to justify the end result?