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December 10, 2012

Nelson Mandela, kept alive for years
thanks to innovation provided by the
white infrastructure he sought to destroy.
Nelson Mandela lives.

The 94-year-old icon of black nationalism is undergoing tests at a South African military hospital for a recurring lung infection. Details of his condition were not forthcoming.

It's ironic. Mandela is alive because of technology invented and provided by white people.

Mandela's black nationalist government is permitting the genocide of thousands of white countrymen, mostly farmers. South Africa remains the most prosperous nation in Sub-Saharan Africa, due exclusively to the nation's white-minority infrastructure.

The former president's 1985 surgery for an enlarged prostate was made possible by white innovation. The seven weeks of radiation therapy that saved Mandela's life when he was battling cancer is also due to white ingenuity and technology. He also survived an acute respiratory infection in 2011 thanks to white innovated medical procedures.

Nearly all of South Africa's physicians and surgeons of note are white.

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