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December 3, 2012

A stunning article published by Fox News Sunday thrashed a Republican gubernatorial hopeful in California and served as a harbinger for obstacles faced by immigration patriots.

Fox News, long known for its conservative slant and accommodation of Tea Party activism, portrayed San Bernadino County Assemblyman Tim Donnelly as a candidate out of step with the GOP. The article appeared on the cable news network's web site,

Donnelly earlier made his ambition for the California governorship known in an interview with, a web site that advocates border security.

Fox News cast a negative light on Donnelly, referring to his controversial status and recalling his previous affiliation with the patriotic Minute Man project. It also punished Donnelly by recalling his brush with the law when he showed up at an airport carrying a handgun.

The authors even managed to find an Orange County "conservative" to question the direction of those "who continually target immigrants, who are members of our community, as scapegoats for their own political advantage."

The quote appeared to suggest that Donnelly is one such xenophobic opportunist who hates immigrants.

By quoting Robert Loewen, an apparent political hack who serves as president of the "influential Lincoln Club of Orange County," the article seemed to be warning other immigration patriots that they will face stiff opposition from stalwart Republicans who claim to be conservatives.

The article failed to report that Donnelly is popular among his constituents, having recently won an easy re-election to his post as Assemblyman. It essentially served as notice to immigration patriots that they have no support from the nation's most prominent cable news network.


Below is the article from that first reported Donnelly's plans.

PolitiChicks SCOOP: “Patriot, not Politician” Next Gov of Calif?

Written on Thursday, November 8, 2012 by Ann-Marie Murrell

The Presidential Election is over and Assemblyman TIM DONNELLY is the FIRST Candidate to announce he is running an exploratory campaign for GOVERNOR of CALIFORNIA. To hear why he feels he must enter the Gubernatorial race listen to his announcement filmed by PolitiChicks’ Ann-Marie Murrell:

Los Angeles Assemblyman Tim Donnelly was re-elected Tuesday to represent the 33rd Assembly District.  Today Tim told PolitiChicks video reporter Ann-Marie Murrell some compelling reasons why he feels he MUST run for Governor of California in 2014:

“I have decided to open an exploratory committee to run for governor of California because there’s nobody out there fighting for us.”

“Businesses are fleeing—entire generation of Californians are leaving California to find a better life.”

“What I believe in is grass roots…one of the best ways that I can build support is travel the state, go from town to town, talk to business leaders, talk to community leaders, talk to individuals at their doorstep, at a rally…do a lot of listening.  A lot of times people have solutions that politicians never thought of that will actually work; there’s a lot of common sense out there.  The Founders trusted the people.”

“California needs a champion; California needs somebody who’s willing to stand up and fight…somebody who believes that this state is the greatest state in the union and that we can be the Golden State again—the land of opportunity.”

 Available Live from Los Angeles, CA for interviews:

Tim Donnelly

Tim Donnelly owned his own business for 20 years before coming to the Assembly. He and his wife, Rowena live in the scenic San Bernardino Mountains with three of their five sons.  Tim was on “Good Day L.A.” this morning. 


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