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December 22, 2012

If the Scots and English still engage in blood feuds, what are the chances of Europe surviving the Arab immigration insurgency? Or America surviving the Hispanic invasion? Or Australia surviving massive immigration from Africa?

Israel seems to be the only nation that recognizes the potential dangers of heterogeneous cultures and acts accordingly. Sadly, many leftist Jews fail to see the value of stability that results from homogeneous cultures and actively promote multiculturalism throughout the Eurosphere, a latent Hitler paranoia I suppose.

My humble opinion is we should make the effort to get along with everyone. The fact that nature has arranged one's DNA to conform to their ethnic ancestry seems irrelevant. My altruism runs contrary to observed behavior bestowed upon the human race by nature. While I believe racism is wrong, I also acknowledge that ethnic tribalism is written in our genetic script. Refusing to acknowledge that reality is just plain stupid.

Need evidence?

Just have a look at Scotland.

Here's the story from Britain's Telegraph:

Toxic 'cyber nats’ give the Scots a bad name

If the anti-English mood is exploited by politicians it could leave a bitter legacy

When the founding director of the National Theatre of Scotland arrived in Edinburgh she did not realise that her background would cause her problems. Now, after a triumphant six years, Surrey-born Vicky Featherstone has admitted she was almost forced out by anti-English bullying. It was not the audiences, though, who were bothered by an “outsider” running one of Scotland’s major arts institutions. Her successful productions, such as Black Watch and Macbeth, were played to packed houses, and the many fans of the theatre will be sorry to see her go to the Royal Court in London.

The bullies came from a cantankerous old guard within the Scottish arts establishment, a group that should have offered the talented Featherstone their unstinting support. Alasdair Gray, the author and painter, describes English people appointed to top jobs north of the border as “settlers” and “colonists” who come to advance their careers. He singled out Featherstone as someone who took on a role that should have gone to a Scot.

In countries with less democratic traditions than Scotland, the arts often reflect the ugly soul of society, with intolerant regimes seeking to control cultural output. In apartheid South Africa it was commonplace for the Nationalist government to try to silence British “colonists” – my father among them.

Now I find it shocking to hear in Scotland one of the pillars of the arts community speaking the same odious language. Gray is a Scottish nationalist whose views are offensive even to some SNP politicians. But anti-English sentiment in Scotland is not confined to a few grizzled bears of the arts world and the fear that it is being stoked by nationalist extremists is not a fanciful one. 
Last week it was reported that racist incidents against English people living in Scotland were up 50 per cent in the last seven years – prompting Unionist politicians to warn against the anti-English rhetoric that is creeping into Scottish society. The SNP, which won an overall majority in last year’s Scottish elections and is campaigning for independence in the 2014 referendum, has challenged the claims. 

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  1. Yes, I'm an American who follows the British Nationalist Party and I'm shocked at the hatred expressed toward the Irish.

    I'm Irish, English, Scots, Welsh and German. That is America in a nutshell, we are just White people and consider ourselves the founding stock of America even though that would be Anglo Saxon people.

    We can assimilate and stand together and its just shocking to see how the different European people fight among each other. Clearly something needs to change because our survival is at stake here.

  2. I'm a Scotch, Irish, English, French, American female. I follow the BNP also. We Whites need to stick together no matter what country we come from. It's important that we maintain a bond with each other. We are being out bred by other races. Please settle your differences with each other. In America we have Conservative and Liberal Whites. The Liberals are betraying our race, enacting laws that rob us of jobs and equal rights. European Americans should be concerned for our very survial. We all need to stick together no matter the cost.

  3. Sadly Liberal whites don't care about whites at all. European is a racist label to them. No other race of people have over half their own against them.Modern society is a decaying ,corrosive mentality which only white people embrace fully no other countries do.