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December 16, 2012

Shadows lengthened across Chicago Friday afternoon. By the time the sun would rise the following day, ten people would be the victims of gun fire [source].

In Connecticut kids killed by gun violence is hot national news. In Chicago it's not not national news; it's just another weekend.

The Connecticut shooting evokes a tear in the eye of the president. The Chicago shootings don't even turn his head. And Chicago is his home town.

So why the media frenzy in Connecticut? Why the black-out of Chicago where children and teens are routinely gunned down in black neighborhoods?

There is a reason.

News of black violence encourages white people to buy guns for self defense. Media attention to gun violence in Whiteopia tends to move public opinion in favor of gun control.

Look at what the national media is ignoring:

Of the ten people shot in Chicago Friday evening, four were teenagers. They were fortunate. They survived. 38 teens were killed in the city over the summer -- three per week from July to August -- by gun shot. Using the standards applied by the media in Connecticut, 38 kids killed by guns constitutes a massacre [source].

What's worse, there were 260 students killed by violence in Chicago schools from 2009 to 2011. That's 87 dead children per year in Chicago schools. Most, if not all, are presumed to be black  [source]. Let's put that in perspective: On average, one student is killed in Chicago's schools every 3.5 school days!

Still no tears from Obama.

The population of Connecticut is 3,580,709. The population of Chicago is 2,707,120. One would expect fewer young people being gunned down in Chicago than Connecticut.

Nationwide about 3,000 children are killed by gunfire each year. That's approximately one every three hours [source]. 45 percent of those are black children [source].

An estimated 3,882 black children were killed by gun violence from 2008 through 2010. Compare that to the 3,446 black criminals who were lynched during the 86 years spanning 1882 through 1968 [source].

It's a conspiracy of consensus. The national media intentionally ignores violence in black communities.

Why the disparity in reporting?

The media doesn't want us to think we have a black violence problem. They want us to think we have a gun violence problem.

One of many:

heaven sutton Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel:  Person of Interest in Custody in Shooting Death of 7 Year Old Heaven SuttonChicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: 

Person of Interest in Custody 

in Shooting Death 

of 7 Year Old Heaven Sutton

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  1. I have yet to visit Chicago - but it looks like you had a lovely time!
    "Chicago IT"