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November 21, 2012

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 because is it nine months after March 25, the presumed date that Jesus was conceived.

March 25 is presumed to be the date of Jesus' conception because it was the date assigned to his death. Many early Christians believed Jesus was conceived and died on the same date.

Some Christians believed April 6 was the date of Jesus conception and death. These Christians celebrated Christmas on January 6. The Armenian church continues to celebrate Christmas on January 6.

Some falsely believe the December date was chosen to coincide with pagan holidays. Aside from the above, we know this is not true because December 25 was the recognized date of Jesus birth long before the 4th century reign of the Roman Emperor Contantine  It was Contantine's conversion to Christianity that marked the era when Christians began adopting pagan traditions.

Noted church historian Andrew McGowan has authored a detailed article explaining the above in lay terms.

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