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November 11, 2012

Let's think like liberals. Just for a moment.

There can be no average intelligence deviations between races.


Because if there were an IQ deviation it would explain the economic disparities that exist between races. We can't accept that.


Because it would remove our excuse for left-wing nonsense such as wealth redistribution, Affirmative Action, forced integration of schools, equal housing mandates and, of course, ObamaCare. Let's add ObamaPhones to the list.

Therefore we must pretend the IQ deviations are bogus.

Otherwise, our pretense of being warm and fuzzy anti-racists would vanish.

Segregating blacks into schools where they could receive needed attention would actually make sense. We can't allow that. Rather, we need to pretend we are advocates of rational compassion; that forcing blacks to sit next to whites in Algebra will somehow result in academic parity.

It would destroy our blame-and-fund cycle. When the parity is not forthcoming, we can blame racism, demand more government intrusion that requires more tax revenue. That, we know, will never result in academic performance parity and so we continue to cry 'racism' and demand more funding. Over and over again.

If there is an intelligence variance between, say, blacks and whites, it explains the variance between black and white neighborhoods. It explains the difference between the the trashy government housing projects and the tidy lawns in whitopia. Ouch. Those variations must be attributed to racism, otherwise our silly notions for forcing local governments to build those high-crime, high-rise housing projects in the middle of white communities would be discredited.

If there is an intelligence variance between races, it explains why whites are a minority in prison. It is really important to us to use the arrest and conviction discrepancies between races as evidence of racism. That's our leverage to fund a multitude of wasteful government programs to rescue at-risk youth who are the victims of white privilege. God forbid we would succumb to such.

If there is an intelligence variance between races, it explains the deviation between average annual incomes. We can no longer blame racism and demand that government continue to implement our idiotic notions of 'social justice' to excuse all of our creative methods of wealth redistribution.

If there are average intelligence deviations between races, it means our open-borders immigration policy is insane as it effectively dumbs down our nation making us less productive, more government dependent, more vulnerable to outside intervention, and more violent and crime prone. It explains why there are millions of illegal aliens from Mexico in the United States and virtually no illegal aliens from the United States in Mexico  It would expose our true racist intent: Exploiting people of color because they are more likely to support liberal Democrat politicians.

If there is an intelligence variance between blacks and whites, it means all those white people we accused of being racists (and a few blacks were call 'Uncle Tom' and 'Aunt Jemima') are not racists at all. It means many of those groups we label 'hate groups' are actually founded on common sense and hard science.

If there is an intelligence variance between races, it means we are the racists who exploit non-whites to achieve our hair-brained notions of social justice.

And we can't tolerate that.


Because we hate intolerance (and hate).

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  1. You're hitting on all cylinders this week! This is reprinted and commented on here:

  2. I have a common sense argument for how we can know different groups have different average intelligence. Part 1: Everyone agrees that individuals have a wide range of intelligence. There are people in every group who are very smart and others who are very dumb. Part 2: So how likely is it that individuals from different groups have such a wide range of intelligence and yet every group ended up having the exact same average?

    We need to shift the burden of proof to the other side. The argument shouldn't be to prove that different groups have different average intelligence. The argument should be to prove that different groups have the exact same average.

    1. The fact of intelligence disparities is self-evident. No need for argument; just state the facts.

  3. A great piece. Sums up just how bankrupt egalitarian thinking is.

  4. Behold:



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