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Democrats win Mike Pence's hometown

November 7, 2012

Posted Nov 7, 2012, this is our 3rd most read post of all time.

Sometimes I'm wrong.

I honestly believed America would enjoy a brief, four-year respite before caving in to the socialist left.

I incorrectly supposed that Mitt Romney would move into the Oval Office and, under pressure from those who elected him, repeal most or all of ObamaCare.

As it turns out there will be no respite. Not now. Not ever.

My observations?

• George W Bush, I suppose, will be remembered as the last Republican president.

• America did not make a wrong turn in 2012. It merely continued down the wrong road from 2008.

• There is no going back.

• Pivotal to the national reverse was the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

• From 2008 forward America will continue to import individuals who will take away our freedoms and our resources.

• Hope for avoiding the fiscal cliff is gone.

• The demise of our nation is no longer a future event, but a present reality.

The triumph of Obama on November 6, 2012 was an affirmation that critical mass had sided with the cultural shift in 2008.

The Tea Party revolt of 2010 was the final breath of our dying freedom.

The November 6 election was no election at all. It was a funeral; the burial of liberty. The body America is decomposing.

What does this mean for America?

It means that any hope of reversing the immigrant invasion is gone. There will be no serious effort to seal our borders. Rather, government will welcome immigrants who support the socialist agenda. That, in turn, will accelerate the erosion of our nation's economic ethos.

It means that welfare programs will not only remain the staple of our economy, but will grow exponentially, adding to the national debt and the county's inability to sustain itself financially.

It means that so-called Affirmative Action programs will increase.

It means that federal judge appointments will reflect the mis-placed values of the socialist agenda.

It means that government will accelerate its insane investment in failed green enterprises with tax payers covering the costs.

It means that America's innovative class will be punished for their efforts as their successes face increased taxation to support an ever-growing unproductive class.

It means that the economic appeal that attracts the nation's best and brightest to the health care field will be stripped away by socialist zealots who have no concept of free market drivers. The health care of the world will suffer.

It means our nation's various infrastructures will crumble, unable to sustain themselves.

It means that the poor will become poorer; that client cultures, particularly those in Africa, will suffer as resources decrease.

It means that China will enhance its colonial agenda in Africa.

It means that the USD will be replaced as the currency of choice by OPEC.

It means America's military might will fail as its economic support will disappear. It means that China will become the world's new military leader.

It means the IRS will be reinvigorated with a renewed ostentatious arrogance that will never again be abated.

It means such concepts as the flat tax will be forever tabled, never to be considered.

It means religious liberty will be shelved as the morality of the past is replaced with the social morality embraced by the left. Barack Obama's arrogant disregard for the conviction of Catholics and evangelicals resonated throughout the nation as a harbinger of this new morality. America's religious foundations are no longer relevant and its convictions will be trampled upon and ignored.

It means this and future administrations will treat with reckless disregard those with whom they consider to be out of step with their socialist agenda, such as coal mines.

It means The Second Amendment will no longer be considered a legal protection for gun owners.

It means the Department of Education will become a primary tool for indoctrination of our children,  that home schools and private education will be choked into non-existence to appease teacher's unions, and the children will be forced into indoctrination centers beginning at age four.

It means white guilt and black racism will be irreversibly embedded in our 'education' system as means to anchor socialist doctrine in the American psyche.

It means free Internet education opportunities for America's youth will be prohibited to appease teachers unions.

It means that, as free markets wither, remnant capitalism will be reduced to a government cash cow to fund fascist fantasies.

It means the judicial system will continue to be used as a vehicle for exacting punishment on persons with moral character who are resistant to mind manipulation. The innovative class will find themselves facing costly court scenarios as fiat legislation is established. That is, wealth redistribution will be achieved, in part, through absurd court-enforced hiring quotas.

It means that the abhorrence of racism will never again be a factor to consider. This is evidenced as the racist musings of Rev. Joseph Lowery were overlooked, the friendship between Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright was proven to have never really abated, and the presence of Black militants at polling places was never seriously challenged.

It means most Americans will become poorer as a new leftist elite will tighten their grip on government.

It means your right to defend yourself against urban thugs will be greatly diminished if not totally impossible. Expect Americans to be stripped of Second Amendment rights and the nation's Trayvons to dominate their neighborhoods . . . and yours.

It means Islamization of America will continue unimpeded and that Muslims will be encouraged to disrupt Western culture through terror and balkanization.

It means higher energy costs as the left attempts to force Americans to abandon fossil fuels and adapt to politically correct renewable energy sources. It means that business and the economy will suffer as a result.

It means those who prosper will be those who are loyal to the leftist elite.

It means corruption will be the primary avenue for economic advancement.

It means America will look more and more like Detroit.

It means black markets will grow as government punishes free markets with regulations, taxation, and forced hiring quotas.

It means the national debt will continue to increase as the socialists apply 'social and economic justice' to punish Western culture for their past misdeeds.

It means housing for the non-productive class will take precedence over rewarding the innovative class. That, in turn, will result in an economic implosion as fewer resources are available for the burgeoning welfare system.

It means our children will be brainwashed; taught to believe that socialism (called 'social justice') is moral and that free trade is driven by greed and hate.

It means the Federal Reserve will seek to overcome debt with inflation.

It means the gold standard will never be returned.

It means that remnants of our nation's heritage will continue to dissipate and some will disappear.

It means the dawn of a new Dark Ages has been introduced to world civilization; an era that will not be reversible for, perhaps, millenia.


  1. So true. I could cry for our country. And as usual, facebook won't let me share this.

    1. whiney batch o crap. ill say this once;the odds of surviving,let alone winning, r not a part of th computations i use 2 decide whether or not wut i c going on around me is acceptable.kill urselves or grow one, or du u think ur freedom is only worth defending f u hav air cover? standing up 4 whats rite aint about winning; its about costin th othr guy badly enuf 2 erode his support in future foolishness. but dont worry, i m done; & i put th seat back down 4 ya.

  2. Reality is reality, perhaps the best way to go for true Americans is to maintain a certain detachment, just observe the end of what was without allowing it to become an emotional issue. And frankly, all of the various problems will pale in comparison to the destruction caused by the expanding presence of Islam within our borders. Islam alone would have eventually destroyed our so-called freedoms and democracy, the socialist agenda will merely speed the process up. Ultimately what has destroyed America is the triumph of modern liberalism, and the brainwashing of the last several generations into the ideology in our schools. And with liberalism now controlling even the Church in the West, there is practically no one speaking out for the truth and how things should be.

  3. I voted for Virgil Goode but still didn't want the country to re-elect the most unbelievably anti-American president ever. This is indeed a time for mourning.

  4. we can overcome any problem easily. all we have to do is selectively breed ourselves for intelligence. if we all have 130+ IQ's we will be able to get the good jobs, or do pretty much whatever we want, because our brainpower will be in demand all over the world.

    Our obvious genetic advantage will make everyone adopt our ways and also selectively breed themselves for intelligence. And the world will become more intelligent rapidly, because all it takes to selectively breed for intelligence is sperm from an intelligent man, and men make a lot of that.

    1. You need to deal with how we are importing millions of sub-100 IQ people from the third world. How exactly are you going to get them to vote for anyone except Democrats? And it doesn't matter if high IQ people are silenced and told they are racist. Plus, high IQ kids are forced to attend schools with the new low IQ imports and that lowers the experience for the high IQ children, meaning they don't advance like they should, affecting the whole society. Look how much of society has been turned upside down trying to force equality among all races. Your selective breeder club would just be called evil and racist, only full race integration is acceptable in the new world order.

    2. I had an IQ of 147 when I was 14, in the early 60's. It's higher now, but I haven't had a "real" job since 1984. I've had to start my own fairly successful businesses to survive, because idiots started taking jobs I could easily do. Although I had a few years of college (chemistry major, computer minor) I was hired out of school to build, and then run, research labs. University work never paid much, but it was better than most of the high-tech industry jobs available. Eventually I reached the ceiling (imposed by 'normal' IQ administrators), although I could do far more complex work. Without a degree (of any kind) you just can't advance, although I could out-think most of the engineers, professors and M.D.'s I'd worked under.

      Back out in the real world it became obvious that an entire class of technical workers had been replaced by know-nothing button pushers and board-level swap-out idiots - people who couldn't figure out why something didn't work. All they knew how to do was follow some repair manual and replace parts until the equipment worked. This became the MO for all industries as the years went by. Now we have illiterate "service" techs who don't know anything other than how to follow a script, either online or on the phone. They can't think for themselves and often I know more than they do about their own products.

      The industries don't want high IQ people anymore, they want low-cost, third-world monkeys who will follow instructions (even those written incorrectly) because that increases their bottom line. For high IQ innovators, they will hire those here from China, India, Korea or wherever because those guys will work for less than most of us who've grown up in the US - and have the extra burden of overpriced housing, insurance, cars, etc. Those third-worlders will eventually go back to their own countries and start subsidiaries or branch offices of American companies, which will hire the cheap labor THERE, instead of staying here.

      Nearly our entire economy has been outsourced, along with ALL major industries. We have no large scale steel manufacturing, anymore, much less the heavy industries it once supported - thanks to cheap Japanese and (now) Chinese industries. Much of our heavy manufacturing equipment was shipped to Mexico, Brazil or China over the last few decades.

      So an entire army of high IQ people would no longer have an application, or any industries that will hire them. And unfortunately, given the dumbing-down process that's been installed by the NEA beginning in the 70's, we no longer have many high IQ Americans graduating high school, anyway. We are being bred and educated to the lowest common denominator: blacks, Mexicans, Middle Easterners, etc. thanks to the "PC" culture.

      Personally, I think it's time for that civil war everybody's talking about now. Used to be folks thought I was crazy for warning them it was coming. Now it's common talk among the most mundane.

  5. Can't disagree with anything stated here. Would say that America's downfall truly began in April 1865 upon the surrender of Confederate forces under Gen. Robt. E. Lee to the Yankee aggressor. Now what recourse do states have to counter the tyranny of the federal govt?

    1. Nullification.

    2. Fifty real men stood in the face of tyranny represented by the boots of 550 Redcoats on the Commons at Lexington. They lost that battle initially but their neighbors revenged the loss later that day as thousands of local militia replied with angry violence, killing double their losses on the Commons and sending a clear message to the Parliament.

      We few who understand where we are headed MUST ensure that our neighbors are educated with the truth, not about how bad Obama is for he is just a man, but instead what America was meant to look like and how the Agent of the States was meant to act.

      We must also make it perfectly clear to those who would rule over a Free People that to continue down this road will be far too expensive in lives and material to make this a viable course of action.


  6. Although I felt these trends were inevitible even if Romney had won, I had hoped he would have slowed the trend.

    Guess not.

    Well we had a good run...

  7. Ken, I think you underestimate the average American gun owner.

  8. I wish I could visit the world you've apparently been living in. Seriously, though, I understand the frustration with current events, but I think you have been viewing the past through rose-colored glasses.

    Whether it's the attacks on Liberty from the "conservative" socialists or from the "progressive" fascists, this train hasn't altered course since Abraham Lincoln went on his murderous rampage. It has sped up from time to time, but it has never really even slowed down. It wouldn't have mattered which Obamney clone was at the helm during the next four years.

    The problem isn't the immigrants, or even Islam; it's allowing a welfare state to exist AT ALL, and to allow "laws" to be based upon ANY religion. Remove the roots of the problem and the problem withers away.

    Liberty is not a buffet where you can pick and choose the parts you like and ignore the parts you don't. Thomas Jefferson said it this way: "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."

    Many of the things you wish Obama would do violate the rights of individuals, just as many of the things you fear he will do would violate yours. You only deserve the liberty you respect in others. I'm perfectly willing to take my chances with individual enemies whose liberty is not being violated "by law" in a society that also does not violate my liberty.

    1. VERY well said......especially the last part from Jefferson's quote on down.

      Congrats....you get it. The author of this article clearly didn't.


    2. Although I agree that the paradigm shift premise is faulty due to the absence of shift - we've been on this same road for a long time indeed - the presented conclusions are nevertheless of value in their own right.

  9. Jorge W. Bush was our last WHITE prez....

  10. AS Chairman Mao stated rather correctly, Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Make no mistake, once this two legged varmint jumps the electorate verification in December there will be a reconing. This varmint is Marxist all the way and he knows the Maoist slogan as well as any. I am unequivically certain that he will cause grief of which this country has yet to see or has seen in its life. It may be that our Republic is dead. The news articles are abuzz with the statement from educators that the Tea Party was a terrorist act, Stalin was not really a criminal and there is no real proof. How utterly absurd... Even the Russian knows the Liar in Chief and states it openly, calls him a communist. No wonder the likes of Bill Aires and his building bombing partner Dorhn have been quietly infecting the educational process. No wonder the Liar in Chief supports the teacher's union to such a degree. He is beholden to the Marxist propaganda. Check the 1963 45 Points on how Communism will effect a takeover, its already happened.

    1. Too many well-meaning yet somewhat naive Americans focus excessively on Obama, ascribing to him this or that agenda or capability. Particularly in the case of Obama, these attributions seem unfounded. I don't believe he is allowed to pass wind, much less put pen to paper, without handler approval.

      Whether a bastard offspring of the Kenyan or, no less plausibly, of the Chicago communist Frank Marshall Davis, Barry's familial roots altogether lack political and/or financial clout. He is no scion of oilmen or Boston Brahmins or Prohibition profiteers, or anything of the sort. He is a thoroughly mediocre spineless stoner pushed through school by the affirmative action cancer, and subsequently, along with his affirmative action client wife, discovered, groomed, and handled by Valerie Jarrett of the Chicago organized crime outfit otherwise known as Mayor Daley's office. Jarrett remains in the handler position to this day, by all accounts.

      In order for an innately powerless and unconnected non-entity such as Obama to be thrust forth onto the national scene in 2008, with so vulnerable a history that documents had to be sealed, he must be owned *completely*. So, whether through Romney or Obama, the will of the oligarchy is implemented. Nothing else would be allowed to occur. As has happened before with folks such as Ross Perot, Ron Paul was likely neutralized via an offer he couldn't refuse - i.e. bow out if you'd like your grandkids to stay above ground sort of a thing.

      This is an interesting thing to peruse:



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