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November 28, 2012

Libertarians take note: Freedom begins in the mind. When you allow authoritarians to control your thinking, you are no longer a libertarian. 
Libertarians, like 99.9999% of all Americans, don't want to be caught on the "wrong side of civil rights" issues. And so they surrender libertarian values-- such as individual rights -- to embrace political correctness and avoid being stigmatized as racists.
Therein lies the problem.
The left has learned to use the racist label as a cattle prod that nudges us through the maze of public policy. And so we surrender; not only our libertarian values, but we cave on state's rights, workers' rights, free speech and wide spectrum of other vital issues -- all for the sake of avoiding the racist label.
I'm no racist. Hating, or even disliking, someone based on unchangeable personal characteristics such as ethnicity is, in my opinion, both mean-spirited and down-right idiotic.
I also recognize that the political left is quite adept at using the altruism that is innate to most white people as an effective cattle prod.
I won't be prodded.
Individual rights must be protected at all costs. Such rights are essential to the survival of our republic and Western civilization as a whole.
I will not be prodded to disavow reality. And reality is that blacks commit more violent crime per capita than whites.
Is that racist? Social engineers would say that it is and, in an effort to hush us, they slap us with the racist label. In my case it doesn't work.
Nor will I be prodded into rejecting settled science regarding race and intelligence.
Am I a racist for embracing the reality that our brains are biological organs with race-specific genetic traits, such as intelligence and behavior? Those who wish to prod me into the corral of political expediency and mild Marxist dogma insist that I am. I am not. I simply refuse to pretend to believe nonsense to avoid being stigmatized.
Leftist intentionally confuse honesty as hatred.
It is racial honesty, not hatred, to acknowledge that East Asians, on an average, are more intellectually gifted than white people. It is racial honesty, not hatred, to acknowledge that black people tend to lack the intellectual capacity of whites and East Asians. Prod me, attack me, and inflict the pain of racist branding, but I refuse to be one of the herd.
Freedom begins with the mind. And is expressed in free speech!

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