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October 26, 2012

Moron. How could Obama be so obnoxious as to think his trashy pick-up lines would work?

And the phase, 'War on Women' is just that: A pick-up line.

Women understand that Obama isn't interested in them. He wants nothing more than to screw them over for their vote; to use them. They are offended!

Consequently, women voters are brushing off Obama.

1. Pick-up lines

Obama is the sleezy sot in the seedy saloon who sees every woman as the two-bit slut.

This was made evident by the Sandra Fluke narrative crafted by the marketing fops in the Obama camp. Obama thinks every women is a 'Sandra slut'.

How could anyone be more disgustingly offensive?

Women know that the phrase 'War on Women' is nothing more than a degrading pick-up line.

To Obama, the iconic woman is a delusional 30-year-old slut who is obsessed, not with her family or making a living, but with contraceptives. When you see photos ops of a crowd of Obama supporters, the nation's first black president views those women as nothing more than a crowd of cheap whores whose votes can be had for a pick-up line and the promise of free contraceptives.

2. Pandering

Obama's handlers underestimated the American character. They presume that we are a nation of selfish, egocentric leftists who want something for nothing. Obama's miscalculation will cost him the election.

3. Patronizing

Obama's over-zealous attention to women is obviously disingenuous. He attempts to think in terms of segregation. He fails to view us as Americans and chooses, instead, to isolate women as a class unto themselves. The fatal flaw is failing to realize that women's concern for the cost of gasoline, rising food costs, and the insanity of Obamacare mandates is not fluke.


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  1. Great polemic! I've reprinted it at Ex-Army. Tweaked the tense in the last paragraph. Hope that's okay.

  2. Actually, I wrote this while half asleep and not paying a lot of attention to grammatical details.

  3. Well, you express yourself very well while half asleep!


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