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September 28, 2012

One of Any Horning's Tea Parties in Indiana.
Polls indicate that Andy Horning, originator of the Tea Party movement, is pulling only 7 percent of the vote.

Horning is running for U.S. Senate in Indiana as a Libertarian. His opponents, Joe Donnelly (D) and Richard Mourdock (R) are in a statistical dead heat with the Democrat polling 2 points more than the Republican [source].

Horning's seven percent, then, is sufficient to sway the election in favor of the Democrat.

If elected, Donnelly may turn the Senate blue with a 51 to 49 majority for the Democrats. If both Mourdock and Romney win, the Senate could be divided 50/50 with Vice President Paul Ryan casting the deciding vote that will end ObamaCare. If Donnelly wins, ObamaCare will likely stand and, once integrated, will be virtually impossible to eradicate.

Will Horning be solely responsible for ObamaCare being forever entrenched in America?

I could very well happen.

What to do?

Libertarians should adopt a common-sense policy of running candidates.

They should avoid elections in which their presence on the ballot could sway the results to Democrats. They should bow out of races, such as the case with Horning, for the same reason.

Granted, it may be too late for Horning to legally withdraw from the race. It's never too late for him to endorse Mourdock and help solidify a Senate majority that will dismantle ObamaCare and "forward" the Tea Party movement he founded.


Shortly after posting this article I noted that popular Indianapolis TV new pundit, Jim Shella, had also addressed the issue.

According to Shella, Donnelly actually won his seat in the House of Representatives by less than one percent. His Libertarian opponent received about 5 percent of the vote [source].

Horning for Senate website

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  1. Anonymous White MaleSeptember 29, 2012 at 1:00 AM

    "If Donnelly wins, ObamaCare will likely stand and, once integrated, will be virtually impossible to eradicate."

    Tell me, Kenn: Why do "pundits" tell this blatant lie over and over again? All it takes is will. This is the same type of deliberate disinformation that people that are supposed to be on our side repeat ad nauseum. Deliberate distortions, like Obama is "shrewd", "intelligent", a "political genius", a "charismatic leader", a "brilliant tactician", an "incredible speaker", "created ObamaCare and brilliantly shepherded it through the Legislative branch", etc., etc., etc. All lies and you know better. Obama is of average intelligence. Oh, he's intelligent for a negro but can't speak without a teleprompter and a stable of White and jewish speechwriters. His dropping of "g's", pauses to find where he is on the teleprompter and use of "folks" is just instructions from his handlers to make him seem accessible and in touch with your average football worshippers. No one in their right mind with an IQ above room temperature believes these things, but if they are repeated often enough the average sheep will repeat them on cue. BO is a figurehead, nothing more, and not a very good one. The only reason he is there is to allow the people that tell HIM what to do to use the race card and the corrupt media let's him get away with it. This guarantees the black vote (12%), fag vote (3%), the young vote (who knows -less than last time), union vote, jewish vote, Hispanic vote, and White female herd animal vote. You should realize by now that pundit is an insult and no one that has been anointed with this mantle actually thinks for himself or herself. Go and sin no more. And insult and make fun of that asshole every chance you get.

  2. Historically the leftist agenda, once codified, has stood unmolested.

    A few examples:

    The Republicans could have dismantled Jimmy Carter's Dept of Education, but the didn't.

    The Republicans could have revoked Reagan's holiday for MLK, but they didn't.

    The Republicans could have privatized Social Security, but they didn't.

    The Republicans could have reversed Johnson's Immigration Act of 1965, but they didn't.

    The list is virtually endless. And because the past is a reliable predictor of the future, I suspect that the GOP will not have the will to reverse ObamaCare.

  3. "Andy Horning, originator of the Tea Party movement"

    Um... what? Who? That is a stretch of a statement.

  4. Andy rallied against property taxes in Indianapolis a few years ago, calling it a Tea Party. They idea caught on.

    1. Ron Paul apparently had a "Boston Tea Party" thing in 2007 before Horning's rally in 2008, it still doesn't mean he founded the TEA Party. The TEA Party kicked off with Rick Santenlli 's rant on MSNBC(Feb 19, 2009).

      The simple fact of the matter is, nothing that Paul or Horning did create the momentum for the movement compared to Santenlli's rant. All of the TEA Party protests in 2009 were focused around that rant and went from there.

  5. It's certainly possible that a third party candidate swings an election. It is safe to say that it has happened in the past. It is also possible that it will not make any difference in that the third party voters could have very well sat out the race and not voted for the Republican candidate. To actually know would require polling those who voted third party to see if what alternative they would have taken if they could not have voted third party. If the race is as tight as you say then it is more likely than not the case that they would not have voted at all.

    1. Many voters choose 3rd party candidates as NOTA and, as you note, would not participate if it were not for that option.
      However, I suspect that most would have voted either way.


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