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September 18, 2012

History -  July,1919

White men rioted in Washington, DC, after a series of black-on-white rapes.

The riot -- that occurred nearly 100 years ago -- demonstrates the changing attitudes America whites.  (There were three other 'white riots' that summer in the United States when white men reacted with decisive force in response to black crime.)

This past weekend a metro passenger was sexually assaulted in Washington. The white response was less than passive. It was non-existent [source].

Socially engineers have not only pacified white reaction to violent black-on-white crime, they have managed to instill a sense of guilt and self-loathing among whites.

Here's an account, albeit biased, from Wikipedia. Not the difference in attitudes.
In Washington, D.C. in July, white men, many in military uniforms, responded to the rumored arrest of a black man for rape with four days of mob violence.
They rioted, randomly beat black people on the street and pulled others off streetcars for attacks. When police refused to intervene, the black population fought back.
Troops tried to restore order as the city closed saloons and theaters to discourage assemblies, but a summer rainstorm had more of a dampening effect.
When the violence ended, a total of 15 people had died: 10 whites, including two police officers; and five blacks. Fifty people were seriously wounded and another 100 less severely wounded.
It was one of the few times when white fatalities outnumbered those of blacks. The NAACP sent a telegram of protest to President Wilson (he had re-segregated federal offices after he was first elected):

...the shame put upon the country by the mobs, including United States soldiers, sailors, and marines, which have assaulted innocent and unoffending negroes in the national capital.
Men in uniform have attacked negroes on the streets and pulled them from streetcars to beat them. Crowds are reported ...to have directed attacks against any passing negro....The effect of such riots in the national capital upon race antagonism will be to increase bitterness and danger of outbreaks elsewhere.
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People calls upon you as President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the nation to make statement condemning mob violence and to enforce such military law as situation demands.  [SOURCE]
Here's another account in which the author describes the riot as a four-day "race war."

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Police released this security video of a man accused
of raping a Metro passenger in Washington, DC.
100 years ago such blatant assaults would have
resulted in out-right race wars.

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  1. There was a "race riot" in Akron(1910). Louis Peck raped a young white girl. It's interesting how the authorities tried to put a lid on it just as they would today.


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