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August 14, 2012


The media made much ado about the Sikh temple shooter being a former skin head and activist in a white hate group.

The SPLC places emphasis on hate groups -- 1,018 such groups, they claim -- nearly all of which are white.

That raises a question: Why are white people such bigoted, racist, hateful people?

Answer: They aren't.

It's an illusion. Social engineers engage the media to immerse the minds of America's white people in self-loathing and guilt. We are convinced that we -- and only we -- are infected with racial hatred.

Reality defies the illusion.

Racial hatred, bias and bigotry are universally apparent. There is no group exemption. Only thinking individuals -- alert to their innate tendency to tribal protectionism -- consciously avoid the racist trend.

Furthermore, racism is not more apparent among non-whites. White people only appear to have an exclusive franchise on racial hatred due to the media's illusion.

Racism -- defined by me as an ethnic-based disdain for others -- is (pardon the bluntness) dumb.

Sadly, social engineers have convinced us that we must choose between two options. Those options are: (1) We can deny reality and purge ourselves of white guilt or (2) we can embrace reality for what it is and be cloaked in an imaginary white hood and robe.

But must we ignore reality?

In a word, "No."

Rather, we should wonder why the media fails to address black-on-white hatred.

Were white people to attack elderly blacks, there would be no end to the outrage. Yet black-on-white attacks of old white folks is common. Not a whimper of protest from the media.

Likewise, the media would rage with indignation were whites to routinely assault black women. Blacks attacking white women is epidemic; and has been for years.

The minds of white Americans are so ingrained with guilt and racial sensitivity, that even acknowledging the bias against us causes us to blush with embarrassment and self condemnation.

Nonetheless, reality is what it is. And being real is not racist.

With those thoughts in mind, I offer the following additional questions:

• Why is acknowledging white ingenuity and innovation racist?

Take a moment and look around you. Make a list of the innovations in your immediately environment. What  do you see? A computer? An electric light?  A telephone? Enhanced textile clothing? Drywall? With few exceptions, nearly every innovation that makes our lives comfortable, safe and healthy are the products of white innovation. What is it 'racist' to acknowledge that reality?

• Why is acknowledging black crime racist?

Is it white racism to state that 52.2% of homicides in America are committed by blacks (most by black males between the ages of 18 and 49)? If so, then we must conclude that the U.S. Department of Justice is a white racist organization; just like the Ku Klux Klan! The Justice Department first published that statistic.


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  1. "Furthermore, racism is not more apparent among non-whites. Furthermore, racism is not more apparent among non-whites. White people only appear to have an exclusive franchise on racial hatred due to the media's illusion."

    Is there something wrong with the first sentence?

    *Don't publish this comment. I just wanted to bring it to your attention because it sounds a little odd.

  2. Thanks for spreading the truth!

  3. I really believe that the actual struggle here is between CULTURES. If a white person and a black person and an oriental person were all three to behave immorally, they would all be disdained equally. Its a FACT that some cultures are self destructive, and the Christian in me can't simply sit on the side lines and allow it to happen.

  4. Its White Genocide Old Man! The Media is controlled by the criminal alien elite as the Government and the Corporations! They are All Anti-White!
    White People had better wise up to the Existential Threat to their existence! Reality says that the Race War has already begun, and only the Whites are not fighting!
    Fight or Die! You have NO CHOICE NOW!

  5. I am sick and tired of the liberal, white-hating media. I'm especially over the WHITE journalists, newscasters and celebrities who want to disparage their own race to prove their humanity and superior ideals. Locally, I support businesses that would still have separate entrances for the colored folk if they could. I run my own service business and I REFUSE to provide my services to blacks. When they call for an estimate or an appointment I'm always booked and don't know when I can get to them, probably not until hell reaches 32 degrees or all Muslims convert to Christianity. I do not like black people. Never met one who, given half a chance, didn't prove to be a stereotype. Clearly, I AM a pure white racist. Oh well.