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August 27, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

I didn't have to look.

The population of Camden includes a large black community.

Nearly half of Camden's residents, 48.7% are black. Only 17.59% are white.

What prompted my inquiry was the fact that the Philadelphia suburb plans to eliminate it's police department due to financial restraints [source].

A profile of Camden can be summarized like this: A mid-sized city of 74,000 that is financially strapped and deteriorating into an abyss of violent anarchy; reputed to be the most dangerous municipality in America.

Those facts combined suggested the city had a substantial black population.

How so?

The fact that black communities are riddled with crime is no secret. In fact, one of the most accurate predictors of a community's level of violent crime is its ethnic composition. Conversely, a city's ethnic composition is a predictor of its crime level.

Knowing that Camden is half black predicts the city has a high violent crime rate. Knowing the city has a high violent crime rate predicts that it is home to a dominant black community.

Camden is a scaled down version of Detroit. It's typical of the hundreds of black communities throughout America. One of those communities necessarily must be the deadliest of all. That honor goes to Camden.

It is at this point that we are obliged to insert our heads in the sand and pretend the cause of violent crime in Camden is driven by economics that, in turn, is the outcome of white racism. Our conclusion is supposed to be: If it weren't for white people disenfranchising the black minority, Camden would be a thriving center of commerce and virtually crime free; just like most white neighborhoods.

The advantage of immersing our minds in abject denial of reality is that it frees us of responsibility.

The inherent problem with immersing ourselves in denial is that the problems will persist, they will never be resolved and, most likely, will continue to grow.

Our nation is increasingly becoming like Camden. As Western culture is subdued and subjected to the submission of multicultural social engineers it, too, will become an anarchistic abyss.

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  1. I would also bet the farm that there is a high percentage of unwed mothers in Camden...

    1. 37.9% have a female householder with no husband present

      3x national average

    2. But there are ALWAYS parasitic black males hanging around for the sex and welfare goodies.

  2. It is all going according to plan. Flood the cities with immigrants and give the present negro population enough money to feed and breed, and the Liberals will soon have a voter base that will never be overcome by sensible conservatives. The lazy will always vote for who gives away the most free stuff, and the underground economy takes care of what can't be found legally. Hence, the coming dictatorship.

    And that is fine with me, we need a total reboot in this country.

  3. PS- Ken I follow all 3 of your sites, and comment activity seems to have dropped off tremendously after you put in place the "captcha" thing, I'd just like to suggest more moderate *moderation* so that middle-class working yokels like myself can have a chance to openly debate some of the more responsible anonymous posters.

  4. Not to be the cowardly optimist, but I do notice signs of awakening, in spite of the strong currents of tyranny, inertia, and denial that conspire against us.


  5. Why are white conservatives so full of hate?

    1. Because blacks, ILLEGAL ALIENS and muslims are making us that way. Wait until the Saxon truly begins to hate.

    2. ...White Conservatives are so full of hate?...mmmmm...?
      Because we see many parts of a once great nation trashed by Blacks & Muslims & illegals...checkout Main Street USA..
      Maybe we do not want to sink any further into the filth & mire here that riddles every city & town in Africa...

      Just check out the massively rich in natural resources All Black Republic of South Africa & how the Blacks in charge have created a cesspit of violence & crime & massive corruption & fear.
      Go live in..Somali & Liberia & Sierra Leone...or any African country, & witness the mess & all despite getting over $1Trillion dollars worth of Western Aid & handouts...
      How much Aid has any African country ever given to the Tsunami victims or their 'Bruvvers' in Haiti or anybody, anywhere?

      Go do some real reading & research...instead of posting whining drivel.
      Witness the Black cops killing nearly 40 Lonmin Miners in cold blood..in Makerina Mine in SA...
      Were you protesting outside your city hall about this wicked Black Governmental Ultimate Hate Crime on their fellow Blacks?
      Nope...so busy trawling mainly White websites where pissed off Cracker Whites are rightly smouldering...
      As the previous contributor comments I concur about the emerging rising anger of the Whites, & the fuse will snap...
      Do not forget that tiny Great Britain which fits into Texas 5 times, & a population of c.10 Million, ( a lot lees than all the Blacks in USA!)once ruled most of Black sub-Saharan Africa, & China...& India..& America..& Australia, Canada & New Zealand & etc...etc.
      The Sun never set on Britain's huge colonial Emoire...
      How many continents or countries has any Black country ever conquered or developed?
      Chimp-out snide comments made without foundation, so that the EBT draft beer keeps flowing are puerile.
      Try Y claim your Welfare Benefits in Ethiopia et al ?

    3. Because you and your kind have forced us to hate you.


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