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August 2, 2012


Prepare to gasp in astonishment.

I'm actually old enough to remember when the new 1958 Ford Fairlane hit the streets.

The rear taillights were a bit gaudy, I thought. Then, again, what did I know? I was only five years old.

Those were fond days to remember. Every new car was a pristine classic (but we didn't know it at the time). Every Superman TV episode touted "truth, justice and the American way" in full color! (but we didn't have color TV sets at the time). Political correctness was so infantile that no one seemed to notice.

In the 1950s equality was not an American value. That was something only the Russians were into. Mid-twentieth century Americans were focused on suburban houses with white picket fences. We'd never heard of Martin Luther King, didn't have air-conditioned anything, and tried to sing an look like Elvis. Don't ask me why.

While we were watching Ike play golf on the nightly news, the leftist agenda was in full swing. Within the decade they would turn our country into a mess complete with hippies, riots and anti-war protests on every college campus.

At the heart of that agenda was a plea for equality. "Truth, justice and the American Way" were replaced with "political correctness, social justice and equality." It was then that liberals began to frame all who disagreed as white racists.

While the political left succeeded in brainwashing us into believing equality is the antidote for racism, they failed to mention that equality is impossible. Even in societies where all wore Mao jackets, there were one percenters who mandated the Mao jackets.

Equality doesn't work. Efforts to implement it result in waste and inefficiency.

Here's a simple example.

Suppose each American was rationed 2,000 calories per day. There are some very large people who require more than 2,000 calories to retain good health. There are others who are simply too small to consume that many calories. The small person gets his 2,000 calories, but consumes less. The difference goes to waste while the big guy goes without.

Told you. It's simple.

It is, of course, only one reason why equality -- a code word for socialism -- is a failed concept. When superimposed over every application, the "one size fits all" philosophy will always fail.

Equality requires that all receive the largest portion. That is, if even one person wears a size 14 shoe, then everyone would necessarily receive size 14 shoes. If one person requires a daily supply of insulin, then everyone would necessarily receive a daily supply of insulin.

Conversely, free markets allow efficient distribution of goods and services. It isn't always fair and its seldom equal. But it works.

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  1. It's worse than merely being inefficient. Equality is satanic. Equality in its worst forms becomes the basis of human dignity. We respect or love others only because we consider them as equals. It is not their own image or the image of the God who made them that inspires our respect and love but it is instead our own image. Love is twisted into conceit.