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August 16, 2012


Imagine you're playing poker, or some other card game.

Your goal, of course, is to win. To that end you have two basic choices: You can hold 'em or you can fold 'em.

Now supposing you adopt this strategy for winning: You decide to only play perfect hands. If you are dealt a handful of cards that are less than perfect, you fold.

I'm no poker expert (I've only played once), but I'm guessing you will lose.

Politics is like a card game. We are almost never dealt a perfect hand.

In 2012 we were dealt a very poor hand. Even if Mitt Romney wins the election in November, we will fare little better than we did under Barack Obama.

What shall we do? Hold or fold?

Sad to say, the feedback I'm receiving from many readers of is to fold 'em. Walk away. "See ya in four years. Maybe then we'll get dealt a better hand."

Here's the problem, folks.

The last time I recall being dealt a 'good hand' was 1964. And we all know how that ended.

Rather than fold, walk away, or run, our strategy should be to stay at the table, play the hand that is dealt us.

We can't win every hand, BUT WE MUST PLAY EVERY HAND if we hope to win the game.

So how do we play this hand?

• First, we take a peek at the opponent's hand.

In political poker looking at the opponents' cards is not only fair, it's essential to win.

The bad guys are holding the following cards: The first black president card, the Joe Biden card, the first retarded House Majority Leader card, the Pelosi card, and the Eric Holder card. In other words, we have a bad hand; their hand is worse.

• Second, consider that small change adds up.

If we win this hand, we won't take the jack pot. At best, we may get a chip or two. But that's how political poker is won; one chip at a time.

Our objective is to affect public policy. We're not going to change the world, but we can help elect a president who will sign legislation introduced by conservatives, nominate no leftist loons to the Supreme Court, and repeal ObamaCare.

• Third, remind the power brokers how they got their jobs.

Mitt Romney can't win the White House without our help. He knows that and he needs to be reminded (constantly) that we know that as well. While Romney may not be one of us, he will be beholden to affect our policies now and again.

Those are chips we can take away from the bad guys.

Supporting Mitt Romney in 2012 is not an endorsement of his policies. It's a strategy to affect public policy.

This strategy is not a matter of compromise; rather it's an abandon of the all-or-none and winner-takes-all mindset that guarantees will lose in the end.

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  1. I to have heard many say that they cannot support Romney for yada yada reason. But simply looking at what Obama can do on his own (and has done), with executive orders, is reason enough to vote for Romney. CW

  2. this is a poor rationalization. the reason we keep getting poor hands is that people to continue to support the GOP even though they do nothing but shit all over their base. only by withdrawing support for such a corrupt and stupid organization do we have any hope of EVER drawing a good hand again.

    that said, our problems are more due to a lazy, disinterested, and ignorant population than political parties- they are merely a symptom.

  3. I'll be voting against Obama by voting for Romney, for your reasons and a couple others. I've reprinted this here:

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