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August 18, 2012



It's 14.1 percent for blacks. That's about twice the rate for whites: 7.4 percent [source]. The unemployment rate for black teens was 41 percent in June with no sign of easing [source].

With few exceptions blacks remain loyal in their support of the man who is at the helm of the nation. Black support for Barack Obama is almost unanimous.

The question is: Why?

Even though the black unemployment rate is at its highest in 27 years -- the last time this many blacks stood in unemployment lines was 1984 -- blacks loyally adhere to the man whose failed economic policies keep them at the bottom of the nation's economic ladder.

Unemployment is not the only issue that fails to faze black sentiment.

Black activism is nearly nil on a number of issues that concern most others.

Blacks seldom participate in activism for or against illegal immigration. The abortion issue fails to spur many blacks to action. The soaring national debt is a topic most blacks seldom consider and, if they do, they have little to say about it. The American trade deficit is seldom a topic of discussion among blacks and the future of the nation's education system hardly causes a ripple of reason, pro or con.

So, what's up with black people?

The answer can be found in what I term, "brain blindness."

Imagine someone pointing a beam of light from a powerful flashlight directly at your eyes. You would be blinded to most everything except for the light.

The same is true of many, if not most --- make that, almost all -- black people in America.

Their brains are blinded by a single issue: race.

When Morgan Freeman addressed the issues facing the nation a few months ago, his observations focused primarily on race. To paraphrase, Freeman noted that Tea Party activists and opponents of Obama in general were racists.

When Spike Lee was interviewed on CNN's Piers Morgan show a few days ago, the topic of discussion promptly spun into the fixed orbit of racism. Lee noted, again to paraphrase, that he did not always think about race. That is, Lee was thinking about not thinking about race.

The race obsession among blacks bears a serious dilemma. Few non-blacks take them seriously.

Sometimes their race obsession is so nonsensical that it is impossible to form a rational response.

Consider, for example, the bold blurt that came from the lips of MSNBC talkster, Touré.

When addressing remarks made by Mitt Romney, the commentator bluntly asserted that the Republican was guilty of racism. Or, to use Touré's term, Romney was guilty of "niggerization."

How does one intelligently respond?

Romney had earlier challenged Barack Obama to take his campaign of hate and aggression back to Chicago. He made no mention of race.

 In the brain-blinded mind of Touré, however, Romney's words were thinly veiled code words that characterized the president as a stereotypical n****r.

Such thinking can only be described as irrational, illogical, off-the-wall and, more bluntly, stupid.

There are, of course, exceptions.

Businessman Herman Cain remains unfazed by brain blindness and, with a clear (though occasionally wrong) head, he addresses a broad scope of political, moral, and social issues.

Rep. Allen West has set aside brain blindness, replacing it with thoughtful evaluation of unemployment and other issues that matter to Americans.

Larry Elder has a long history of penning his thoughts that defy the common blind-brain disorder. The same is true of noted columnists Armstrong Williams, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Star Parker, Jesse Lee Peterson and, of course, Clarence Thomas.

By way of disclaimer, the above paragraph does not serve as a blanket endorsement of every thought that protrudes from the minds of the aforementioned individuals. It does, however, provide clear evidence that some blacks are intelligent enough to take exception to brain blindness.

Those are exceptions that prove the rule.

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  1. I'm not sure blacks are that into race (I believe it's a CULTURAL issue), considering if Herman Cain went up against H-Rod, I believe the blacks that voted would break heavily to Clinton. Why? Because Clinton keeps the money train coming.

  2. hillary rod would get their votes because the media would play the song that hillary is for blacks and herman cain isn't.

  3. Tommy, blacks do not consider Herman Cain to be black, but they do consider white democrat politicians to be "part black". Make no mistake, they are completely race-obsessed.

  4. Anon Aug 19, blacks are also FREE STUFF obsessed.