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August 20, 2012


Today I stopped by the Dollar Store to pick up a few things.

I encountered an Hispanic family.
I didn't mind.
I sometimes visit foreign countries.

The man and his wife were rather chubby.
I didn't mind.
Glad to see they're prospering.

They had three cute little girls in dresses.
I didn't mind.
Happy families are great!

They spoke Spanish.
I didn't mind.
When I'm overseas, I speak my native tongue.
(I knew what the little girls were saying by their body language.
"I want ice cream!")

I stood behind them at the check out.
I didn't mind.
Their presence helped provide a job for the hard-working, 20-something white guy.

The chubby Hispanic woman paid with an EBT card.
I mind.
It's criminal.
Her family was taking money from the hardworking white guy.
The parents were teaching their cute little girls to sponge off workers.
And they didn't mind.

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  1. its free, swipe yo ebt, its free, swipe yo ebt... all you have to do is f#%k, and 9 months later you get the big bucks

  2. They spoke Spanish.
    I didn't mind.
    When I'm overseas, I speak my native tongue.

    But when You are overseas, you are a Visitor, a Tourist -You are not STEALING Jobs from the native population, underbidding them on contracts by the virtue that you do not have to pay Taxes to that Nation. You are not breaking any laws by visiting Their country. You do not expect them to make everything bilingual for Your convenience.
    These are Not Visitors, Tourists, or even Immigrants, these are Colonists and I Mind.

    1. You are subsidizing the cost of housekeeping, yard work, etc, for our "elites."

      They INVITE Mexicans, Salvadorans, Guatemalans, etc, to come up here and do the menial jobs we have trained blacks they are too good to do.

      But because they are "elites" they don't want to bear the full cost of this menial labor and since they are able to pass along this cost onto the working middle class, that's exactly what they do. So we bear the cost of feeding, clothing, housing, and healthcare for these illegals because the blacks refuse to do the work and the "elites" are too good to pay full price for the services rendered..

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