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August 20, 2012


Me? Movie virtuoso?

No way.

Consider me the most out of touch human on the planet when it comes to celebrities and entertainment. Not only do I not care about Hollywood, I don't care that I don't care about Hollywood.

Are you a movie lover? I'm glad for you. It's just not my cup of tea.

And so when famed director Tony Scott leapt from a bridge near his Los Angeles home, I found myself incapable of surmising the loss to the industry. As it turns out, Scott was an icon. He was on top of his game. I've never heard of him.

It causes me to wonder: Why do people take their own lives?

Nature has equipped us to fight for our survival. When a person ends his life, it defies nature.

There are times when suicide, though tragic, is understandable. Terminally ill people who face nothing but extreme pain and suffering often find lifelessness a preferred option. Others, sad to say, would rather end it all than face a life of financial straps.

Scott, I understand, faced neither terminal and painful illness nor financial straits. Rather, his was a lifestyle most of us envy.

So what happened?

Depression would be my first guess. From what I understand that mental monster overrides all else, even riches.

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  1. From what I am reading, depression overrides everything.... including loved ones. Therefore, is it not the ultimate disease? Complete and utter selfishness?