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August 17, 2012


I'm sorry. I must have missed it.

Did someone say, "Post racial"?

Nearly four years after the election of America's first black president and 43 into the Aquarian-esk age of racial peace and harmony, some folks are determined to make a racial issue out of black-eyed peas, if necessary.

They are obsessed with race.

Never has that been more apparent than yesterday's outburst from MSNBC’s Touré. The network's talking (black) head blurted out the term in a moment of frustration: "Niggerization."

It's an echo of sentiments uttered by others.

A few months ago, you'll recall, sorta-black actor Morgan Freeman revealed to the world that Tea Party members were little more than robeless Klansmen (I annotate) hell-bent on hating Obama because of their disdain for his half-blackness.

Beneath it all are underlying realities.


• Many (most?) black folks are obsessed with race.

It's an addiction.

• Many (most?) black folks are blinded by race.

Issues are fogged or forgotten. Seldom do you see blacks showing up at rallies for or against anything. They care little about illegal immigration, abortion, the economy, the sanctity of marriage, wars and rumors of wars, or who did what to whom at Penn State.

Most blacks are a single issue lot. They think, breath and exhale race. Even the best and brightest of America's black population -- from pundits like Touré to actors like Freeman -- have brains that function on one track: race.

A typical conversation with a black American goes like this:

White guy: "Good morning."

Black guy: "Yo!" (Translation: It's only good if you're white.)

White guy: "How are you today?"

Black guy: "Yeah. Whazzup?" (Translation: Like you care, Honky.)

White guy: "So how's the wife and kids."

Black guy: "Dey OK." (Translation: You think we all be on welfare and EBT.)

White guy: "Well, nice talking to you. See you later."

Black guy. "Yeah, man. Later." (Translation: I know what you rally thinkin', foo. You like to see me in chains, like dat white boy Biden.")



Last week Spike Lee invested his entire conversation with CNN's Piers Morgan talking about race. Can you name a white movie director so race obsessed? Oddly, one of Lee's racist notes was that he didn't always think about race. That is, sometimes he thinks about not thinking about race.

Are Touré, Freeman, and Lee really beaten down by "niggerization" (I prefer "raciaization")? I'd like to hear their stories of how brutal white racism kept them down. Bring your pay stubs.

The fact is there are millions of white Americans ready and willing to get past the racism.

Unfortunately, there are millions of Tourés who won't let it happen.

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  1. Best thing you have written so far. Very astute.

  2. What's the difference between a black man saying most white people hate blacks, and a white man saying most blacks hate whites?

    Let's say both agree that not ALL of them hate on either side...then it is just a matter of degrees, but one has to also consider how any hate becomes manifested against all peoples. I would say that based upon what I have observed, and also read about on this website, it would be appropriate to say blacks show as much hate against blacks. So they hate themselves too... they hate everyone... but not all of them.