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August 2, 2012


Images of rotting corpses are the stuff of horror movies, war scenes and New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina.

There is a culture so depraved that it tolerates such scenarios as normal. Human corpses -- victims of crimes -- are discarded in alleys, vacant lots and abandoned buildings. It's not a movie nor the wake of a major catastrophe. It's everyday life.

It's Detroit.


A recent article by Associated Press writer Corey Williams has described the motor city as an "urban wilderness." With a headline declaring Vacant Detroit becomes dumping ground for the dead, he describes a no-go zone where humanity exists in third-world depravity, propped up by a decaying infrastructure and government programs.

Williams tells of two decomposing bodies; teenagers who had been stripped to their underwear and left to rot on a vacant lot. Both had been shot. We can imagine a drug-related murder, but we'll likely never know. Williams says a dozen bodies have been dumped in recent months.

That begs the question: What's wrong with these people?

Williams traces Detroit's urban blight to the race riots of 1967. Hordes of decent people, unwilling to tolerate violent black behavior, left town for the suburbs. White people -- specifically, their tax dollars -- had provided the cash to retain Detroit's infrastructure suitable to dilute the abysmal realities of black crime. With the white folks gone, there is nothing to hide reality. It can only be denied by a lying media. But there is it; naked and bare for all who are willing to see.

Now there are members of the mainstream media refusing to ignore reality.

Williams tells of the bodies of two women discovered buried in a shallow grave in an abandoned park. Another two decapitated bodies were pulled from the Detroit River and nearby canal. He recalls the bodies of two females discovered in an abandoned car and two others in a car trunk. The latter were badly burned.

There are 30,000 vacant homes in Detroit. One would think in our struggling economy there would be a mad rush to buy cheap housing. There is none. Nothing compels new homeowners to move to Detroit. Something repels them.

Dare we admit what it is?


It's not only bodies that get dumped in Detroit. It's virtually anything that residents care to discard. A drive to the local landfill is simply too inconvenient. You name it -- ragged dolls, coloring books, old furniture, tires; even the proverbial kitchen sink -- it's there, piled high in urban fields.

It would be unfair to characterize an entire race of people. After all, there are communities where black minorities move and assimilate. Not all blacks are slovenly slobs nor are all slovenly slobs black.

It would also be dishonest to dismiss out of hand the apparent racial trait. How long can we continue to blame black failures on white privilege? At what point do we finally admit that EBT cards, fair-housing programs, and government schools don't right the wrongs, they underwrite them?

That's not to say we should turn away from those in need. Rather, it's to recognize that those who won't help themselves can't be helped by others; it's to correctly identify the need and fill it. There is no need for government handouts. The need is for individuals to be responsible for themselves.

Here's a case in point.


Not long ago I stopped by a KFC for dinner. Two black male teens were just leaving. Left behind was a table stacked high with used paper cups, napkins, plates, plastic ware; a tiny, little detroit on a table top. Lower case intended.
These two individuals had a need. Their need was for someone to clean up their messes when they dine on chicken at KFC or cheeseburgers at McDonalds.

With the need clearly stated, we can now surmise the most efficient means of filling that need and solving the problem.

The first solution begins by blaming their messy tables on white privilege. It's a stretch, but it can be accomplished if we apply this syllogism:
a. White people don't leave messy tables. Black people do leave messy tables.
b. That is an obvious case of racial inequality.
c. The problem must be white racism.

We then proceed to enact federal mandates that will alleviate the problem; to instill a sense of dignity that everyone deserves. Filling the appeal for social justice, we fund programs to clear tables and to move black people from messy tables to clean tables. When those tables  become litter-ridden, we'll move the black folks again.

The second solution is a bit more sane: Identify black folks who are physically or mentally incapable of tossing table trash in the bin, and help them. Those whose slovenliness compels them to leave a trail of trash should be locked in until they clear their messes. Not to worry. We'll do the same for messy white people.

Sarcasm aside, the point should be apparent. White people aren't responsible for the demise of Detroit or any other black community. Government programs that physically move black folks into housing projects don't solve the problem; there merely move it. It's a costly proposition that doesn't work.

That's not to say we should ignore black folks who are physically or mentally incapable of taking care of themselves. Rather, it's to wonder what would happen if black people were locked in their ghettos until they cleaned them up.

Is there some genetic aversion to order, tidiness and cleanliness? I don't know.


Let's consider the Keynesian approach.

This solution requires a few billion tax dollars.

Programs will be instituted in which people will be hired by the government to clean up Detroit. Dozers and dump trucks will ascend on the motor city and remove all debris; abandoned couches, cars and corpses will be hauled off to the land fill (or graveyard). The government will fund urban renewal in which parks will be refurbished with new playgrounds, landscaping, flowing fountains and swimming pools. Streets will be cleared and outfitted with nifty retro street lamps, dangling flower pots, and occasional grassy spots.

Under this program Detroit's ghettos will shine and sparkle like an affluent white suburb.

The problem, of course, is that within a few weeks the grassy spots will be worn to dust, the park benches will be stolen and sold for drug money, and the swimming pools will be hang-outs for hoodlums.


Messy neighborhoods will be identified and designated, not by ethnicity, but by violent crime.

A wall will be constructed around each neighborhood and those entering will be scanned and searched as if they were boarding an airplane.

Considering that more people are terrorized by violence in messy neighborhoods than on commercial airplanes, this solution would be idiotic, but infinitely more sane than the current system.


The government solution is to dilute the mess by merging black communities into white communities. So far that effort has failed.

I personally have no problem with racially integrated neighborhoods. I do, however, have a problem with forced integration.

The ethnicity of my neighbors is a non issue. I would prefer to live in the midst of civil and sane black folks than in a white neighborhood full of kooks and crackpots. The apparent problem is,  however, that black neighborhoods wreak of crime, violence, and body dumping whilst whitopias are more likely to have tidy lawns, white picket fences, and a dearth of corpses in alleys.

In other words, it's not a skin-tone issue. It's a behavioral problem. Trying to dilute the problem through merging the messy minority midst tidy lawns solves nothing.


This may be a bit factitious and go beyond the pale of practical application, but what if...

Black residents of Detroit caught dumping, killing or failing to reasonably maintain their property will be sent to South Africa. In exchange for each black Detroiter, South Africa will send one Boer or Afrikaner farmer. Downtrodden areas of Detroit will be razed and plowed under. This property will be given to the farmers.

This solution may, on the surface, seem racist. It isn't. Black folks who don't dump their trash in vacant lots, sell drugs, or murder their neighbors will be encouraged to stay and participate in urban renewal. Likewise, Boers and Afrikaners who are inclined to dump corpses in weedy lots will not be welcome.

Again, to emphasize to absence of racism, white folks who dump used tires, moldy sofas and dead bodies in undesignated areas will also be shipped to South Africa and replaced with well-behaved Zulus who have a proven knack for farming.


America's black neighborhoods don't thrive, they survive.

There is no white neighborhood in America where blacks may not participate in the ebb and flow of daily life. They may walk the streets without fear of physical harm, they may dine in any restaurant, shop in any store; go to any venue unencumbered.

Likewise, there is no black neighborhood in America where whites may participate without the constant threat of crime and bodily harm. A drive through a black neighborhood at night is akin to running through a mine field. A visit to a Section 8 housing project is an invitation to violent assault. Stopping for gas or shopping a convenient store after dark is simply insane. There is a difference and it appears to transcend culture.

The government solution is to dilute the mess by merging black communities into white communities. So far that effort has failed.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering: Why do environmental extremists go berserk when I fail to sort my paper and plastic, but turn a blind eye to thousands of acres of debris that litter black neighborhoods?

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