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August 18, 2012


The Little Black Boy Who Cried, "White Racist Wolf!"

Once upon a time there was a little black boy.

His job was to sit in the town square and keep a look out for the White Racist Wolf.

If he saw the White Racist Wolf approaching, he would cry, "White Racist Wolf!" and all the people would come running and shoot the wolf dead.

One day the the little black boy got bored.

He thought, I wonder what would happen if I really cried, 'White Racist Wolf!'

And so he tried it.

He shouted, "White Racist Wolf! The White Racist Wolf is here! He's racial profiling!"

200 million Americans came running with their guns, ready to kill the White Racist Wolf. (100 million liberals didn't show up because (1) they don't own guns and (2) white liberals don't actually live in black neighborhoods.)

But there was no White Racist Wolf. And the people said, "Little black boy, don't you EVER do that again!"

Well, the next day the little black boy was walking around with his pants drooping and he thought, I wonder if it will work a second time?

And so he cried out, "White Racist Wolf! White Racist Wolf! He called Obama a socialist!"

200 million Americans came running with their guns, ready to kill the White Racist Wolf. But there was no wolf.

The very next day as the little black boy was sitting at the town square, the White Racist Wolf showed up. The White Racist Wolf had blond hair, blue eyes and was driving an old pick up truck with a rebel flag blowing in the breeze and a NASCAR decal in the window.

The little black boy was terrified. He cried out, "White Racist Wolf! White Racist Wolf! He has a NASCAR decal and he's listening to Hank Williams, Jr. on his 8-track!"

But the people ignored him. "He's just crying wolf," they all said.

But it didn't matter.

There really was no White Racist Wolf. The little black boy had lied so many times that he began to believe his own lies.

The end.

Next: The Three Little Pigs Who Didn't Want to be Racists.

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