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August 11, 2012


If denial is dereliction of duty, Chicago's Chief of Police may want to secure his paddle. He has a creek to travail.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy notoriously noted in June that his city's staggering crime statistics can be blamed on white racism, something he traces to the Puritans or, as he called them, "pilgrims."

The Chicago Tribune reported today (August 11, 2012) that ten people had been bloodied by gun shots -- within the past 24 hours! [Update, August 13 - 21 people shot in Chicago over the weekend.]

According to McGarthy's assessment, these crimes are the direct result of long-dead Puritan pilgrims. McGarthy is in denial.

The problem, of course, is that diverting blame divests one of accountability and responsibility. Furthermore, it places viable solutions out of sight.

Why the denial? Why the diversion from reality?

McCarthy doesn't seem to care about solutions. Rather, his pandering to the black leaders who drive voters to the polls and ultimately decide who hires and fires police chiefs seems to be his primary interest.

And so, taking a note from those evil racist rascals known as pilgrims, McCarthy becomes the personification of liberal ideology. They go on a witch hunt. They cloak their diversion in robes of narcissistic nonsense, suppose themselves on an altruistic crusade of social justice, and heap guilt upon those who fail to join them.

So how has Puritan bashing done to affect the city's violent crime?

Let's have a look.

Chicago is immersed in an ongoing city-wide brawl. Year to date statistics reveal there were 305 homicides, 796 criminal sexual assaults (rapes), 7,309 robberies, 4,624 cases of aggravated battery, 12,412 burglaries, 8,495 felony thefts, and 9,926 motor vehicle thefts.

The number of murders in Chicago have averaged about 1.58 per day since January 1. Nationally, the number of black homicides averages about 8,500 per year. To blame is white privilege that goes all the way back to the Puritans? Denial.

So while McCarthy busies himself placating black pastors who, in turn, pretend that black crime is somehow caused by white people, black people keep getting killed, robbed raped and incarcerated.

Maybe it's time to end the denial.

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  1. Those d**n Pilgrims. Fortunately McCarthy is on to them and those silly hats they wear should make them easy to spot. They should be hunted down and forced to wear a gold star on their clothing, no wait, that was done before... how about we make them wear hoodies and drink Purple Drank until them assimilate?

  2. They need to go see Runaway Slave... it should be mandatory viewing for all blacks who think Obama should be re-elected.

  3. I see. So McCarthy rooting out commies is bad, McCarthy rooting out long dead pilgrims is noble.

    With a mentality like that, I say let Chi-Town burn.

    1. Let's all call that city chiCONGO shall we?

  4. I didn't know Edgar Bergen's Charlie McCarthy wooden dummy had become a Police Chief! That explains his stupid rantings about Sarah Palin at "father" Pfleger's "church."

  5. I am in a spiral of deepening depression over the ultimate ruin of our once great nation. I'm stock piling food, raising chickens for eggs and meat even though I live in a city and I'm working out a hydroponics system so I can grow heirloom vegetables and fish - they can live below the veggie roots while providing a meat source. FYI, stock toilet paper- it will soon be the new currency. Oh, and I also have guns and ammo to fend off those po black folk who won't know how to feed themselves once the gubment and her teat collapses. A word to the wise.