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August 6, 2012


Joe McCarthy was an evil scumbag because he sought to purge Hollywood of communists.

I fail to see the logic. I would think spooking subversives out from their dark shadows and into the light would be good thing; a positive step in the direction of national security.

The truth hurts, especially if you're lying. McCarthy's exposure of leftist loons has left his memory tarnished by -- guess whom! -- leftist loons.

I admire McCarthy. That admiration comes only with the minimal reservation held for any member of the human race. He wasn't perfect, but his mission was mainly accomplished. It would be years before the extreme left regained their strangle-hold on Hollywood.

McCarthy is often accused of conducting a mean-spirited witch hunt. Movies galore have been made exposing the evils of Joe. Each is a carefully crafted work in brainwashing and, to their credit, the Hollywooders who make such films have been largely successful.

McCarthyism I like. Witch hunting I don't like.

Many who falsely condemn Joe McCarthy as a latter-day witch hunter hypocritically do the same when they sniff out homophobes, xenophobes and, in the case of the London Olympics, racists.

A case in point is that of Nadja Drygalla. A former member of Germany's Olympic rowing team, Drygalla was compelled to pack for home after the witch hunters - slash - McCarthyites declared her to be far-right-wing neo-Nazi type; unfit to be seen in public with normal people.

Drygalla denied the charges, but it didn't matter.

Now, next time you watch one of those Hollywood propaganda films bashing McCarthy, take note of the small grain of truth imbedded in the screen play: The accused seldom, if ever, denies being a member of the Communist Party. Rather, the movie portrays them as taking a high road in which they refuse to answer the question as a matter of principle. This side of the silver screen -- in the real world -- the reason many accused communists refused to answer the now-infamous question, "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?" is because they were, in fact, members or had been members of the Communist Party. They just didn't want to admit it.

Nadja Drygalla had the courage and character to state her views: She was not a member of a far-right party. Furthermore, she went to great strides to encourage her boyfriend to break his National Socialist ties.

Here a thought: So what?

What if Drygalla had been a member of the so-called 'far right'? How does that affect her rowing skill? Is there some rule in the Olympian handbook that specifies particular offensive political views that are akin to performance-enhancing drugs? If suspected neo-Nazis can be expelled from the contests, what about supporters of other controversial political groups? Does the handbook forbid members of the Muslim religion due to the terrorism that is affiliated with their faith?

And we thought the Olympics were non-political.

One doesn't need to express views deemed racially offensive by the Olympic Committee. One merely needs to be suspected of holding views deemed racially offensive. It's akin to suspecting residents in Salem, Massachusetts of being demon possessed. A mere false accusation or suspicion was enough to get you lynched.

Drygalla is one of a long list of those blacklisted.

There are more.

Daniel Thomas posted a "homophobic" tweet targeting Olympian Tom Daley. Posting the phrase “bum each other” regarding Daley and swimming partner Peter Waterfield got Thomas tossed in jail. Jail!

So much for tolerance. To my knowledge McCarthy's inquiries never led to jail time for persons plotting to subvert the nation. Then, again, Thomas lives in Britain. That makes a difference. Recall there was an extended period of centuries when the British Crown would send folks to the tower for failing to be a Catholic or Protestant, depending who was wearing the crown at the time.

So who's wearing the crown now?

Voula Papachristou. Is she a Protestant or Catholic? Not sure. What we do know is the attractive triple-jumper from Greece got shipped back to the mother country after her tweet thought disparaging of Africans was deemed 'racist'.

German International Olympics Committee member Walther Tröger was castigated in the media for waving while spectating. Tröger's wave from the stands during the Olympic's opening appeared too Hitlerish for the meddling media. The IOC said their member's raised hand was an innocent gesture. He was spared the tower treatment.

Fans from Lithuania were not so kindly treated. British officials claimed the Lithuanians were taunting the opposing basketball team from Nigeria. Officials claim the fans were offering the Tröger-style Nazi salute. But, unlike insider Tröger, at least one fan was slammed with a $2,500 fine.

The NBC television network got caught up in the "are-you-now-or-have-you-ever-been-a-racist" row after it broadcast a story covering black girl-gymnist Gabby Douglas. Following the story the network ran an advertisement featuring a monkey gymnist. Gasp! Somehow that commercial was considered racially insensitive and the entire NBC network was thrown in the London Tower; figuratively speaking, that is.

Fox News was accused of racism for criticizing tennis pro and gold medallion holder Serena Williams. That drew little attention as Fox News is accused of racism for criticizing Barack Obama.

Swiss footballer Michel Morganella was shipped home by the Swiss Olympic Committee. Morganella tweeted something said to be insensitive to South Koreans.

In case you're wondering, this neurosis isn't new to the Olympics. A few months ago an Austrian yodeler was fined nearly £700 for offending Muslims. They thought his falsetto warbling ridiculed their morning calls to prayer.

The Olympics, itself, is racist according to one article. That accusation came after Australian boxer Damien Hooper showed up in a shirt displaying an aboriginal flag. Hooper was forced by his country's Olympic committee to wear an official team shirt.

According to official Olympic rules, participants are prohibited from any “demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas”.

On this point we find the International Olympics Committee guilty.


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  1. "Joe McCarthy was an evil scumbag because he sought to purge Hollywood of communists."

    If memory serves, McCarthy was actually determined to purge the US GOVERNMENT - not Hollywood - of communists. As it turned out, the Venona cables show that there were communists in the government.

  2. Presumably the beautiful Greek athlete expelled from the Olympics is Orthodox if she's a Christian.

  3. ms.drygalla was deemed a "far-right-wing-neo-nazi-type" by some olympic officials ? oh,crap!! i guess back in 1936 these same olympic officials would have sent the entire olympics home from berlin !! dumb-asses have way too much time on (and power in ) their hands....