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August 7, 2012


First, a word about bad grammar.

The phrase "Paid for by..." involves a double preposition. Properly it would read, "Paid by..."

Not to worry. Everyone does it.

Second, a word about the latest Obamatisement.

If you donate to Obama's campaign to retain occupancy of the White House, you get a chance to win court time with Jordan, Ewing and other legends whose mega-million dollar incomes were the result of black privilege; big black guys who took advantage of big white guys who can't jump.

Third, a word about playing basketball with Michelle.

The ad didn't actually say that. I'm just venturing a guess that if you were to win the bb-with-mj lottery and if you were to top off your donation with an additional $40k, Michelle would be persuaded to join you for a few jump shots. Just a few.

Here's a screen shot of the advertisement. Click to access the original, repleat with the double preposition at the bottom.

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