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August 6, 2012


The atmosphere of hatred and intolerance demonstrated by President B. Obama has, once again, stoked the violence that ended with the murder of six innocent members of the Sikh faith in Wisconsin.

Obama's incessant attacks on Catholics and other people of faith has set a new standard for abject anti-religious bigotry in the United States.

From his muffled 'Amens' during sermons of Rev. Jeremiah Wright to his flagrant disregard and disrepect of religious convictions by forcing religious organizations to permit abortion and birth control, Obama has blazed the path of bigotry that led to the Wisconsin massacre.

Do I believe that? No.

But it's the same nonsense we heard in the aftermath of the massacre in Colorado. In that case the Tea Party and NRA were held complicit in the tragedy.

Meanwhile, relations between the White House and the Sikh community in India has turned sour since Sunday's shooting. Read more here...

Could it be the responsibility for these shootings lies with the shooters?

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