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August 18, 2012


So shoot me.

The racial hypersensitivity that was heaped on Don Imus and zillion others occasionally finds its way into the crawls of even the most iconic liberals.

Take our friend, Joe Biden, for example.

Speaking to a campaign rally packed with people with more color than character, Biden said something about chains. That reference was set upon by pundits and politicians as demeaning to black Americans whose legacy includes riots, violent crime and slavery.

Politically correct protocol demands sensitivity proclivity essential to the grand plan of social engineers dead-dogged determined to undermine Western culture and its free-market system that gives smart people a decided edge.

While I agree that Biden's remark was a bit offensive, if not down-right stupid, it really wasn't that big of a deal.

What we are witnessing is the enforcement of a de facto law: Thou shalt not waver from political correctness. There was no legislation that created the law; not even a government bureaucrat to write it into an agency handbook. Rather, it's just an unstated law of understanding.

Biden will face no judge nor jury of his peers. He will, however, be tried in the court of liberal-pretend-to-be-do-gooders and, as was Imus, found to be guilty as charged. His penalty will be a requirement to apologize or face a life sentence being socially ostracized as a racially insensitive rascal.

I have no sympathy for Biden. After all, this was the loon who pitted Anita Hill against Clarence Thomas when the latter was being grilled by a committee -- led by Biden -- determined to keep a black conservative off the Supreme Court. I never respected Biden's political views and learned to disrespect his character as I watched the proceedings unfold on national television.

In my humble opinion, Biden is a racist who uses black Americans for political gain.

But neither Biden and nor his rascality are the issue. At issue is the insanity forced upon us; that unstated law of understanding. I object to being forced into hypersensitivity to accommodate the whims of leftist loons.

Reality is -- and this blog and its parent web site, are all about reality -- Marxists, socialists, liberals and social engineers don't give a rodent's rump about black people. Their pandering, politicking, patronizing and policing are collectivist efforts to disable Western culture. I choose not to participate, even if the bad guy du jour is a liberal like Biden

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  1. Not much to be said. The more speech, the better. Just expect more fist fights.

  2. Biden's role is to personify the publicly accepted view of white men - aging buffoons who should not be hanging around any more. No matter how clear our majority we are doomed to oblivion.