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August 7, 2012


From NASA to NASCAR America is blighted with racism.

These are remnants of the Jim Crow era when blacks were banned from country clubs, refused jobs as brain surgeons, and overlooked in the vetting process for hiring commercial airline pilots.

While most government agencies including the CIA, NARA and NBA are adequately represented by blacks, the nation's space agency lags behind.

This was made apparent Sunday when the Mars rover, Curiosity, dropped its load on the Martian surface. Video released by NASA revealed the overwhelming majority of technicians at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory were not black people. Actually, none were black.

Recent census data reveals that about 12.5% of Americans are black. The number of blacks visible in the NASA video was zero. By our calculations, fair and equitable hiring practices would require eight of one hundred NASA techs to be black; half of those black women.

Unfortunately hate and bigotry remain embedded in the deepest recesses of our most trusted institutions, even tainting the space program.

No wonder Barack Obama wants to defund it.

White males only. NASA Technicians cheer Sunday
as the Mars rover, Curiosity, touches down on
the Marian surface. Blacks are conspicuously excluded
 from NASA's best paying jobs at
the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  
One of these eight guys should be black.
We suggest replacing the guy in the middle
with the Mohawk. We think he's a Martian.
See here...

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  1. Don't you no dat doin astrophysics is acting white you cracka!

  2. It's a sad day when we need to cut space exploration to cater to a shiftless 12.5 percent of the population.

    Space exploration, science, mathematics and physics amongst other subjects that require a logical thought process will always be something that YT is better at.

    There are no blacks in the above pictures because da NASA beez raycisss annn sheeit.

  3. I have to wonder, of what use would a black be in these positions with a degree and total education in "BLACK STUDIES"