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August 22, 2012


America will always be here; at least for a few hundred million years.

The amber waves of grain may give way to weeds, but the purple mountains aren't going anywhere, nor is the mighty Mississippi, the continental divide and the Mojave desert.

The fate of things carved in stone, like Stone Mountain and Mt. Rushmore, remains uncertain. I would guess they will succumb to demolition. Then, again, America's future generations may be too lazy to attempt such tasks. After all, the changing tone and texture of America's tegument doesn't exactly suggest a future population of philosophers.

America will always be here. It will, however, be dramatically different.

Evidence of erosion is already apparent. Like a staggering heavyweight who took one blow too many, America is still on its feet; but is dazed and delusional.

One more left hook to the head and America will be down for the count. That jab is coming in November 6, 2012.

Our nation is being led by the most incompetent president in history. His policies and procedures are succeeding where bin Laden's strategy failed.

Think of of the Oval Office as the cranium that contains the brain of America. Then ponder the possibility that our nation has elected to be retarded. World leaders agree [source].

More troubling is the fact that nearly half of America's eligible voters want to keep him in the White House. Even if they lose, failure to re-elect Barack Obama will not rescue our nation from demise. Rather, it will merely postpone it another four years.

It is the EOA (end of America) AWKI (as we know it).

Some say the future America will look like Detroit: bankrupt, blight-ridden and blanketed with violent crime. Others imagine America will resemble Mexico or Madagascar.

Such presumptions are short sighted.

We fail to consider that Detroit, Mexico and the whole of the so-called 'Third World' are affixed to life support, compliments of American taxpayers. When Western Culture (a secret code word for 'white people') is destroyed -- or even disabled -- the infrastructure that keeps the lights on in Detroit, the money moving in Mexico, and the food flowing to Third World nations will collapse.

America's current direction and ultimate destiny are destruction, save the purple mountains, the Mississippi, and the Mojave Desert. Civilization is experiencing a reverse renaissance. Dusk is upon us and the night is inevitable. The new dark ages will be the anti-thesis of the age of innovation.

Imagine a world-wide Katrina disaster with no FEMA coming to the rescue, no billions to bailout and rebuild; no George Bush to blame for slow response. Anarchy will only be averted by local gang-lord governments. Even that will eventually implode.

The people who gave us civilization will are about to be subdued; annihilated. What Hitler purported to do to Jews, they are doing to us. A new dark ages is emerging. It will be permanent.

Imagine a future in which the race of innovators has been removed from the rolls of humanity.

Social engineers aren't interested in the prosperity of people. Rather, they are driven by dreams of absolute equality. To them, the proliferation of people is an affront to nature and a danger to the ecosystem. The fewer humans, the better. And those who do survive must be technologically inept.  The ideal world, in their minds, includes a population of thousands will intellects sufficient to sustain tiny tribes of hunters and gatherers. People who innovate such things as electric circuitry, telephones, airplanes and computers are not wanted.

Extreme views? Apocalyptic thinking? Maybe.

But before you write me off, read the proverbial hand writing on the wall. Or the Georgia Guidestones.

Without us, they will perish. And that's the plan.

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