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August 22, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Kiss a Bhudda in Sri Lanka and draw six months jail time.

That was the sentence handed down this week to 3 French tourists. Their offense was posing with a Bhudda statue while snapping pictures [source].
Russian Orthodox church members have
formed protective patrols. 

Those who govern the island just miles south of India won't allow visitors, let alone new comers, to desecrate their culture. Taking one's heritage seriously seems to be the norm throughout most of the world.

Religion, a cornerstone of every culture, has come under attack in Russia. 

When a dim-witted but media savvy girl band sought to disrespect Russian culture, its three members were each sentenced to two years in jail [source]. Glasnost has its limits.

Members of the Russian Orthodox are also taking the assault on their religious culture seriously. Activists have formed patrol squads to protect their interests [source].

Western cultures are heading in the opposite direction.

While Roger Williams introduced religious freedom to America -- and the world -- through a policy of tolerance and inclusion, he never intended that round table to include those who want to ban religion altogether.

Efforts by atheists, in particular, to eradicate religion from public places flies in the face our founders' intent. While crosses on corner lots and mangers on courthouse lawns may offend some, such displays do not violate the Constitution.

More recently an atheist group took to posting billboards disgracing the religious views and Mitt Romney and, they claim, Barack Obama [source].

The attack on Christianity has little to do with the theistic debate. The effort to secularize America is less an agenda against the Christian faith than a fight against Western culture. Leftists want to remove crosses from corner lots for the same reason they want to rip Confederate flags from their staffs. Such visual display serve as anchors to our heritage. That is something the left cannot tolerate.

Americans, like me, who reject all views of supernaturalism as abject silliness have nothing to gain by squashing the free speech of religious folk. My defense of America's Christian heritage doesn't stem from a pompous piety. Rather, it is a vested interest in preserving our nation's cultural heritage.

Oddly, some twisted minds have concluded that intolerance of Christianity advances tolerance of atheism and other religions. Roger Williams, I'm sure, would have disagreed.

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  1. They don't want tolerance of anything but Evil and their Master Satan!

    They Hate God and his son Jesus Christ. They also Hate White Christians because they believe in God and Jesus Christ.

    They are Evil. The End.

  2. Ditto. I had the sheer and utter privilege of seeing the pro atheist and anti Christian billboards in NC this week...why do atheists only attack Christians? Why not Muslims and Jews? Why not pagans or Buddhists? If you so loathe this nation and her founding principles then LEAVE. Just because you're a whiney, snot nosed liberal who should have had a stable home life during those crucial formative years, but didn't, does not mean that my country should kow tow to you and your own form of hatred and bigotry. News flash: we win! I've read the last chapter in The Manual.....


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