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August 22, 2012


With black support for Obama unanimous, and with the nation's first black president leading Romney by 4 percentage points, we conclude that blacks will re-elect him [source].

The rest of us may as well stay home. Hypothetically.

The above assertion presumes the black vote will represent 12.5% of the electorate and that the poll accurately predicts the outcome in November.

If 131 million Americans vote for a Republican or Democrat (the same as 2008), Obama's 4 percent advantage will represent 5.24 million votes.

Without the 16.4 million black Americans who will vote for Obama, he would lose by 11.6 million votes.

Look who's in the pilot's seat
and prepare for a rough ride.
With the 16.4 million black Americans who will vote for Obama, he will receive 9.14 million more votes than needed to be elected.

In other words, black Americans are in control of the election.

There are plenty of variables:

• The poll could be wrong.
• The numbers could change (and probably will)
• Black turnout may be less than 12.5%. (Blacks comprised 12.1% in 2008).

However, if 12.5% of the electorate represents blacks who vote for Obama and if Obama wins by less than 12.5% of the vote, then blacks will be responsible for returning the president to the Oval Office for four more years.

Consider, also, that the federal government employs about 15.1 million people, about one of every 20 Americans and about one of every 10 working Americans. Blacks are largely over-represented in federal government jobs, including decision-making positions.

And that's the way they like it.

Skin tone, in spite of what the liberals tell us, is not the issue.

Were blacks to vote in a solid block for conservatives you would find a host of most liberal Democrats donning white robes, tall pointy hats, and parading around a cross lit corn field in the dead of night.

Herman Cain, though four shades darker than the current don of dumbness, would be preferred to the much lighter (and brighter) Mitt Romney. And, no, that's not a blanket endorsement; just an underscore to remind readers that it's not a race issue. It's about agenda.

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  1. Blacks are overrepresented in nearly everything. However, dems are freaking out about Voter ID, saying it will disenfranchised blacks and Hispanics. Apparently dems think they are for some reason unable to obtain IDs. This tells me that those without IDs are historically non-voters, and won't be voting for anyone.

    1. Blacks are not over-represented in the physical sciences, nor in mathematics.

  2. "then blacks will be responsible for returning the president to the Oval Office for four more years."

    AND for what follows!

  3. You really can't go by polls. In 1979 Cater was leading in the polls and we all know how that turned out. The American people weren't stupid then and (although far less intelligent today)I don't believe they are stupid today. All this goes without saying that the elections are far and unbiased. There are some old timers that will tell you the last president the American people elected was Kennedy. I don't know if I 100% agree with that crowd, but it does make one pause and consider the possibility.

  4. Is this a joke? I really can't tell. Obama became president via misplaced white guilt. We're over it. I'm an avid Kennite and regularly post comments here and I'm just wondering if this is a Kennism - a thought provoking piece designed to invigorate a white populace to come to their senses. Please advise. In the meantime, I'm voting a straight republican ticket in November, something I've never done until now. God Bless America!

  5. Love me some Kenn. ;-)