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August 21, 2012


Liberal U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer is back with her leftist agenda and its gross exaggerations.

According to Boxer there was a time when abortions were performed in back alleys. The problem, from the leftist perspective, is that prohibiting one's choice to abort the life of a child prior to birth forces pregnant women to seek the procedure out back of the garage.

I protest.

To my knowledge there has never been one instance of an abortion performed in an alley. Never. Not one.

So why do feminidiots continue to use this sordid analogy?

The absence of sense creates a vacuum that must be filled by something. That something is usually an absurd and silly brain bug intended to disease one's mind with misrepresentation of reality.

The human brain, you'll recall from Psych 101, is really two hemispheres, the right brain and the left brain. The brain's right hemisphere is the site of emotion whereas the left hemisphere is where logic abides. Leftism in all its forms defies the very nature of left-brain activity (ironic, huh?) forcing those who advocate unreasonable positions to appeal to the right brain's emotional center.

In other words, they by-pass the brains logic center to infect one's emotional center with a virus.

The concept of back alley abortions is a classic example.

Think about it.

Prior to the legalization of "abortion," where did women go to destroy their prenatal children?

The answers vary. Suffice it to say, most didn't go anywhere. They chose not to kill their babies.

The few who did choose "abortions" didn't head for the seedy, low-rent side of the town and cruise dark alleys after midnight until they crossed the path of some loser with a stethoscope and a coat hanger. Persons who performed illegal abortions were careful not to damage the mother, lest they be cited for assault and, in severe cases, murder.

The brain's left hemisphere tells us that, while abortions were dangerous (they still are), they were, nonetheless, performed in secret places substantially more convenient and sanitary than a discarded refrigerator box next to a dumpster.

And how often have you heard the phrase, "Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen?"

Left brain or right brain?


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  1. If I really wanted to have a war on women, I mean if I really really wanted to destroy the essence of what women are at their core, I don't think I could do worse than convincing them that it is really OK for them to kill their children while they are in their wombs. And then maybe we could convince them to use birth control so they can really embrace a new role as objects for man's sexual gratification - why limit it to prostitutes, make every wife and daughter believe they need to be sexy..? You could constantly tell them that only thin and large breasted women are beautiful... get them to believe they need to stand up and fight for the right to be treated like that and you will have really damaged a generation of women. Maybe you could convince some to modify their bodies with sterilization procedures or breast implants and lip injections too...

    Can you imagine telling women in the 19th and early 20th century that this would be reality? Or if you predicted 53 million 'abortions' would take place in the USA by 2012? Close to a billion worldwide and that doesn't even count abortifacients... its as though more than 1 out of 6 people are just missing from the planet.

    1. If you never find your soul mate, you now know what happened. Better luck next time.

  2. Another one that just had to be reprinted here:

    And the "Anonymous" comment was so good that I reprinted that, too!