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August 9, 2012


Explain this to me.

A gunman goes into a Wisconsin Sikh temple, mows down six people and makes international headlines.

Within a week another guy goes into a Canadian boutique, guns down two people with a third injured, escapes, becomes the subject of a nationwide manhunt, and the international media says nary a word.

Why is the Wisconsin killer newsworthy and the Canadian killer media-invisible?

Is there a minimum number of deaths required before the media takes notice?

Is a crazed gunman in a Sikh temple more newsworthy than a gunman in a boutique?

Does it matter if it's a temple, mosque, boutique, or movie theater?

If the boutique gunman had killed Sikh people and the Sikh temple gunman killed boutique people, would it have made a difference?

Could it be that white gunmen are so rare that they command media attention? that black gunmen are so common they don't merit a mention?

When black crime goes unreported, is that called 'black privilege'?

Kyle Gabriel is wanted
on a Canada-wide warrant 
 after killing two people
in a boutique.


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  1. To bad Canada doesn't have a 2nd amendment!