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August 25, 2012


'2016: Obama's America' pegs Barack Obama as a man with an agenda contrary to that of the nation's Founding Fathers.

The movie features a one-hour and twenty-nine-minute monologue by Dinesh D'Souza, who directed the movie along with John Sullivan. D'Souza, you'll recall, is the immigrant from India who outed writer Sam Francis as the "new spirit of white bigotry." That led to Francis being fired from his position with the The Washington Times.

Although narrated by D'Souza, the movie contains a continuous flow of visual effects that engage the eyes and mind. Even the most devout Obamabots who despise D'Souza will appreciate the movie's stunning cinemantiques* and composition. The trailer provides an example.

D'Souza compares himself with Obama -- they were born the same year and were married the same year -- then wonders why Obama speaks so fondly of his father's influence when, in fact, the two only met briefly when Junior was a child living in Hawaii.

Surprise. Obama's adoptive Indonesian dad, Lolo Soetoro, turns out to be a pro-West good guy. That's why Barack's mom dumped him. D'Souza earlier recalled that Obama's parents met while taking a college-level Russian language class, a tip-off to Mom's enamourization* with Marxism.

The movie smothers the myth that the older Obama was a respected intellectual. Rather, he was a womanizing, polygamous alcoholic; and a bad driver to boot. Obama Sr. was responsible for killing a man in a traffic accident, lost his legs and then, later, was killed in another car crash.

D'Souza goes on to explains that Obama, Jr., was heavily influenced by his nut-case, leftist mother, and a series of men who served as father figures. All adhered to an extreme left-wing agenda.

Obama is portrayed as a man who hates the West for its abuse of third world nations during the age of colonialism. Furthermore, he's seen as embracing an agenda to reverse the trend. A key component to Obama's arsenal is running our nation into debt.

A highlight of the movie is D'Souza's interview with Obama's half-brother, George, who still lives in Kenya. As it turns out, George is not the bum the media portrayed him to be. Rather, he is an articulate and educated man who differs with his president-brother on the influence of colonialism.

George states outright that Kenya would be better off had the Europeans stayed a while longer. He notes that other post-colonial nations, such as Korea and Malaysia, are advancing while Kenya lingers economically. D'Souza figures that Obama has snubbed brother George because of their different world views.

D'Souza envisions a United States of Islam with Israel as its tiny target. Obama, he says, is pressing toward that end. Known for his evangelicalism, one could easily suspect that D'Souza is suggesting that Obama is the anti-Christ who is bringing about Armageddon.

* Kenn's neologisms

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  1. It's easy to see why Korea and Malaysia are advancing. Look at the people. Haiti used to be the jewel of the Caribbean when the French governed it. It's a complete shit hole now because the blacks are governing it. It would not have mattered one bit how long the Europeans stayed in Kenya. Once a country has been turned over for blacks to govern the outcome is without question!

  2. I saw the movie this weekend. One other thing they had in common, both graduated college the same year ( 1983 I think ). It did portray the hard life and struggles Pres Obama had as a youngster. It almost made you feel sorry for him.
    I have been to Europe 35 times over the past 30 years, and know how the folks from the African Countries feel about the Europeans, since I met many of them and heard their outlook. I was surprised to hear Barack’s bother talk -in a way- fondly if the Europeans had stayed. Quagmire at the best. But back in the 70's it was planned for the European countries to try and reintroduce themselves back to their previous colonies. They were trying to solve the water problem. But unfortunately, in the early 80's AIDS was just destroying Africa, so the push for the EU was stronger. I know it was all about cheap(er) labor – but that is another topic.

    So, if Pres Obama dreams to implement his fathers wishes/goals; the movie points out how he will do it. Reparations on a global scale. Now you can understand why Pres Obama is not so fond of our European friends ( Colonialism and it's effect on the poorer countries ).

    When I left the movie I saw a older woman who was Jewish, and I asked her, so what did you think about Israel being called the “ Trojan Horse”. She said with a big smile, she couldn't wait to vote, I smiled back.

    Remember Pres Obama doesn't just want to help the poor in this country but worldwide with your tax dollars. Egalitarianism but with a vengeance intent.

    Jim From NJ

  3. The answer to stopping his agenda is a tax revolt. Let his government go bankrupt and collapse. If they attempt forceful seizure, then force will be met with force, as our forefathers intended.

    On the political side, anti-tax coalitions, state secession movements, and local officials defying federal bureaucrats. It is those who decide that a political solution is not the answer who fill fan the flames.

  4. Times of a faux famine

    In from the drought walks a Messiah. But the salutations he brought are juicy Apples. Hunger drives one to beg for any nourishment. Yes the Apples were sweet but once you ingest them, unbeknownst to you they were covertly grown with the genesis of ruin.

    Hunger can blind one to the truth that should have been so obvious.

    You feel scared and then ask yourself, was he the Messiah or the Angel of Light?
    How did I not prepare myself to evade the hunger that I will be forever sorry?

    One should only hope to win the lottery, not hope for a Savior.

    Signed, the atheist Jim from NJ. ( just wanted to write something Biblical. )