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July 3, 2012


Posted July 8, 2012, this is our most read post of all time.

This is continuously updated dynamic post. 
Please use the comment section to report cases of racist attacks on the elderly for inclusion.

Readers who believe "racial crime goes both ways" are invited to use the comment
A case of a
REVERSE racial attack:
Elderly black women,
ages 80 and 62, assault young
white woman at ATM! [source]
section to post links to white-on-elderly-black crime. To date we are aware of none, but welcome such posts as ALL racial violence against the elderly is intolerable.

We grow weary of saying it, but...

If such crimes happened in reverse -- white on black -- it would be front-page, international news.

Charlesey Smedley, 77, beaten; carjacked

77-year-old Charlesey Smedley was dragged from her car on January 12, 2014 as she struggled with a pass code to open the gate to her home. The elderly woman suffered the pain of three fractured ribs, lacerations, and bruising from the assault. Her 2003 Hyundai Accent was stolen. Ms. Smedley managed to alert neighbors who called police. A security camera captured the image of her car being driven away by the carjacker. Arrested for the crime was 18-year-old James Farley. The crime occurred in Orange County, Florida. [source]

Floyd Henry, 86, killed by knockout punch

86-year-old Floyd Henry died from injuries suffered after being hit in the head by a gang member,* police say. Rodney Seager Bradley, 21, has been charged with second-degree this week for the attack that occurred November 11, 2013. News reports indicate that the attack occurred at the Houston Moore housing complex that is known for its history of violent crime. According to news reports it appears that Bradley followed Henry's grandson to his vehicle and there punched the elderly man in the head. Henry died from subdural hematoma, or bleeding in the brain. [source]
*Gang member is code used by the media to excuse black-on-white violent racism. 

Nan Crum, 91, home invasion, stomped, beaten, robbed

Maquel Morris was one of two black males arrested for the beating of a tiny, 91-year-old white woman in 2010. He was arrested again this week [Jan. 2014] for attacking the driver of a Greyhound bus causing it to crash. According to reports Morris and his partner, Dillon Williams, knocked on the door of Nan Crum in January, 2010. When the little old white lady opened the door, Williams began a blitz attack, punching the woman and knocking her to the floor. Morris stepped over her and enter the home behind Williams. "Nan remembers them hitting and kicking her. They caused permanent damage to her facial nerves, breaking bones, and crippling her arm. This horrendous attack consigned Nan to constant pain where they kicked and stomped her prone body," the report says As they left, the two didn't "even bother to step over poor Nan, but stomped on her foot." [source]

Edline Chun, 73, robbed shot dead in the head by black neighbor

Auntie Chun, as her younger friends called her, was 73 years old when she was shot dead in the head by her black neighbor. The Hawaiian native was living in Rochester, New York at the time of her death where she served as an adjunct professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and taught traditional Hawaiian dance. Chun was killed after she was robbed at her home and the killer, reports say, dumped her body in a nearby park. The murder occurred in February, 2013. Jerrell Henry was sentenced to life without parole in January, 2014. Already serving 25 years for her role in the crime is Henry's girlfriend, Natalie Johnson. [source]

Mark Andrew, 63, beaten and robbed at Mall of America

A 63-year-old politicians considered himself "easy pickins" when a crew of three black teens selected him as their target for theft. The politician who came in second of a field of 35 candidates for Minneapolis mayor was taking a break at Starbucks at the infamous Mall of America. It was there that Mark Andrew had his iPhone snatched by a black male who had spent the day casing the store for easy pickins. The teen was accompanied by two female accomplices. When the black male snatched his phone, Andrew gave chase. The two black females accosted Andrew as he exited the store, beating the white-haired politician with a metal baton. Steward was left bloodied and bruised as onlookers did nothing to intervene. His wounds required several stitches. Letaija Shapree Cutler-Cain, 18, was the only alleged attacker named in news reports. The attack took place in December, 2013. [source]

Elderly nun, 85, raped and robbed

An elderly nun was sexually assaulted as she carried paper to a recycle bin behind a church in suburban Pittsburgh. A photograph of the alleged attacker suggests the attack was black-on-white. Arrested and charged with rape is Andrew Clarence Bullock, 18. The Sister said the teen approached her from behind and ask if she needed help. When she declined his offer, reports say, the teen exposed himself. Black attackers frequently precede assaults with small talk, such as asking the prospective victim if they have a light, know the time, etc. A law enforcement officer once compared this phenomenon to a shark that intentionally bumps into its intended prey before attacking. The purpose, he said, is to determine if the potential victim is passive or aggressive. Reports say the victim was 85 years old. The attack was reported in December, 2013. [source] [update]

Ann Marie Mull, 73, and Ethalya "Faye" Jones, 80 - murdered

Ann Marie Mull died of natural causes, authorities believed. But then they had a second look. The 73-year-old woman's purse was missing along with jewelry and credit cards. The executor of the woman's estate reported activity on a missing credit card. An investigation pointed to a 34-year-old black male, Marcus Royal. Royal is currently jailed for the killing another elderly white woman, 80-year-old Ethalya “Faye” Jones (photo). Royal admitted to killing Mull. He said he entered through the garage and found her sleeping in her bedroom. He hit her in the head with his gun as she slept then dragged her to hallway. She was choked to death. The indictment was reported in December, 2013. [source]

Dorothy Hendrix, 76 - gunned down in robbery shoot out

Dorothy Hendrix, a 76-year-old bingo parlor employee, was accosted by a group of three blacks as she returned home from her place of employment. Her attackers were apparently aware that her employers entrusted her with carrying large sums of cash. She was the victim of an armed assault and managed to plug one of her attackers with two bullet holes in the gut during a shootout. Charged with murder are Steven Hagood, Tereba Geer, and Bradacious Galloway. The bingo parlor appears to have been an illegal operation. [source]

Unidentified woman, 78 - knock-out attack

State Assemblyman Dov Hikind wondered aloud, “This is just hitting someone, attacking someone, it could be my mother, your mother. It's just scary and crazy.” He was responding to the news that a 78-year-old woman was one of several Knock-Out "Game" victims in Brooklyn where Jews were among the frequent targets. The woman was attacked in November, 2013 [source]

Harry Hurvitz, 89 - slapped for amusement

A mob of well-dressed black teens showed up on the front porch of an elderly man in Lee County, Florida. One of the teens was holding a cell-phone camera as another teen punched him in the face. The black teens laughed and ran. Harry Hurvitz, 89, said he doesn't want to see the girl who hit him behind bars. He thinks she needs "help" instead. Fortunately Hurvitz's neighbors profiled the group of teens, noting they were out of place in their neighborhood. Their suspicion prompted neighbors to video record the group. Teens at the nearby high school weren't so concerned. "I'm not gonna say it's not right and it's not fun, because it is fun," a teen familiar with the 'game' told a news reporter. Arrested is Traveshia Blanks, charged with two counts of assaulting a person 65 years old or older. Blanks was video recorded kicking a 72-year-old white man as he was gardening (see photo). The attacks occurred in November, 2013. [source]

Tony Jeter, 65 - home invasion, stabbed to death; robber

65-year-old Tony Jeter was a beloved fixture among his black neighbors in Tyler, Texas. They appreciated the friendly and welcoming disposition of the mentally handicapped man. The last fifteen  years of his life were invested in volunteer service at the Salvation Army. One black male, John Alfred Grimes IV, 25, apparently didn't share his neighbor's love for Jeter. Police believe Grimes paid the special needs man a visit in November, 2013. He is accused of stabbing Jeter's three times in the throat and stealing his money and wallet. The victim's brother, who paid him daily visits, found him dead on the floor. [source]

Bessie Whyman, 84 - home invasion, robbed, raped, beaten, stabbed, murdered

Anthony Darnell Wade drank champagne and smoked a cigar as he left the crime scene. Now he's headed to death row to await execution. Wade broke into the home of an 84-year-old white widow, Elizabeth "Bessie" Mae Whyman. He beat, kicked, raped, and tortured her with a saw and kitchen knife, then stole the dead woman's purse and car. The murder took place in Anaheim, California and Wade was arrested in San Bernadino where grocery store employees held him when he attempted to use his victim's credit card. Wade's trial concluded in November, 2013 when he was given the death sentence for the heinous 2010 crime. [source]

Evelyn Norell, 93 - murdered in bedroom, throat slit

A 67-year-old maintenance worker has been found guilty of murdering Eveyln Norell at the condominium complex where he was employed and his victim lived. The 93-year-old victim's throat was slashed so deeply that her spine was nearly severed, according to one report. There was also evidence that Elton Walters, the black male convicted of the murder, sexually assaulted the woman. She was killed in her bedroom. To my knowledge there is no instance in American history in which a trusted white maintenance worker slit the throat and raped a 93-year-old black woman. There is, however, a litany of white-guilt movies that perpetrate the myth of white racism. Such movies as 12 Years A Slave, The Butler, Lincoln, The Help, Precious, To Kill A Mockingbird, etc., should be considered enablers of violent black on white crime as they are complicit in inciting racist hate and violence as "social justice." Walters was convicted in November, 2013 for the crime committed in South Florida. [source]

Thomas M. Nedich, 63 - kidnapped from hotel room

Two young black adults were charged with kidnapping a white cancer patient from his hotel room. The victim, Thomas M. Nedich, 63, has brain cancer and is unable to walk. Marcus Pratt-Pegues, 24, is accused of throwing a chair through the window of the room where Nedich was staying. He and his accomplice, Eunique Cooper, 21, demanded money, reports say. Nedich refused. He was taken from his room, held overnight, then taken to his bank the following day. Pratt-Pegues and Cooper were arrested. Each were each charged with kidnapping and first-degree burglary and held on a $200,000 bond. [source]

Delor Cabral, 78 - beaten to death during home invasion

78-year-old Delor Cabral died after being beaten by two non-white males during a home invasion. Although a former sheriff with experience dealing with violent thugs, Cabral was no match for a black male and his Hispanic accomplice who first attacked Cabral's tenant during a break in. Arrested are Joel Valdez, 25, and Wilbert Richardson, 39. According to a news report, "Both Valdez and Richardson face charges of felony assault on a person over 60, assault with a dangerous weapon, breaking and entering, first-degree robbery, possession of a device similar to a firearm, and conspiracy." Cabral was attacked in October, 2013 and died a few days later. The attack occurred in Providence, Rhode Island. [source]

Raymond Vasholz, 83 - murdered during home invasion, fire

30-year-old Terrance Hale is accused of breaking into the home of an elderly couple who had hired him earlier to shovel snow at their residence. 83-year-old Raymond Vasholz was killed during the ordeal and his elderly wife was injured. Hale, who is accused of setting fire to the home, says he was just trying to help. The tragedy occurred in February, 2013 and the accused went to trial the following October. As of this writing a verdict has not been reached. The defense claims that no one saw the attack and that constitutes reasonable doubt. [source]

Lawrence E. 'Shine' Thornton, 87 - beaten to death, robbed

An 87-year-old WWII veteran didn't stand a chance when accosted by four black teens intent on robbing the elderly white man. News reports indicate that Lawrence E. 'Shine' Thornton was beaten to the ground and his wallet stolen in his own drive way. The elderly man survived two days in a local hospital after being attacked.  The victim was a "famous personality in the Delta region for his hot tamales. They were known as ‘Maria’s Famous Hot Tamales’, named after his wife Mary. He was crowned king of the 2012 Delta Hot Tamale Festival," a news report claimed. Terrance Morgan and Edward Johnson, both 19; and Leslie Litt and Geblonski Murray, both 18, were arrested in connection with the incident. Each of the four is charged with capital murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. The attack occurred in October, 2013.  [source]

Charles Sperry, 80 - shot to death during bank heist

Charles Sperry calmly told a black bank robber to put his gun away. 66-year-old Van McDuffie responded by turning his gun on Sperry and pulling the trigger. The elderly Sperry, a Viet Nam war hero, was pronounced dead at the scene. The gunman was apprehended by an unarmed off-duty police officer who happened to be in the bank. Sperry was remembered by his family as a hard-working and dedicated husband, father, and grandfather. McDuffie is well known to authorities for his long criminal record. Had he been in prison Sperry would still be alive. The incident was reported in October, 2013. [source]

[ Recent black-on-white crimes... ]

Mary Hall, 83 - robbed at gunpoint

She was just arriving home from church when approached by a black gunman in her driveway. Courtney Anderson, 30, was arrested for robbing Mary Hall, 83. News reports indicate that the elderly woman was robbed of her  jewelry and purse containing credit cards, $225 cash, and tickets to a casino. The victim said she didn't see the gunman until after she exited her vehicle. By then it was too late. The black robber pointed a gun at Hall's face forcing her to surrender her valuables. The crime occurred in Memphis and was reported in October, 2013.  [source]

Unnamed man, 75 - beaten, stomped and robbed at store

An elderly man who was only identified by his age was beaten, stomped and robbed of cash and lottery tickets in Philadelphia. The incident, that began with a lightening-fast and cowardly attack from behind was captured on a convenient store security camera. The first blow to the head knocked the victim to the floor where the attacker is seen repeatedly stomping on him. The elderly man was purchasing lottery tickets when attacked. The attacker stole the man's tickets and forty dollars in cash. Police arrested the suspect after he allegedly attacked an 18-year-old girl an hour later. The attack was reported in October, 2013.  [source]

Sandra Price, 67 - stabbed to death during home invasion

67-year-old Sandra Price died a few days after five black males invaded her South Bend, Indiana home on December 27, 2012. Price died in the hospital of stab wounds inflicted during the invasion. Four others suffered stab wounds during the attack. Among the other four victims were two children, according to one news report. Another report identified the youngest victims as teenagers. Another of the victims was a woman who lived at the home with Price. The other four victims survived.

Arrested were 47-year-old Walter Neely, 21-year-old Khawana Lamar , 19-year-old Lee Griffin, 18-year-old Nate Coley and 17-year-old Gemari Cotton. Each was charged with two counts of Felony Murder, two counts of Robbery and three counts of Burglary.  Cotton was charged as an adult.

Griffin was sentenced in October, 2013 to 115 years for the murder. [source]

Denis Naylor, 89 - beaten during home invasion

An elderly man suffering from arthritis was terrorized for nearly an hour while two black gunmen beat him then ransacked his home. 89-year-old Denis Naylor, a British immigrant living in California, said the intruders first knocked on his door. Naylor told them they had the wrong address. Soon after a gun blast was heard shattering his home's rear sliding glass door. The victim suffered a broken nose as he was beaten to the floor and kicked. The black intruders demanded Naylor's cash, which he didn't have. The attack occurred October 7, 2013 in Sacramento, California. [source]

Unnamed white man, 65 - pistol whipped, robbed at ATM

A security camera captured the brutal pistol whipping of a 65-year-old white man at an ATM in Philadelphia. The suspect is described as a black male, about 6’0” and 30-years-old who made his escape in a silver Ford Taurus. The assault occurred in September, 2013.

The Mainstream Marxist Media through entertainment and news venues routinely portray white men as aggressors and non-whites -- blacks in particular -- as their victims.

Psychologists have demonstrated that the human mind is often confuses fictional imagery with reality. [Click here to read a review of one such study.] With the media refusing to expose Americans to actual black-on-white crime, many -- if not most -- Americans believe that racial crime is primarily instigated by white males with blacks and other non-whites being their victims. Crime statistics, however, reveal that black-on-white crime is far more prevalent than the reverse. [source]

Jacqueline Bell, 71 - black teen kills elderly white caregiver

The life of a 71-year-old wealthy philanthropist who took in a 17-year-old black youth ended by blunt force trauma when the teen and his 19-year-old cousin allegedly beat the woman to death, then stole her Lexus. The two led police on a high-speed chase up to 135 mph. Dead is Jacqueline Bell. Arrested are Joda Cain, 17, and Micus Ward, 19. Joda's mother was unable to handle the troubled youth and sent him to live with the elderly Bell for the summer. Bell paid Joda's airfare from Kansas City, Missouri to come live her in Portland, Oregan. Photos of Joda were posted on his cousin's Facebook page the night before his departure. The images showed Joda with a wad of money in his mouth and a hand gun in his right hand. Bell is Joda's great grandmother. She was killed in October, 2013. The real-life scenario appears to be the opposite of Hollywood's fiction movie, Trading Places, in which Eddie Murphy starred as an innocent black youth betrayed by elderly rich white men.  [source]

Richard Michael Carter, 61 - shot to death; left to burn in his SUV

It is a familiar story of an intelligent and responsible white man being murdered by black thugs. Richard Michael Carter, 61, rented a trailer to one of the black males arrested for his murder. Carter, a loan officer for 37 years, was found shot to death in his 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser which had been set afire. One of the arrested suspects, Leroy Glover, 25, is also accused of setting fire to the mobile home he rented from Carter. Also arrested for Carter's murder was Jason Glover, 23. The federal government's equal housing laws force white landlords to accept black tenants. A news reports stated that "Leroy Glover indicates he served time in state prison for felony burglary, grand larceny and receiving stolen goods in 2006." Glover was sentenced to seven years, but served five years and three months. Carter was a graduate of the University of South Carolina. The murder occurred in October, 2013 in South Carolina. [source]

Unnamed man, 64 - attacked at a Detroit gas station by four black males

A 64-year-old man and his 58-year-old friend were attacked by a mob of four black males at a Detroit gas station. The assault was captured on video from a security camera. The names of the victims were withheld, apparently for security reasons. The victims were repeatedly punched and kicked. The older victim was left unconscious having been kicked in the head. He was taken to a hospital. His condition was not reported as of this posting. The attackers ranged in age from 28 to 32. They arrested by police. The attack was reported in September, 2013. [source]

Marjorie Ramondetta, 93 - assaulted and robbed (three other elderly women)

Richard Davidson, 25, is the black male police identified from a security video as he attacked a 93-year-old white woman and her 65 year old daughter. The elderly Marjorie Ramondetta was making a nostalgic visit to her childhood home and was in an apartment stairwell with her daughter Linda Reynolds when the attack occurred. Police believe Davidson attacked two other elderly women that same day. Cristina Urena, 70, was identified by news reports as one of those victims. The fourth victim was a 63-year-old woman attacked on the subway. News reports say Davidson has 21 prior arrests. The attacks occurred in New York City and Harlem in August, 2013. [source]

Miguel Pilotos, 71 - shot dead in grocery parking lot

Miguel Pilotos went to pick up a few groceries at the Top Value Supermarket in Opa-Locka, Florida (Miami area) when a 17-year-old black teen is seen on a security camera riding his bike up the elderly Pilotos' car and shooting him dead. Aleida Pilotos, the murdered man's distraught widow, thanked police for arresting the alleged killer, but said she lost the love of her life. Arrested was 17-year-old Jamal Jackson who, according to police, has an extensive criminal history. Department of Justice reports reveal that 52.2% of all homicide in America are committed by blacks, most by young black males who comprise about 3 percent of the population. Jackson was seen casing the parking lot and could have been apprehended if profiling likely criminals was practiced. The senseless killing took place August 21, 2013. [source]

Yoko Cullen, 85 - carjacked; murdered (burned alive in trunk)

Yoko Cullen, a grandmother with Japanese heritage, was alive in the trunk of her car when it was intentionally set afire by three black carjackers. The crime occurred in May, 2011 in East St. Louis. A Madison County coroner's investigator testified that Cullen's body was almost entirely consumed by the fire but said part of her trachea was found and the inside of it was coated with soot. "It indicated to us that she was breathing when the fire started," the investigator said. There were no evidence of other injuries. Arrested were LaTosha Cunningham, 39, DaQuan D. Barnes, 21, and his uncle, DeMarcus Barnes, 30. In September, 2013 DaQuan Barnes pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. He testified that he heard Cullen's voice from the trunk as he drove her car to a remote location in East St. Louis. The three also had attacked Cullen with tire irons in an effort to get the pin number to her ATM card. [source]

Jeffrey Babbitt, 62 - assault; murdered

Lashawn Marten, 31, reportedly said he was going to "f*** up" the next white person who walked by. Jeffrey Babbitt, 62, had the misfortune that day (Sept. 4, 2013) of walking through Union Square Park in New York City. A witness told news reporters Marten's "fist went in and the man’s head bobbed and he hit the ground and you could hear his skull hitting the ground.” When police arrived they found two other victims of Marten's rampage. Babbitt was found laying on the ground, blood pouring from his head. He is described as a gentle retired train conductor who cared for his 92-year-old mother in his appartment. Babbitt, who is twice the age of his accused attacker, was declared 'brain dead' after being taken to a local hospital where he later died. [source]

Gloria Fitzpatrick, 61 - murdered

Antwine Dwayne Snowden, a black male, was arrested four months after Gloria Fitzpatrick, 61, was found murdered in her apartment in April, 2013. Snowden, 51, was taken into custody after a stand off with police. While in jail he was later charged for stealing jewelry in an unrelated case. The reason for the murder was undisclosed, but Snowden was known to spend time in Fitzpatrick's apartment. Snowden lived in the apartment below Snowden. [source]

Unnamed, 82 - maced, beaten and robbed

Philadelphia police are withholding the name of an 82-year-old white man who was robbed of about $1,200 in broad daylight. Security cameras captured images of a black male stalking his prey after the elderly man withdrew cash to pay his monthly bills. The race of the victim is apparent during an interview with a local TV news program in which only his hands are shown on camera. The victim was maced, beaten, knocked to the ground, and robbed on Sept. 3, 2013 before being hospitalized for his injuries. [source]

Robert Placette, 64 - murdered during armed robbery

Robert Placette was having dinner at a Denny's restaurant when three masked black gunmen burst into the restaurant and demanded the patrons get on the floor. Placette, a veteran, instinctively moved to the next booth where he used his huge body to shield children he apparently didn't know. That act of bravery may have cost his life as two shot rang out, one striking the military hero in the shoulder and other in the chest. Placette died a hero on August 26, 2013 in Houston. The victim was the fifth of five black-on-elderly-white attacks in August, 2013. [source]

Unnamed man, 71 - beaten

A 71-year-old white man was taking a lunch break in a New Haven, CT park when a black male half his age demanded he pick up a football. When the elderly white man refused, the accused attacker, Jorge DelaPaz, began punching him in the face, knocking him to the ground. Witnesses confirmed the report and DelaPaz, who reportedly fled the scene, was apprehended after resisting arrest. The victim was the fourth of five black-on-elderly-white attacks in August, 2013. [source]

Amelia Rudolf, 93 - home invasion, burglarized, strangled; raped

Iquise V. Taylor, 17, was arrested and jailed at an Indiana county youth center, then waived onto adult court. Taylor was formally charged with rape, criminal confinement, strangulation, burglary and violation of probation. His victim, 93-year-old Amelia Rudolf, was at home in the house built by her husband when Taylor allegedly broke in and assaulted her. The victim was the third of five black-on-elderly-white attacks in August, 2013. [source]

Fannie Gumbinger, 99 - home invasion, burglarized; murdered

Javon Tyrek Rogers, 20, is accused of burglarizing and murdering Fannie Gumbinger.Gumbinger, who was 99 years old, was found dead in her home on Underhill Avenue in Poughkeepsie, New York.  The victim was the second of five black-on-elderly-white attacks in August, 2013. [source]

Delbert Belton, 88 - robbed, beaten; murdered

The media was content to identify Delbert Belton's alleged killers as merely 'teens.' The 88-year-old WWII war veteran was in a parking lot outside the Eagles Lodge in Spokane, Washington on a Wednesday night where he was awaiting a friend to pick him to go bowling when the two black teens robbed and assaulted him. The assault, police say, led to his death. Arrested were Kenan Adams-Kinard and Demetruis Glenn. Both were age 16.  The victim was the first of five black-on-elderly-white attacks in August, 2013.  [source]

Penny Terk, 73 - home invasion, murdered

Gary Sanders, 50, has been charged with burglarizing the home of Penny Terk in the Dallas, Texas area. The elderly woman's death was caused by gunshot wounds, stabbing and strangulation. "Sanders has a lengthy criminal record, including multiple charges for aggravated robbery and burglary of a habitation,"  according to news source. The murder was discovered on June 28, 2013. Terk was a successful and popular book reviewer. You may view her web site [here]. [source]

Vivian Reeser, 90 - home invasion, assault, robbery

Vivian Reeser is one of four elderly residents in Spencer, Oklahoma attacked by a black male during home invasions. As of this writing, the perp is still at large. Reeser suffered a broken collar bone in the attack, reports said. She has decided to move, apparently due to vulnerability and fear. More recently a 90-year-old male neighbor, race not reported, suffered a broken hip after he was kicked by a black  home intruder. Authorities believe the same black male has committed all four of the attacks. The crime was committed in April, 2013. [source]

Nancy Harris, 76 - murdered; set afire during store robbery

Nancy Harris was a clerk at a convenient store where she was doused with a flammable fluid and set on fire by a black male who took cash from the store's register. Nancy died from her attack after suffering in agonizing pain in a hospital. Her accused attacker, Matthew Lee Johnson, was facing the death penalty as of January, 2013. [source]

Homeless woman, 67 - set afire while asleep

Witnesses say 24-year-old Dennis Petillo, a black male, doused a 67-year-old homeless woman with a flammable liquid, then tossed a match on her. The woman was sleeping on a bus stop bench at the time of the attack. Police say the attacker didn't know his victim and there was no motivation, such as a dispute, that triggered the attack. Neighbors say the woman was a local fixture who rejected the offers of living assistance. Petillo was charged with attempted murder as his victim lay in a hospital's critical care unit. [source]

Gary Thompson, 61 - assaulted at Best Buy

Gary Thompson, 61, was treated for minor injuries sustained at a Best Buy store in Fairview Heights, Illinois. Thompson, a Best Buy employee, was checking receipts of customers as they departed the store. News reports allege that customers Hickey D. Thompson and Latoya N. Greenwood objected and became disorderly. Police reports reveal that Greenwood shouted obscenities and Hickey Thompson struck Gary Thompson. The two offenders were arrested. Hickey Thompson is a former high school football celebrity and Greenwood is an East St. Louis Councilwoman. [source]

Pastor Don Shockley - attacked with hammer during robbery

An elderly pastor required 23 stitches to treat a head wound he received while patronizing an Atlanta area jewelry store when it was robbed. Rev. Don Shockley was pounded in the head with a hammer.  A disturbing security video captured the episode as four black males entered the store in a take-over style heist. Shockley's wife is seen attempting to comfort her husband of 57 years. The crime was reported in March, 2011 in Gwinnett County, GA. [source]

Carl Griffith, Sr., 72 - murdered

72-year-old tow truck driver, Carl Griffith, Sr., was gunned down outside his Portage, Indiana home on November 1, 2012. Sheaurice Major, 42, and Dontaye D. Singletary, 20, face murder charges in Griffith's death. The elderly Griffith was apparently killed with an AK-47 as he was walking to his mail box at about 8:05 p.m. News reports indicate that Griffith had been previously shot at during an apparent set up when he was called to pick up a Lexus. Major and her estranged husband own the towing company for which Griffith worked, new repoprts say. [source]

Peggy Dart, 62 - Assaulted; purse snatched 

22-year-old Scott Ellsworth says he heard "an old lady screaming" as he was leaving a grocery store in Richland County, SC. When he turned he saw that 62-year-old Peggy Dart had been taken to the ground and a black male was making off with her purse. Ellsworth pursued the suspect, tackled him, and held him until police arrived. Arrested is 31-year-old Juan Ashley. The incident was reported November 8, 2012. [source]

Paula Castle, 85 - Robbed; murdered

An 85-year-old blind widow was killed by two black males who pushed the elderly woman to the ground while snatching her purse. Paula Castle apparently died from head injuries sustained when her head hit the pavement.

Castle carried very little money, but was ambushed nonetheless, as the frail woman walked home from local shops. A news report claims "Witnesses saw two black teenage boys wearing dark clothing and hoods loitering around the alleyway in the minutes before Mrs Castle was robbed." Two black males, age 14 and 15, have been arrested.

The victim's only son died in 2007 of a heart attack. Her husband died three years earlier. The attack took place in Greenford, West London, in mid-November, 2012. Street crime has soared by as much as 40 per cent in some parts of the London area. [source]

Joan Anne Hughes, 70 - Murdered by stabbing

It took authorities about three months to identify the body of a woman stabbed to death near a Walgreens in San Jose, California. The woman, known to locals as "Gail" was identified as 70-year-old Joan Anne Hughes. Hughes was murdered on the evening of August 13, 2012. Arrested for the crime was Marquis Reynolds, 37. [source]

Anonymous Russian woman, 81 - Home invaded, beaten; robbed

18-year-old Tyran McElrath has been charged with burglary. News reports indicate McElrath beat his victim, an 81-year-old woman, in her face with his fists during a home invasion. The victim was discoverd by a mail carrier who described her as confused and obviously beaten. The victim was known to be an active walker with the use of canes who suffered from hearing and sight impairments. She was a retired government worker who served Jimmy Carter as a translator. The attack occurred in Washington, D.C., on November 7, 2012. [source]

Pauline Cook, 82 - Beaten to death

30-year-old Braquette Wykina Walton was charged with the murder of an elderly white resident at the assisted living facility where Walton worked and her alleged victim lived. Reports indicate that 82-year-old Pauline Cook informed police of stolen checks that had been cashed in the amount of $1,280. Cook was later found beaten to death in the shower at her apartment. It was contended that Walton, who had access to Cook's apartment, stole the checks then exacted revenge on Cook for snitching. The November, 2011 incident occurred in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  [source]

Kathryn “Kit” Grazioli, 87 - Abducted, murdered; body burned

87-year-old Kathryn “Kit” Grazioli was killed in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Arrested and charged with murder was a 21-year-old black male who was on probation for second-degree burglary at the time of the killing. Police declined to state the cause of death, but reported the killer had dumped the victim's body at a remote location where he set it afire. Arrested was Marcus Smith who police believe may have attempted to burglarize his victim's home. Grazioli was remembered as an active businesswoman who was tech savvy and kept abreast of the latest gadgets. She had been a deaconess at her church and was the mother of three sons and five grandchildren. The murder occurred in November, 2011. [source]

Dave Oakleaf, 74 - Beaten to death with a baseball bat

74-year-old Dave Oakleaf was shopping at Walmart when he was approached by Richard Lawrence Kalfin, a homeless black male. When Kalfin demanded money, Oakleaf declined his request. The elderly Oakleaf was then attacked by Kalfin who beat him with a baseball bat retrieved from the shelf. Police say it was the most brutal murder they had witnessed. Oakleaf was remembered as a beloved grandfather who enjoyed motorcycles and looking after his pet dogs. The incident occurred November 1, 2011 in Lakewood, California. [source]

William Zachary, 66 - Murdered; home invasion

William Zachary died after being shot during a home invasion. Five black males were taken into custody following the slaying of 66-year-old at his Tulsa, Oklahoma home. The five ranged in age from 16 to 27 and were wearing ski masks and Trayvon-style hooded sweatshirts during the January 16, 2012 attack. Reports claim the assailants scouted the home before the attack and took note of valuable items inside. Zachary had recently retired from the Ace Hardware business he owed in Beloit. The community had early presented him with an award for his contribution to the area. [source]

John Siakala Jr., 67 - Murdered; severe head trauma

67-year-old John Siakala Jr., died of severe head trauma sustained duing a violent home invasion. Siakala was attacked in his apartment at a senior citizen housing complex in Cohoes, New York. Police said the suspect, Mark Richardson, somehow managed to get access to the Ogden Mill senior apartment building at about 9:30 on a Friday night in late December, 2011. Richardson then allegedly went door to door in search of victims. A woman was also assaulted. Police used a K9 unit to track Richardson's scent and arrested him shortly after the attack. [source]

Frederick Rein, 66 - Assaulted, robbed; killed

Stock photo
Frederick Rein was a retired Air Force captain and Georgetown graduate who used tips he earned as a Domino's pizza deliveryman to help others. In October, 2009 Rein was attacked by three black teenagers who had made a bogus call luring Rein to vacant house in a crime-ridden, Fort Worth, Texas neighborhood. The teens made off with $20 and a pizza after beating Reins with an aluminum baseball bat. The 66-year-old veteran was left with a fractured face and permanent brain damage that, according to his widow who cared for him, led to his death 14 months later. A Domino's spokesperson said that the neighborhood where Rein was beaten was red lined by competitors who refused to make delivers there due to violence. [source]

Unnamed man, 74 - Assaulted; carjacked

An unnamed 74-year-old man was left bloody and lying in the street after he was attacked while driving his truck to church. His vehicle was stolen. Four black males and one black female were charged. Arrested were Rodrikus Domica Brooks, Juvonne Marquez Thornton, Zandra Shaday Sherman, Sterling Jerome Mcgowan, and Kiya Leonard Scott. Charges include attempted murder, armed robbery, assault and battery by mob, carjacking, failure to stop for a blue light, possession of a stolen vehicle, attempted murder, conspiracy. The November, 2012 crime was committed in Spartansburg County, South Carolina. [source]

Alton Wilcox, 85 - home invasion, stabbed; murdered and Darla Wilcox, stabbed

Alton Wilcox, 85, died at a hospital after suffering stab wounds during an invasion of his Angleton, Texas home. His wife, Darla Wilcox, 69 who was also stabbed was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Arrested and charged with assault and murder was James Harris, Jr. Reports indicate the Morris was seeking money to pay rent on his motel room. The incident occurred January 14, 2012. [source]

Nancy Strait, 85, and Bob Strait, 90 - home invasion, beaten, robbed; murdered 

Nancy Strait, 85, died after she and her elderly husband, Bob, were brutally beaten in a home invasion. Tyrone Woodfork, 19, was arrested for the crime. Tyrone is black; the Straits are White. The couple had been married more than 65 years, had six children and 18 grandchildren. They were great, great, great grandparents. Bob, a paratrooper in World War II, died days later from his injuries. The attack occurred at their Tulsa, Oklahoma home in March, 2012. [source]

Minnie Ray Seabolt, 79, - killed in shooting spree 

Minnie Ray Seabolt, 79, lost her life when Bartholomew Granger, 41, went on a shooting spree at Jefferson County Courthouse in Beaumont, Texas. Seabolt was shot as she ran for cover. Granger was apparently unhappy with the direction of his trial at which he was accused of sexual abuse. His 20-year-old daughter, who was critically injured in the shooting spree, and her mother were testifying against him. Granger was subdued after taking hostages who over-powered him. The incident occurred March 13, 2012. [source]

Robert Heym, 65 - murdered

65-year-old Robert Heym, who didn't own a car, walked to and from work every day. Heym's love for walking apparently led to his death. He died after he was shot in the face with a shotgun while taking an evening stroll through his quiet neighborhood. Arrested are two black males: Stacey Dejon Brown, 20, and Roderick Derrick Crawford, 21. They are accused of murder and robbery with a deadly weapon. A previous victim of Brown said he declined to draw his gun during the armed robbery because of the attacker's young age. News reports say that Brown has an extensive criminal history, having been arrested for robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, and burglary. The previous year Brown was charged in two different robbery cases. Heym's October, 2012 murder was reported in Charlotteville, NC. [source]

Roland Stahli Eugen, 61, - Murdered; home invasion

Swiss national Roland Stahli Eugen, 61, bled to death at the gate of home after being robbed by three black males. The crime took place in the Dominican Republic. The motive, apparently, was theft as the bandits falsely presumed their victim had 50 Euros stashed in his safe. They made off with several items. [source]

James Woods, 65 - murdered

65-year-old James Woods was a Savannah, Georgia cab driver who made the foolish mistake of picking up two black males. Jeremy Smith, 20, and Jamere Drake, 18, were convicted of Woods' shooting death after pleading guilty. The media has an extensive track record of condemning white cab drivers as 'racist' for refusing to provide transportation to blacks, particularly males. Cabbies are aware, however, that blacks frequently attempt to skip out on paying their fares and, sometimes, as in the case of Woods, rob and even murder the drivers. Woods lost his life to black violence in November, 2011. [source]

Wolfgang Joppich, 67 - murdered

67-year-old Wolfgang Joppich occupied his spare time feeding stray cats. On one excursion Joppich was accosted by two black males bent on robbing the German immigrant. He was shot in the chest, police contend, by a black male and died soon after at an area hospital. Arrested for murder are Charles Lamont Hope, 39, and Terrane Kulaia Dukes, 18. The November 25, 2012 murder occurred in Fayetteville, NC. Joppich was a Vietnam war veteran who survived his term of duty on the other side of the globe while doing battle with the Viet Cong. He did not, however, survive the black-on-white violence in his own neighborhood. Duke's mother declared her son's innocence. [source]

Bobby Adams, 68 - murdered

A security video camera caught the final moments of Bobby Adams' life. The 68-year-old manager at the Party City store Ridgeland, Mississippi was planning to retire. As he was closing up shop in October, 2012, a black male is seen forcing his way into the store through a back entrance. Adams tried to resist and attempted to snatch the intruder's handgun. Moments later Adams would be shot dead. Facing capital murder charges are two black males, Joshua Archie, 21, and Undra Ward, 22. Ward was an employee at the time of the murder and Archie was  a former employee. It appears that Ward requested to exit by the back entrance at closing time, knowing his armed accomplice was waiting outside. [source] [video]

Anonymous couple, 76 and 79 - assaulted and robbed during home invasion

Two black males were video recorded using credit cards stolen from an elderly St. Louis couple during a brazen daytime home invasion in November, 2012. The woman, 76, and her husband, 79, were beaten in after the two criminals slipped in through a slightly opened garage door. [source] The identity of the victims is unknown due to media confidentiality, but TV interviews with neighbors suggest their ethnicity is white.

A similar day-time home invasion in June of 2012 led to the arrest of an 18-year-old black male who was charged with forcible rape, two counts of 2nd degree robbery and other offenses. The victims in that attack, which also occurred in St. Louis, were a 93 year old man and his 84 year old wife. The man was tied with belts, beaten and robbed and his wife was beaten and raped. [source]

70-year-old white Walmart greeter is
belted for asking to see a receipt.
Grace Suozzi, 70 - assaulted 

Jacquetta Simmons, 27, was sentenced to five years in prison after punching a 70-year-old Walmart greeter. That attack was caught on video. The elderly Grace Suozzi suffered a fracture to her face. It appears Simmons was annoyed when Suozzi asked to see her receipt as she left the store. Simmons was sentenced in November, 2012. [source] [video]

Thirza Sweeten, 79 - murdered

In New Jersey 45-year-old Samuel Kevin Davis was charged with the beating death of 79-year-old Thirza Sweeten in March, 2012. Blunt force and sharp force trauma were listed as cause of death. [source]

I've never heard of a middle-aged white male invading a black woman's home where he beat and stabbed her to death.

The question is: Why to blacks attack elderly whites?

The media occasionally rehearses the term "dead old white men" to imply our nation was founded by and for white people on the backs of abused slaves. Could such provocative attitudes excuse black-on-white violence?

Anonymous woman, 76 - raped and beaten

In Louisiana a 76-year-old woman was brutally beaten and raped in June of this year by three black males. The woman had just arrived home from church. Police said that 18-year-olds Ladandrick Jones and Michael Campbell along with 19-year-old Emmanuel Bogan grabbed the victim in her carport. "They physically restrained her, drug her into the residence and that's where the physical assault and ultimately the sexual assault took place."  [source]

In spite of all the rhetoric about white privilege -- that whites have the system rigged to their advantage -- I've never heard of white males invading an elderly black woman's home then beating and raping her.

James Champion, 91 - burglarized

Six black males were arrested for targeting the vulnerable James Champion. The elderly Champion has lived in the same home for 60 years. His house has been targeted for burglary four times in the past three months. The burglars were apprehended and their loot, several guns and ammo, was retrieved. The youngest of the accused was only 13. The crime took place in Jackson, Mississippi in November, 2012. [source]

George Leroy Baker III, 81 - beaten to death (murdered)

In 2010 an 81-year-old white man was beaten to death on the streets of Lynchburg, Virginia. George Leroy Baker III was visiting from Arizona to attend his granddaughter's wedding. While walking the placid streets of Lynchburg late at night, Baker encountered a group of black adolescents, described by the media as "teens".

One of the young black males reportedly boasted that he was going to beat up the next white person he saw, reports said. That person was Baker. His black friends joined the attack. Though in excellent physical condition for an 81-year-old, Baker died from the painful attack.

Kenneth Davis, Jr. was sentenced to 35 years after being found guilty of first-degree murder. [source]

Educators recite the brutal acts of slavery in America; old white plantation owners forcing hordes of lowly blacks to labor endlessly in the hot Dixie sun. They never mention that many blacks were owned by free black families, that few slaves lived on plantations, or that slaves lived better than many whites, such a Abe Lincoln in his tiny, one-room log cabin.

Still I wonder: Why do blacks murder elderly white folks? I've never heard of a white teen boasting he would beat the next black person he saw, then attack an 81-year-old black man with his friends. [source]

Kenneth Athey, 82 - stabbed, beaten; burned

An 82-year-old white man was attacked by a hammer-wielding black teenager in 2008. The victim, now 87, sat in court last month as his young attacker was sentenced. In his statement to the court, the elderly Kenneth Athey read aloud, "Even after four years it’s still difficult to imagine the reason for the accused stabbing me ... and torching my body."

The young-black-on-elderly-white attack took place during a home invasion. [source]

Having searched the Internet with Google and my mind by memory, I find no instance in American history when a white teen invaded the home of an elderly black man, beat him with  a hammer, stabbed him repeatedly then set him afire. Granted, the media and scholars remind us of unnamed, hooded white people who scoured the countryside on horseback in search of innocent Negros to terrorize. They have some difficulty, however, providing exact names of innocent black victims.

Why did Ronald Cherry attack Athey? I wonder if he was acting out years of indoctrination that portrays blacks as victims of white privilege.

Jack Mac Girdner, 73 - murdered 

Deandra Lee, 22, was attacked by three black men as he entered an Alabama courtroom earlier this month. The young black man is accused of killing the 9-year-old twin nephew and niece of the three men. He was also accused of killing the twins' 73-year-old white care giver, Jack Mac Girdner.

The three uncles were restrained by court security before they caused serious bodily harm to Lee, let alone drag him into the court yard and lynch him.

We wonder what compels young black men who should be in college, the military or starting careers and families to kill elderly white men, and even take the lives to two small black children for whom the gentleman was caring. Could it be that their minds are filled with tales of angry white mobs storming jails and dragging innocent black victims to make-shift gallows?

Jimmy Sanders, 65, burned - shot to death

Mississippi Burning would be an appropriate title were a movie made of the life and tragic death of Jimmy Sanders. The 65-year-old's body was found in his pick-up truck, set afire by two black males who robbed him. His truck was found still burning after 24 hours. Sanders lived in wooded, rural area and left his home to assist Erik Ellis, 28, and Malcolm Melton, 22, who claimed to have care trouble. The two young black men were charged with Sanders' murder. [source]

We wonder why Sanders left his home to assist two young black males. Did he not know that, according to the Department of Justice, 52.2 percent of all homicides are committed by blacks; nearly all by black males aged 18-49 who comprise a mere 3 percent of the population? Was he driven by white guilt fostered upon him by the liberal media? Was he shamed into believing that failure to assist black males was silly, bigoted racism?

The thieves made off with $6.

What moved young black males to rob and kill the elderly Jimmy Sanders? Could it be they watched the real film, Mississippi Burning and determined their hatred was justified? Could we conclude that such propaganda films produced by Hollywood are complicit in the crime and violence committed against elderly white people?

Joan, 71, and John Purcell, 78 - assaulted by knife attack

An elderly Queens, New York couple,  John Purcell, 78, and his wife Joan, 71, were attacked by a knife-wielding, 300-lb black male named David Williams, reports say. The media rehearsed a familiar 'wrong place, wrong time' theme to shadow the possibility that the attack could have been racially motivated. The couple suffered severe injuries as the 41-year-old attacker sliced them and plunged his knife into their bodies. They fought him off and survived. Williams' friends say he's nice person. [source]

What was this nice person thinking? Was he frustrated with his personal relationships? Or was his attack the privilege of black males immersed in the faux memory of old, white plantation owners forcing hordes of Negroes to labor in the hot, Dixie sun? Who stokes such hatred for whites in the hearts and minds of black people?

The attack occurred in 2009. Williams was sentenced in 2010 with the maximum 25 years to life.

Dorothy Mink, 71 - raped, murdered

Who hasn't seen To Kill A Mockingbird?

The Hollywood version of the propaganda novel by the same name creased the gray matter of white people with shame for assuming a black man could be guilty of a brutal rape. The real shame is, of course, such brutal crimes are not only a reality; they are common. The brutal rape and murder of Dorothy Mink, 71, in 2003 is one of many example. Her killer, a black drifter named Michael Lord Owens, was sentenced to life in 2011 at the age of 47. [source]

According to news reports Mink's son, Michael, received a call from his sister who discovered their mother's corpse.  When "Michael rushed to the scene, he saw what Penny had, their mother nude, broken and lifeless, her golden hair so blood-soaked it was completely red."

What compelled Owens to commit this brutal murder? Have you heard of a similar murder in which a white drifter raped and murdered an elderly black woman? Or must we rely on historical tales tailored by revisionists to provoke racial hatred?

Carlton Morgan, 73, and Bette Davis Morgan, 71 - assaulted

Carlton and his wife, Bette, were enjoying a Saturday at the mall when they were attacked by a black school teacher. The alleged attacker, Brenda Jones Stafford, was escorting children on a field trip when she apparently became annoyed that Mrs. Morgan had her foot propped on a chair in the mall's food court. Stafford is accused of spitting on Mrs. Morgan, pushing her, and trying to choke her.

When the elderly Mr. Morgan tried to intervene, the younger black teacher pushed him to the floor and attempted to choke him as well. When Stafford's students realized that shouting at their teacher would not compel her to end the attack on Mr. Morgan, the youngsters pulled her off her victim. The Morgans sustained minor injuries. [source]

Did Morgan harbor instilled hatred for white people? Was she subconsciously reacting to Jim Crow laws that, in decades past, would have prohibited her from entering the mall?

What lesson did Stafford's students learn that day? Did they learn that Jim Crow laws were intended to protect white people from black crime and violence?

Anonymous woman, 84 - raped, robbed; assaulted

A 93-year-old Kansas man was confronted by a black home invader who beat and robbed him. The man's 84-year-old wife was robbed, beaten and raped. Arrested was Tony L. Putman, 18, of Kansas City. The attack occurred July 30, 2012. The names of the victims were not released. [source]

John Villneff, 62 - killed defending grandchildren

John Villneff, a Detroit grandfather, was shot to death when he went to the defense of his grandchildren who lived next door. The 62-year-old Vietnam veteran stepped in front of his granddaughter when a group of four black home invaders shot at her. His granddaughter was taking photos of the fleeing thieves.

The men burst into the home on August 8, 2012, pistol whipped Villneff's 16-year-old grandson, and stole the children's video games and other items.  [source]

Gary Wells, 78, Helen Wells, 77 - robbed and murdered

A friend of Gary and Helen Wells' housekeeper paid them a visit. Jonathan Donell Rhodes' presence was unannounced and unwanted. He was there, police suspect, to rob the elderly couple. Rhodes, a 22-year-old black male, was accused of stabbing the elderly couple to death. Mr. Well was 78 years old; his wife, 77. Their lives ended on October 3, 2012. [source]

The slain couples housekeeper, Shirley Rogers, was arraigned on charges relating to the victims. Police said Rogers used Helen Wells' bank card without her permission. Rogers, who was acquainted with the man accused of the murder, was arraigned on federal charges of credit card fraud, stolen mail and aggravated identity theft. Rogers was arrested a week after the couple was killed and charged with bank card fraud and identity fraud. [source]

Clara Virginia Wilfong, 73 - raped and  murdered

Police say 38-year-old Devon Owens was still in the apartment when family members of Clara Virginia Wilfong (73) found her murdered. Owens reportedly escaped by jumping from a second story window and was apprehended about one month later. The accused faces the death penalty for taking Wilfong's life. [source]

Albert Paragamian, 88 - murdered

Richard Lewis, 25, was sentenced to only 16 years in prison for the murder of 88-year-old Albert Paragamian. Lewis killed Paragamian in a hospital parking lot where the elderly victim accidentally bumped his soon-to-be killer's car while backing out of a parking space. News reports say Lewis punched the 88-year-old in the face causing his to fall and hit his head on the concrete floor. The killing occurred at the Racine, Wisconsin's Wheaton Franciscan-All Saints hospital in March 2011. [source]

Rupert "Rudy" Thompson, 73 - home invasion, murdered

The victim
as a young man
Kevin Bernard Smith Jr., was convicted in May, 2012 for the Jan. 26, 1994, "shooting death of 73-year-old Rupert 'Rudy' Thompson, and the attempted murder of Thompson's wife, who was 69 at the time and is now 87." The crime remained unsolved until 2010 when Smith's DNA from blood stains left at the crime scene were matched to a DNA database. Smith was serving time in a Mississippi prison at the time of his arrest.

According to a news report, "Smith - armed with a .380-caliber handgun - broke into the couple's home at 1 a.m., shot Thompson's wife and then shot her husband in the chest and struck him over the head with the gun more than a dozen times before ransacking the home and fleeing with jewelry and a typewriter. Thompson crawled out of the house and screamed for help for his wife before he died on the front lawn." [source]

Joseph Fleming, 80 - home invasion, murdered
When 80-year-old Joseph Fleming went to his basement to investigate an unusual sound he was gunned down by one of two black males who had broken into his Philadelphia home. Aaron Pitts, 20, is charged with murder, robbery, burglary, theft and weapons charges. Another black male charged with murder, burglary, robbery, conspiracy and related charges is 18-year-old Sean Johnson. Johnson escaped after being taken into custody and remains at large as of this writing. The crime occurred in May, 2012. [source]

Joseph J. DeVivo, 87 - abducted, robbed, murdered

The body of Joseph J. DeVivo, 87, was found in a South Carolina riverbed where he apparently had been dumped after his abduction and murder. Rico Herbert, 31, was found with DeVivo's wallet and 2012 Chevrolet Malibu. "Authorities used records from Herbert's cell phone calls to trace his movements since the car was stolen, authorities report. Herbert told investigators where to look for DeVivo's body," according to a news report. Charges faced by Herbert include criminal homicide, robbery of a motor vehicle, burglary and abuse of a corpse. DeVivo was a widowed grandfather. The crime occurred in February, 2012. [source]

Leroy Jones, 75 - home invasion, murdered with an ax

Victor Gantt, 26, invaded the Hamilton, Ohio home of the elderly Leroy Jones by smashing his way through a rear entry. Gantt struck Jones with an ax knocking out his dentures after the resident confronted him with a baseball bat. He then beat Jones to death with the ax.

The killer remained in the home for an hour and a half watching pornography he ordered through Time Warner pay-per-view and on a video he had stolen from a previous burglary. Gantt had also stolen the ax from the garage of the previous burglary.

News reports say Gantt was searching for cash to pay for an upcoming court date regarding past-due child support. Gantt tried to set the house afire before he left. He made off with about $150, mostly in coins. Jones wife returned home that afternoon, finding her house ransacked and her husband brutally murdered.

The killer was convicted of murder but managed to escape the death penalty. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole. The murder occurred the morning of May 2, 2011. Gantt was sentenced in February the following year. [source]

Margaret K. Hand, 71 - Raped and murdered

Morris Odell Mason, 32, nailed the wrists of his elderly victim to a chair. After raping Margaret K. Hand, 71, Mason set her home on fire. Mason's attorneys claimed their client was mentally retarded and incapable of understanding his crime. State psychiatrists, however, stated that Mason understood his actions in spite of a below-average IQ. The 1978 murder took place in Northampton County, Virginia. Mason was executed in 1985. [source]

Elderly victim, 73 - Gang assault, caught on video

• Two reasons

There are two possible reasons to explain why black thugs attack elderly white people.

The first in anathema to liberals, multiculturalists and advocates of forced diversity. It presumes that blacks are innately violent and harbor hatred for white people. Furthermore, it presumes that black thugs have a primal inbred predator instinct to select weak victims.

The second reason presumes that black violence is not natural, but learned. Some suggest it is a response to white privilege, Jim Crow oppression, and a history of slavery.

If the second reason is true, then we could condemn those who perpetuate tales of white privilege, dominance and racism as complicit to black violence against white people.

• Disrupting our culture

Intentionally stoking hatred to destabilize, disable and destroy a culture is neither new nor uncommon.

Consider the Declaration of Independence cited such as a reason for parting with Britain. Speaking of King George, the document reads:
He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us . . . 
England's King George approved the provocation of black slaves to destabilize the colonial infrastructure and weaken their ability to resist his repressive authority.

For example, in 1775 Lord Dunmore of Virginia, informed members of the Virginia House of Burgesses that if he would "declare Freedom to the Slaves, and reduce the City of Williamsburg to Ashes," should the need arise. Hence, "insurrections among us."

Thomas Jefferson condemned King George for inducing slavery and then encouraging blacks "to rise in arms among murdering the people upon whom he also obtruded them."

The king also advocated inciting Indians to attack colonists. 
". . . and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction, of all ages, sexes and conditions."
General Thomas Gage, who commanded the British army in America encouraged Indians to attack colonists. Emissaries were sent to Indians in Canada and Cherokees living at the frontiers of the Carolinas and Virginia. As a result hundreds of colonists were brutally murdered by "merciless Indian Savages."

Leftists today stoke hatred and violence against white Americans. Black-on-white assaults are an "undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions." Black attackers don't consider the age, gender or physical condition of their victims.

Those who stoke racial hatred and violence among blacks in America against whites are as culpable as was King George in inciting slave rebellions and savage Indian attacks against colonists.

Read more: Recent black-on-white crimes ... 

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  1. Old white people keep money and guns in the house, are weak, and have a medicine cabinet full of prescription pills.


    1. DailyKenn, you left this one out and it was heinous.

    2. I'm so sorry for your problem. I have a good friend who is white and she was raised in S Africa. She's married to a German who's a doctor. They have spotless records and it took them years to become US citizens and thousands of dollars. It's so unfair...I believe we have people in charge of our gov. who are purposely letting the scum in an keeping the good people out. What better way to bring this great nation down.

    3. Annonymous:

      Thanks for the heads up.

      The Straits were mentioned on my blog here:

      If would take a full-time effort to list all the white elderly folk attacked and/or killed by black thugs.

    4. I knew you wrote of it not long after it do a great job and I read your site everyday. I live near Tulsa and this happened just a few months ago.

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    I find American policies extremely strange. The goverment let in terrorist and then gives them flight training in Florida and then they kill hundreds of people in the 911 attacks. People from the China, Mexico, Africa etc is flooding your country but yet is impossible for me and my family to emigrate there. Isn't it ridiculous. I'm a qualified Maths teacher and my husband is a Chartered Accountant. We are white, christians with a western culture and yet it's impossible for us to get into America but thousands of other race, and strange culture people are very welcome. If somebody can explain it to me?

    1. This article sums it up pretty good

      Our leadership is obsessed with helping non-whites. It's behavior similar to animal hoarders.

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  3. Ted Kennedy, the immigration and nationality act of 1965. He killed a girl, then sold his soul to the devil for a continued career in politics / social service.

  4. Just stay away from blacks. Period. Where ever you see them, go the other way. If you build a house with your bare hands, live in it for 40 years and grow children and raise trees, then a bunch of blacks move in the neighborhood, move. Move away.

    I know some people are tired of running, but if the stuff you own ends up killing you, then get rid of all your stuff. And especially today, Bubba, this ain't our grandfather's country anymore. Go back and read New York Times articles from the 30s and 40s. We took the land long enough to learn a few things about technology, now we should abandon this negro infested shit hole and Japanese it up a bit (cluster homogeneously on an island -- I recommend Alaska).

    The Senior Engineer

    PS ... thanks for moving the radar up.

    1. Blacks are only 13% of the population with maybe half that actual criminals if that much. There is no reason other than politics that this situation can not be reversed.

      The problem is that the leftist democrats, and esp leftist judges, are protecting the black criminal element - that has to change.

      Stop avoiding jury service - and stop letting the murdering scum off light. Same with any other violent offense - throw the book at them.

      Don't vote for them for any office, eps in law enforcement - that is the other problem - whites have turned over the law enforcement to blacks in the South - that is suicide.

      Your advice about staying away from them if possible is good advice, they are low IQ and dangerous, but take it a step further and complain long and loud about law enforcement not enforcing the law.

      Don't allow yourself to be bullied by black politicians - speak out at city council meetings and school board or PTA meetings etc , in groups if need be, where the leftist politicians like to bully citizens into silence and tell it like it is - they hate hearing that.

      If you have a black crime problem then say you have a black crime problem - call it what it is and f**k them if they don't like hearing it.

      Whites have been silent too long and if it continues that silence will lead to death.

    2. Radar.

      You're welcome.
      Wish I'd thought of that earlier. :-)

    3. There is so much wrong with Anonymous' statements above that I wish I wasn't so drunk right now; I really want to respond to them categorically. But do I drink? Yes. Quite a bit. So let's just say that Anonymous on July 6, 2012 at 3:59 AM is flattly wrong.

      Look, the sad truth is this: Negro people are an invasive species. I know we introduced them and you can't unring that bell, but they're here to stay. There is NO coexistence. It isn't possible. And without some Nazi philosophy guiding your claim to territory and governance, there simply is no coexistence.

      Just walk away.

      The Senior Engineer

  5. The reason these blacks do this is because they're savages, first of all. They're also cowardly bullies who have no conscience and they feel whites deserve it. The truth is that they rarely can compete on any level playing field, with the exception of sports. Is that whities fault? Is it our fault that they are the stupidest of all races and even black take blacks as slaves. When I was growing up my best friend's father used to say, "Yeah, I like nig***s, everybody should own one". I was horrified at the time, but 50 yrs. later I understand!

  6. A wake up call to America from Detroit.
    In 1967 Detroit was majority white, although there were areas of the city that were predominantly black and unsafe, you could take your family downtown and spend your day and your money and not fear being robbed, raped or murdered. Then came the riots... spurred on by the police raiding a illegal party. the all black crowed objected to being subjected to having to follow the law so in response they started looting and burning an killing. when it was all done the city was a smoldering mess...the white mayor, a democrat, the NAACP and the white liberals blamed white people. they claimed it was white people treating black people badly for years was to blame for the violence. as a result not feeling safe anymore whites started leaving in large numbers. Then came Coleman Young...a black Socialist...after having his brother, the local postmaster, "lose" the absentee ballots ( Mostly white people) he stole the Mayor's office. almost at once he started his socialist agenda...and blaming the white middle class of Detroit for most of the ills of the city...and the tide of white exodus became a flood. As the tax base dropped, basic services such as police and fire protection became a joke..trash piled up on the value plummeted...gangs ran wild in the streets and Detroit became the murder capitol of the world. During this time, Coleman Young blamed white flight...he said they were racists..and got millions in federal tax dollars by whites who felt guilty about being white. Today Detroit has unemployment at 25%, 56% of residents are on some type of Gov't assistance...gangs roam the streets..families can't attend the fireworks without running the risk of being robbed or shot an killed. Detroit is on the verge of bankruptcy an its leaders still blame white people. The virus that is black people have spread to the outlaying areas, once quiet safe communities are now overrun by black youths committing crimes like its no big deal...and again the whole thing is placed at the feet of hard working white folks...that some how we caused this... and its not just Black youths...its ALL blacks...young, old ALL of them. The only people left in Detroit are Blacks, Arabs and a few white people who are either too poor to leave or too stupid to know that they are swimming in a cesspool.
    Now lets look at America...We have a Black, socialist in charge, who hates white people and blames them for all the problems of the country...he has a socialist agenda and is working hard to ram it through at all only took less then 8 years for a BLACK SOCIALIST to destroy what was once a beautiful city, what would a BLACK SOCIALIST do to America in 8 years? we have already seen what he will do..the question is...WHAT WILL YOU DO?

    1. I'm old enough to remember the riots.

      They called it 'The Long Hot Summer'.

      With their mouths, white's say 'we're racist.'
      with their feet, white's say 'they're racist.'

  7. Send em back to Africa, we're done with them here.

  8. yes send them all back to africa where they can build their black utopia with out whites to blame for their failures , almost like south africa , in fact we should trade all our nigroes for all of the whites in south africa ,an even deal id say !

    1. farm murders in south africa, they are the orcs of lord of the rings, vicious violent and of low intelligence....

  9. Blacks are animals. As soon as we as a nation remember that, things will start going better for us. The longer we keep treating them as equals, the more damage they are going to do to civilization.

  10. I'm not sure I'm ready to read the whole blog post yet.

    You see, someone I dearly love was brutally attacked by a 22-year-old black man. Turns out, he'd attacked seven other old white women in the middle-class neighborhood.

    The sexual assault was bad enough, but he also beat her up so severely that she was hospitalized for several *weeks*.

    She was in her late 70s.

    That was three years ago. She's never recovered from this heinous attack.

    And neither have I.

    I was the one she turned to for comfort and support. I had to pretend to be strong, but this incident inspired me to get my concealed hand-gun permit.

    And now I have four guns - one in every room - just in case.

  11. Wow, is all I can say. You say blacks have no conscience after 100s of years of your white barbaric torture. Now your getting that shit back and it terrifies you. Boo hoo. Its sad what happening to these older whites but these are they same white, that when in their youth gathered together to watch lynchings and black children being dragged by trucks. Check out, to view your satanic ways. Blacks dont want shit from you, but to stop believing everything is yours. We have been stripped of everything and constantly being held down. We didnt flood our own neighborhoods with drugs and guns(remember, yall so-called gave us everything) this is the reprocussions of that. Crack parents having crack kids and the cycle continues. You guys are just reaping what youve sown and it scares the hell out of you. Yep you should have left us in Africa ,but u were lazy and allegic to the Son of God (Sun). We will take over once we wake up out of this slumber weve been put in by YT, cause the first on the planet always finish last!!!

    1. "reaping what you've sown"? These people did nothing to any of their attackers, and in some cases were GOING OUT OF THEIR WAY TO HELP when they were assaulted mercilessly. Not all black people are this way, but it seems more and more that MOST are. You, yourself, are a weak and idiotic NIGGER - rationalizing away unwarranted violence with "satanic ways" of white people?! You don't see that and all of the sites, movies, TV shows, and news reports like it ARE THE REASON YOU HATE US? You are ignorant. I wish blacks could do better but I just don't see it happening.

    2. also what is a "reprocussion"? Nothing sadder than someone who is about 5 IQ points away from retarded thinking they're intelligent. You are not the same species as me and mine.

    3. The indians got it pretty bad come they aren't scalping people in wal mart on the first and fifteenth of each month. Assaulting the elderly is the act of cowards and moral degenerates. So is shooting babies....If whitey hadn't brought you here you'd be in africa and that place sucks more than detroit.

    4. typical, niggar babble. Everything is whitey's fault. Hootchie little whores having welfare babies as young as 15..5 kids by the time they are 23....niggar bucks get em pregnant, then leave. No other race has so many single welfare mothers, yet its someone ELSE's fault. Wake up people, the niggars have had their blullshit NAACP and afromative action - more advantages than any whites are ever offered. Yet niggars are still the biggest losers in the game? They are too stupid to even speak english correctly. All they care about is 300 dollar baxetball shoos, and listening to they nigger cRap noise. You worthless niggers need to place value on INTELLIGENCE, EDUCATION, and TRYING to act human, instead of the dumb nigger beasts you are. Fuck all lazy and stupid niggers, we hate you and wish you were gone. Truly a plague on human society. It makes me SICK how much money us decent White folk have to piss away on you mentally retarded sociopaths.

    5. Blacks were sold into slavery by their own tribal chieftans, bought by Arab (Muslim) slavers and then sold in slave markets.

    6. the day is coming and its coming fast ! that mouth will be shut !

  12. .
    Every news story on those “people”
    should use the following VOICE OVER …
    “”"And here are some scenes from our next terrifying
    as we cautiously observe the impact of the unprovoked and
    mind-boggling violent social-behavior as found displayed
    among THE TYPICAL HERD-PACK when it is composed OF THE
    “Non-Incarcerated-Ghetto-Ground-Ape” (aka. the ‘NIGGA’).”"”
    It should be noted that a baby gazelle surrounded by
    a pride of lions is, on certain occasions, safer than
    an actual human-being in the presence of THE TYPICAL
    “Non-Incarcerated Ghetto-Ground-Ape” (the ‘NIGGA’).
    May God help humanity and let this entire
    species get forcibly sterilized …
    throughout the whole world!!!”

  13. For the same reason Negroes refuse overwhelmingly to fight white males of their own age group one-on-one: they're cowards, and will babble about "gettin' dey boiz" down there to kick the ass of one man.

  14. Very simple: the negro is both a coward and a bully. Just as hyenas go after the weakest, the negro does the same thing.

  15. Because they are n1ggers.

  16. Hey admin,
    this is very good idea any person visit this site and collect more and more information.

  17. DailyKenn, what you've created here is a site where all the hate can just congregate and fester. I see no point in it. The article is frankly disgusting, not because I disagree with it--I agree, believe me, I do--but because behavior like this shouldn't exist anywhere. People who kill, rape, torture, and burn others are sick twisted individuals, especially those who target the elderly. It doesn't matter who you are, being INHUMANE has no color, or preference for that matter.

    However, the behavior of the people who comment on most of your posts is just as vile. It's a breeding ground for racism, frankly, and at this rate, you're never going to achieve whatever it is you're trying to accomplish here. Not if you're going to agree with people who are just as nauseatingly stupid, not to mention ignorant. Instead, you should try your best to moderate the garbage out. There's a lot.

    1. So, deny and censor the truth "cuz it be racist"? Isn't that what we've been doing for 40 years? How's that working out? The first step to solving a problem is admitting one exists. We have a BLACK problem in this country, better to solve it peacefully than violently...but whatever, as long as it gets solved.

  18. It is simple. They are NOT human. They are a separate species altogether. Average IQ is much lower. Propensity to commit violent crimes is much higher. They are savage beasts and should be avoided at all costs.

  19. Indeed, niggers are NOT human.. anyone with eyes can see this...

  20. All animals attack the weakest members of a group. What else would you expect from them.

  21. I think that I can give a good explanation.

    A strikingly disproportionate number of blacks live in poverty in America. This is due to--and continually perpetuated by--negative social and living environments, lack of access to education, drugs/gang culture, single parents, and unequal access to services. It is all a process that began at the founding of our great (1) country with slavery, from which it will be hard to ever truly recover.
    Blacks, who--as I mentioned--earn far less than whites, today make up 13% of the population. And because of their unfortunate social status they are more vulnerable to be forced into crime (2).
    SO if we have created a situation where the most marginalized, and thus the most criminal, population only makes up 1/8th of the total population, then it ONLY makes sense that there are more black on white crimes committed. And the fact that SOME are against the elderly is insignificant.

    Now, I am not saying these crimes were in any way justified. AT ALL. No, that is not what I am saying. But you, DailyKenn, asked the question. I answered it. I'm not totally sure that I had to though. I have a strong hunch that says you and your followers already knew the answer but were too afraid to admit the truth.

    (1) Yes, I do think our country is great! The fact that I am so comfortable pointing out its inherent flaws should not distract anyone from this.
    (2) Forced is a very strong word. I do not believe any ONE person is truly FORCED into crime. However if you study a large population in a horrible socio-economic situation, crime WILL happen and MANY, many people will be "sucked-in" to it.


    1. One excuse is as good as another. "Lack of access to education"?- Bull-Shite! You go to the same schools we go to, you just refuse to take advantage of the opportunity to learn. You ostracize your own kind when they do try to learn and get good grades, while accusing them of "acting white". "Negative social and living environments"?- Bull-Shite! Mow your damn grass and stop smoking crack in front of your kids! Stop having four "chirens" by four different "men"; "men" who have no idea how to take care of a family because their parents were sorry as hell too! "Forced into crime"? Bull-Shite! No one is EVER "forced" into crime, there's always another way! "Unfortunate social status"?- That's on you! You rape, rob, murder, assault, curse, spit at, and generally make complete nuisances of yourselves, and then have the unmitigated gall to wonder why we want nothing to do with you? Should have taken advantage of that free education, because "you is stupid"!

    2. *SARCASM*
      Okay Anonymous. You got me, you're right! I refuse to go to school, I refuse to stop stealing, and today I refused a job because I would rather smoke crack and live off welfare. You're right! And I know why you're right. It's because you know so much about the plight of marginalized black people like myself.
      Your lived experiences have given you such a grand insight into the everyday life of a 5 year old black child, raised by a struggling single mother and surrounded by drugs and gang violence. He is given the same exact opportunity as you were!
      You understand that poverty, crime, poor education, and drug abuse DO NOT create feedback loops, perpetuating even more economic and social distress in poor black communities. Man, you are such a critical thinker! I'm glad the Tea Party has someone like you on their side, someone so intuitive and great at discovering cause and effect relationships.
      Finally, a person who understands that the choices people make and opportunities people have are, in NO way, shaped by their environment! And anyone to say otherwise is simply condoning the violent actions of these animals! Right?

      Look bud, I understand that you are frustrated. It is easy to be frustrated when you turn on the news and see heinous violations of humanity, many of which committed by black people. It frustrates me! But before you judge an entire race and class--and don't embarrass yourself by denying this--to whom you have no real way of relating, consider the incredible LACK of equal opportunity given to blacks in the past 200 years. Consider how recent the civil rights movement was. It would take any race a VERY long time to recover from such marginalization and hatred. After slavery, blacks literally had to start at the BOTTOM. They started from SQUARE ONE. There are white people in poverty all over America. And I guarantee that it has and will take generations upon generations for most families to lift themselves out of poverty. That is the nature of the beast. Now like I said before: because of slavery and 250 years of racism, black people share a vastly disproportionate burden of poverty. It's the unfortunate result of terrible actions taken a long time ago. We are living with it. Black people ARE LIVING WITH IT. To take your stance on this issue--a purely hateful one--is to perpetuate the process even further.
      Congrats Anonymous. You're part of the problem. Just like these a**holes that murder innocent, elderly white people.
      I'll just be over here, trying to make things better.
      You dumba**.

      Samuel A.

    3. I would also like to say that this is a terribly racism blog operating under the guise of social responsibility, and objectivism.
      DailyKenn sucks.

      Samuel A.

    4. Blacks werent the only slaves nor were they the majority of slaves. White irish were also slaves and treated worse than blacks. The irish have done well since then.... as well more money spent on urban and black education and still poor whites with less access to education out score blacks. More guns and alcohol in white neighborhoods and we arent killing each other in record numbers. Blacks are the own worst enemy...


  22. Samuel, was it 200 years or 250 years? Or 300 years, maybe 400 years. Maybe it was 1000 years. If your not perpetuating the situation by making your comments on a website that a white man created, on the Internet the white man created, typing on a computer the white man created all to give you a global audience to air your grievances what are you doing. Your argument is simply an attempt to gain entitlement of material benefit from others.

  23. Samuel, still a slave for his own good.

  24. Samuel,

    I believe we've gone over this before.

    I believe disliking others -- let alone hating them -- because of their ethnicity is both morally reprehensible and idiotic. I also believe it is equally immoral and idiotic to bury one's head in the sand of political correctness and white guilt and pretend black-on-white violence hasn't been an ongoing epidemic that demands to be addressed.

    If these assaults were reversed -- white-on-black -- would you demonize a website that exposed them? Of course not! You would praise that website as doing their duty to expose and stomp out racism.

    So, Samuel, please join me in exposing and stomping out racism by removing your head from the sand (or wherever) and, together, lets condemn these despicable acts of violent racism.

    1. He/they can't reply because they will be shown through argument and reasoning that are the real racists.
      I have personally found that most Blacks have a massive inferiority complex which forms easily to anyone with eyes to see the world as it is.
      The way most of them explain the blatant evilness of their own society caused by their own doing is to falsely blame someone else.
      I have found it to really be that simple.

    2. It's that simple with very few exceptions.

    3. I had this exchange on another site

      Bobbala • 3 days ago −

      A black man's dream is to live in a white world that blacks control.
      A black man's nightmare is to live in a black world that blacks control.
      A black man's reality is that everywhere he goes eventually becomes a black world when blacks control.

      8 △ ▽

      Guest > Bobbala • 3 days ago

      "A black man's dream is to live in a white world that black'r ps control,
      A black man's nightmare is to libe in a black world that black's control"

      Reasonable right-leaning people: You ARE noticing this, right?

      △ 1 ▽

      Bobbala > Guest • 3 days ago

      Please, give examples of any black governed town, city , county, state, country, region, island or continent that prospers and attracts immigration from any not black place ... I wish I was wrong. History proves that black people can govern or eat. Never both. Truth is racist.

      He answered and then deleted the United States of America when I replied that he had proven my point.

  25. Negroes attack Elderly White's because they are animals, predators, who know the kill will easy. In fact, Negro predation of White's in general has become very easy in this sick Marxist society, most White's would never consider defending themselves and don't - they are too eaten up with what has been termed "pathological altruism" and have generally lost their will to survive - English language Whites (U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia) only get in a mood to kill when it's "Fascist or Nazi's" they are told to hate, otherwise they extend their essentially cowardly throats and beg to be slaughtered.

    1. jigaboos crash my door in 00 buck & 44 mag will hit their mark each shot ,not like the yard apes that cant aim but spray boolits and hit nothing but bystanders

    2. I think I know another reason that these subhumans attack elderly whites,they think that elderly whites don't pay taxes,so they do not contribute to social programs meaning in their infantile brains that the whites are no longer any use to them and are thus expendable. Think about it.

  26. Anybody who believes racial crime goes both ways is an ignorant fool,check OBAMAS own F.B.I. CRIME STATS . or ERIC HOLDERS D.O.J.STATS,its all there for u to see.When the black head of the D.O.J.states that he " sees no reason to prosecute and black on white crime" what did people think we would get?America is lost,no getting it back,every1 who voted for OBAMA( and i mean the elderly fools ) can get a punch in the face!!!! were u really so stupid and gullible to believe the G.O.P.was gonna take away yer elderly folk S.S.I.checks???if so i need to tell ya YOU JUST WON 4 MILLION DOLLARS IN A LOTTERY YOU DON'T EVER REMEMBER ENTERING BUT YOU MUST SEND ME 5000 DOLLARS TO PROCESS THE CHECK!!! u fucking retards

  27. i hope that Z~man gets a fair trial but with J.Jackson an Asshole Sharpton, but i dought it.
    I was in Foodlion getting food, when i paid for the food with my pay check that i just got that morning. when i got my change back i noticed that 3 Black BOYs were behind me lookin at how much i had gotten back. when i walked to my car to go home i noticed they came out behind me. I got in my car an thought i was ok, when i stopped at a Red light 2 of the same BLACK BOYs came up on the drivers side an opened my door started hittin me an grabbed at my shirt pocket where i had my money. The one holdin my door open had a gun but was looking around for cops i guess. When another one came up on the passengers side tryin to get in also, i was in fear of my life an YES i had a GUN an i shot one an the others left faster than the bullet had left my gun.
    I was shooting an tryin to drive on a flat tire cause in the gun battle i guess the Asshole shot my tire out. A BULLET also just missed me by a couple of inches an went into the Door Jam.
    Needless to say i got away with my life.
    Now when i get off work at 5am i dont stop anywhere, an YES I STILL CARRY MY TRUSTY 40 CAL.

    Take NO Prisoners

  28. Old white people used to buy/sell little black kids

    1. Black people sold other black people. Roots was a lie. When slave ships pulled in the blacks were already there sold into slavery by other blacks. And south America had 2x many more slaves working coffee plantations. More slaves were worked for Latin Americans but blacks don't say a word about that. The lucky blacks were brought here. Look at how the unlucky ones left behind live. In any area not taught by whites they still live in mud and poop huts and live like animals. The ones brought to America should thank god.

  29. This is the new normal for the US. Whites need to raise their tolerance level regarding crime and mayhem. The Black is the new Man and it will get worse over the decades.

    I have heard libs refer to this change in culture as "payback's a bitch".

    There is absolutely nothing non-Blacks can do about this situation, save a military coup.

  30. I am old (69), former veteran, skilled shooter, and grew up in the rough part of Pittsburgh. Many of my military buddies back in the sixties were black, Puerto Rican, and white. I pray none of these punks today try to break into my home, or try to harm me and my family. I have nothing to lose and will gladly take a couple of thugs with me if necessary. I'm not brave or fool hearty, but when push comes to shove I will fight. I will not sit by idly frozen in fear and let these feral primates get away with murder.

  31. Here's another one - Penny Terk, who lived alone and was 73.

  32. So where are the young whites beating and killing old blacks?

  33. Oakley Mitchell, 74

  34. There really are tons of these black on elderly white crime incidents involving murder/rape/ assault. This fellow has compiled and has documented sources for 104 incidents of black murder and/or rape of white elderly women, alone. Here's the link:
    This is a very useful website. One astonishing finding from an academic study within a source he links to: "focusing on 128 nonserial sexual homicides of elderly female victims, the same researchers found that Blacks offended against Whites in 77% of the cases (Safarik, Jarvis, & Nussbaum, 2002)." Think about it: of the universe of this type of crime, 77% is black on white.

  35. Yeeeeeeeeeah,boooooeeeeeeeeey! Remember awwwwwwwwwwww dem times, before the 1960s, when White youths and thugs went around, randomly killing innocent Black people?

    Uuuuuuuuuuuh,no....Me neither. But that's the twisted,pretzel-illogic that makes up what passes for a Black "brain". Facts are grossly,feverishly distorted in their memories( 1 White -on-black murder equals 1000 killed by Whitey, in their lsd-like memories and perceptions of "unfairness" from Whitey )

    Old School Whitey

    1. from 1960s to 2015 blacks have been given every chance to make something out of them selves billons of dollars payed out in welfare so you can breed like rabbits live off the system costing tax payers there retirement maybe we should go back to the old ways prier 1960 let kkk do what they did best get rid of trash and I don't like being called whitey "nigger" so lets play cowboys and niggers now

  36. Also add:

    1. Thanks.

      Age 60 is my threshold for "old people".

      But the brutal beating of William and Cynthia Bennett and the murder of Williams are, indeed, a tragedy.

  37. ....just look at africa...look at it, after aaall the billions pumped into the continent, it remains a cess-pool of violence, this is the nature of the beast, google farm murders in south africa, after 20 years of black governance, it changed from the powerhouse of africa to just another pathetic banana republic, and if darkie wants to pull the race card, look at liberia ( never colonised, ethiopia, never colonised, sudan, never colonised, somalia, never colonised)....

  38. Sudan and Somalia never colonized? Might want to recheck that. And is the site arguing there are no white criminals? Who shot up people - young and old at a movie theater last year in Aurora, Colorado? And who murdered James Byrd in Jasper, Texas in 1998?

    1. how about D.C. sniper and boiy, the muzzy in texas, in d.c. ship yard that herd voices in the walls yyyaa

  39. Its nice to have a list like this but it is ultimately ineffective against Boomer indoctrination -- despite the fact that Boomers are scheduled for early demolition so that their retirement accounts can be confiscated by the civil service bureaucracy and the banksters.

    What would be more effective at waking Boomers up to their impending fate would be a comprehensive list of all assaults on senior citizens that included pictures of the assailants and the victims. That way they would be able to see that the above list isn't just cherry picking by "racists".

  40. These accounts of home invasions, public attacks and general lawlessness is the best arguement against gun control and the abolition of capital punishment.

    I would suggest that anyone convicted of a heinous crime involving the elderly, children or just plain savagery, be sentenced to death regardless of age, after an appeal to a court established especially to review such convictions. One appeal, then is appropriate, carry out the sentence

  41. They do it because these niggers wouldn't stand a chance invading my home. The elderly are week and vulnerable. I understand they don't want to give up their independence but after a certain age you need to be with family to help take care of you.

  42. By applying white standards of behavior to the negros we are making the same mistakes made by liberals of today and yesterday. These people are not like us, they do not think like us, and they do not feel like us. The default behavioral pattern of blacks is primal impulsiveness and instinct. They are not capable of domesticating themselves and forming a higher minded(relative to our standards) civilization. This is what separates them from us and the senseless violence will continue until the more capable race stops playing god.

  43. This article of blacks robbing and killing older white people is amazing. You would think the stories go back 10 years there's so many of them but no....these incidents are all recent...hundreds of them, and nothing is said on national media.

  44. There used to be an organization in the south which helped to eliminate these kinds of problems

  45. i personally do not care what color the victoms or the attackers are is disguating EITHER WAY

    1. I also do not care about the color, but I care about the breed

    2. I just practice shooting on weekends.... \,,/


    "The majority of reported violence against the elderly
    was intraracial
    Elderly victims of violent crime were more likely to be
    victimized by offenders of the same race than by offenders of
    a different race. In Michigan between 2005 and 2009, 85.1%
    of reported violence against the elderly was intraracial (not
    shown in a table). The majority of victimizations of elderly
    whites were perpetrated by white offenders (79.6%), and
    most victimizations of elderly blacks were perpetrated by
    black offenders (95.8%)."

    So a better question would be, why do people in general attack old people? Because they're easy targets by thugs, plain and simple. Seems to me like you care more about pushing an agenda rather than the victims themselves. Here's some recent stories about white attacks against the elderly.

    Man arrested in beating death of elderly Rockingham man:
    Cold-case team solves 1989 rape, killing of 88-year-old Grand Rapids woman:
    Man found guilty of raping and killing 81-year-old woman in 1989:
    Florida man accused of double murder of elderly couple confesses to other killings in New Jersey, Staten Island: documents:
    Two men charged in murder of elderly Cullman man:
    Man Arrested in Death of Elderly Kanawha City Man:
    Hearing rescheduled for suspect in murder of elderly couple:
    Bank Robber Assaults Elderly Woman:
    Man accused of carjacking elderly couple pleads not guilty:
    Trio Faces Jan. Hearing In Elderly Man’s Murder:
    More charges filed in Ulster County rape of elderly woman:
    Pasco man sentenced to death for murder, rape of 94-year old Port Richey woman:
    Man accused of attempted sexual assault, stabbing of 65-year-old Ocala woman:
    Bond set for suspect in beating death of elderly man:

    1. Oh so they slapped their roommate, or pushed someone had a little domestic dispute with another white person that is a far cry from rape, murder, torture, every time I hear 100 year old grandmother or grandfather raped I know the race of the perp before it is stated if ever. Teenaged blacks often but rape white men and have sex with corpses. 90+ % of the real nasty sick stuff is done by blacks who make up 13% of the population. Black on white man rape 100%.. white man on black man rape 0%. I refuse to consider little domestic disputes between white people who live together. With brutal horrific torture rob, rape, heinous murders of stranger black on white. Blacks kill their family, friends, and their own children 10 x the rate of whites.

  47. If you can, just remove my comment above if you can (on March 4). I don't know why I left it in the first place. I have my own views on things but shouldn't force them on other people. Regardless, elderly bashers are cowardly regardless of race including these degenerate thugs. No excuse for it.

  48. An elderly couple beaten last week in a Kansas City, Mo., rampage died on Tuesday, pushing the total death toll to five — and bringing a possible death penalty for the suspect.

    George Taylor, 80, and his wife, Ann, 86, had been in the hospital since Sept. 2, when they were found unconscious and badly beaten inside their home, the Kansas City Star reported. The beating is connected with the shooting deaths of 69-year-old Susan Choucroun, 88-year-old Lorene Hurst and Hurst’s 63-year-old son, Darrel Hurst.
    Brandon Howell, 34, could now face five homicide charges, and the local county prosecutor is “likely weighing” asking for the death penalty in the case, Kansas City’s CBS affiliate reported.

    Police allege that Howell severely beat the Taylors, leaving them for dead in their basement. Following the beating one week ago, Ann Taylor managed to call 911, saying “help” and “shotgun,” according to prosecutors.

  49. That is why we are taking things in our hand now. Animals kill the weak.....

  50. If America was the "evil, racist, white supremacist country" that the liberals proclaim it is, then none of these guilty as hell, white hating, senior citizen attacking, vile negroes would be breathing today. That these afro-sadists have not been killed is proof of USA's anti-white culture.

  51. Many blacks are nice. We love them. But many are "different".
    And white kids *(nor responsible black kids) should be FORCED by the EVIL US fed govt to either attend pub schools with them or PAY huge tuition (after white taxes already fund pub schools, while blacks predom get off scott-free)

  52. Killer black females preying on white elderly. 1985. Gary, Indiana.

    A 15-year-old Gary girl has been found guilty by a jury in the death of a 78-year-old widow who gave Bible lessons to children in her home. The girl may be the youngest ever convicted of murder in Lake County (Ind.).Lake County Prosecutor Jack Crawford said he believes Thomas is the youngest person ever convicted of murder in the county. She faces a maximum sentence of 60 years in prison. Judge James Kimbrough set sentencing for Dec. 4 and ordered her held in the Lake County Jail.

    Thomas, who was 14 at the time, was the youngest of four girls charged in the murder of Ruth Pelke, who was stabbed and bludgeoned to death during a robbery last May 14, in her home at 4449 Adams St., Gary. The loot consisted of $10 in cash and Pelke`s 1977 auto.

    The others charged with murder are Karen Corders, 16, Paula Cooper, 15, and April Beverly, 15. Crawford said he would seek the death penalty against all three when they are brought to trial in coming months.

  53. Why? Because they are gutless cowards who are filled with hate because they can't make it and never will be able to make it in a civilised society.

  54. gutless cowards that's putting it mildly any one that picks on elderly or children should be taken out and shot in the head . blacks are full of hate they cant stop killing there own race . then they want to cry about slavery they forget about the American indian who has lost every thing . you don't here them crying and feeling sorry for them selves they got up and got jobs and took advantage of things the government give them . even if your given millions you cant stop breaking laws just for example oj simpson , cosby , chris brown , bobby brown , james browm ,snoop dog , wesley snips , mike Tyson , 2pac , lil wayn , pacman jones and the list goes on . every time I here black lives matter I want to puke , if a cop shoots a criminal all you here from his family is how good he was till you find out he had a record longer than my leg . im sorry that a young boy lost his life for pointing a toy pistol at police but damn come on some one tought that boy that . make the parents accountable if you don't care about your kids any more than that then don't have then . not to mention as a tax payer im tired of paying for your mistakes while you sit on your ass and have more kids . black are teaching there kids to be career criminals in stead of teaching them right from wrong . stop doing drugs and drinking stay home teach your children some morals because if there watching the news every day all there learning is black crime they are a product of there environment . if you do this maybe we could all start to live in peace

  55. ok being raciest is a crime , I"m trying really hard not to be . but every day I watch the news what do I see more blacks killing some one . lets talk about how blacks cry about slavery you own people didn't want you that's how it got started . blacks sold blacks first why don't you cry about that your own kind WOW . take a good look at your home land its a waist land its full of crime disease and poverty . kids starving everyday but people still have more kids so they can starve to they wont help them selves . damn look at whats happening here there seems to be a trend . no matter how much some one helps you , you still wont help you self your still blaming whites . I don't think blacks will stop till they destroy the USA to . its just like the Oscars you want to be nominated because your black not because you deserve it . while im on that who wants to see a movie that you cant understand what there saying because its a half ass attempt of English . sorry I wont watch it now or ever wake up . look at how you dress who wants to see your stinking underwear if you look like thugs you probably are thugs . I think we can all live together in peace with out hurting one another . if you keep on this path there will be another silver war is this what you want . every time you have one of your so called peace full riots where you show your asses and destroy peoples property I for one want to join the KKK and I cant stand them idiots either . I hate every thing they stand for but you and your raciest bull shit is going to force me to take a side . but every time I hear of blacks hurting whites your turning me in to your own worst enemy and I will and fight to protect me or mine no mater the cost .

  56. I wasn't raised to be raciest , but I have seen first hand of some of the black on white crime . I will be the first to say there is bad in every race not all blacks are bad . Its up to some of you blacks that know right from wrong to help stop it before it goes to the point of no return . If it comes to war I for one will not stop to ask if your good or bad it will be if your black or white you had your chance ,
    . I'm ready to join any one willing to put an end to it . like some one said on here I cant stand the kkk or what they stand for either . But if I had to make a choice right now based on what I see every day I'm all in . Its not going to change till we till we have all had enough and put an end to it . When we came to America we took it by force from native Americans . I'm not saying it was right or wrong but its a free country now . Its time to get on board or get out , you black people need to remember that when we are pushed we fight and we always win . Remember the Alamo , maybe its time that we play cowboys and niggers or thin the heard . This is not what I want but if you so called good blacks aren't willing to change things some of us whites are . I think if it happens a lot of good people on both sides will die because of your own stupidity or unwillingness to work together . How many white people have already died in the silver war over you blacks already . We are all going to reach a boiling point really soon and there will be no turning back .

  57. Damn Anonymous ya took my line/thought! Time to start culling the herd.

  58. As a senior citizen myself it appears that the blacks they attack elderly do not want to deal with a young white male and have to get into a real fight when they know a senior citizen is not able to protect themselves. I have a little trick that you might want to consider. I went and got a carry permit for a gun and should I get attacked by some animal he may get the best of me but I am going to bust one good cap in his ass.

  59. My sweet mother in law was just murdered by her husband's home health aid and her thug boyfriend. Just another one to add to this list of atrocities that isn't deemed a hate crime...