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the N-word

July 31, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

How dumb is this.

Mitt Romney visited Poland this week. Veteran correspondent Cokie Roberts interpreted that visit as a blatant act of white racism.

In the liberal mindset racism may be evoked in any circumstance that involves white people. Had Romney visited Nigeria he would be accused of patronizing and pandering to blacks.

Or imagine the outrage were Romney to visit Polaski, Tennesee.

First he visits Poland, then he visits a town named in honor of Polish Revolutionary War hero Casimir Pulaski, but it's the birthplace of an organization hell-bent on defending rights of white Americans.

Aside from the counter factuals, the hypocrisy is happening in real time.


• Romney is understood to be pandering to white voters by visiting a nation that is historically white.

• Obama overtly formed "African Americans for Obama" in 2007 and no one (left of center) sees a problem with black racism.

Romney doesn't mention race; Obama never ceases mentioning race.

There's something about geese and ganders and calling kettles black that is missing in the left hemisphere of the leftist brain.

Maybe it's not missing. It could be they're just not using it.

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  1. Cokie Roberts couldn't find her own ass with a flashlight and a map.


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