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July 21, 2012


When two armed robbers crashed into a central Florida Internet cafe this week, a 71-year-old man toting a handgun, loaded and ready, sent them to flight. In so doing he may have saved dozens of lives.

When a solitary man burst into a movie theater in Colorado, he opened fire on over a hundred movie goers, picking off those who tried to flee. Twelve were killed, dozens injured; some in the melee and chaos of the moment.

Apparently, not one of the movie-goers was carrying a weapon.

Imagine the outcome had the 71-year-old been at the Aurora, Colorado theater instead of the Florida cafe.

It should be apparent that gun ownership is not the problem.

Gun crime continues to claim lives in nation's where toting firearms is illegal.

Two people died in Toronto, Canada last week when a gunman opened fire at a street party. 23 were injured. Canada's repressive gun laws did nothing to dissuade the killer from going on a deadly rampage. Again, had the 71-year-old been in Toronto that night, lives likely would have been saved, and few would have been injured.

It should be noted that self-defense is only one reason to carry -- and use -- a gun.

By firing on would-be robbers and potential killers, the 71-year-old man protected others as well as himself.

Had anyone at the Aurora theater taken the rabid gunman down, a dozen lives may have been saved. It's more than self-protection. It's protecting others.

The next tragic episode of gun violence may well occur in Georgia. A federal appeals court upheld a state law that banned guns in churches. The law also forbids firearms in government buildings, courthouses, prisons and jails, state mental health facilities, bars without the owner's permission, nuclear power plants and polling places and their immediate surroundings.

If a bad guy is looking for a place to do serious damage without serious opposition, he may well make the trek to Georgia.

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  1. We have none as people any more ...

  2. No one had a gun? That's the first thing I thought when I heard 64 people had been shot.

    Trying to CC in a federal building, court, police station, airport, etc would be foolish and necessary for obvious reasons. But a prohibition against CC in theaters and churches is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. I doubt there's anyone there savvy enough to spot it unless it fell out of the holster and landed on the floor with a *thud*. My local library is posted no carry, too. But I doubt that's ever stopped anyone.

  3. Losers Losers Losers- the author of this blog contributors and viewers must all be uneducated fools = middle school drop outs. The person with the gun came fully loaded with high calibre and sophisticated weapons with one aim to commit mass murder. The 71 imbecile at Florida cafe was confronting 2 teenages who came to rob- shit head read -rob the cyber cafe with a gun that could not shoot with no bullets. The old fool would have been blown away if he tried shooting this dude. Wake up idiots no comparision

    1. Ad hominem attacks usually result in comments being deleted.

      But to address your point: A single individual makes an easier target than two armed and aggressive black males.

      The Aurora shooter may have carried more weapons, but he only had two hands. The Florida teens had four hands, making them twice as dangerous.

      The pain of a direct hit in the Aurora shooter's bullet-proof vest would have been severely painful. It would have stunned him allowing a defender to fire more rounds.

      Had one of ten of the movie goers been carrying a loaded fire arm, the Aurora shooter would have been out-gunned and taken down within seconds.

    2. Raymond KoepsellJuly 21, 2012 at 1:27 PM

      Anonymous, you truly are a credit to your logic-free, reactionary, presuppositional comrades. In four short sentences, you called an entire on-line community losers, dropouts, shitheads, and idiots, while offering not one shred of support for your baseless opinion. Name calling is weak and is, in fact, no argument at all. Repeating the name three times ("Losers Losers Losers") identifies you as lazy and intellectually immature while simultaneously detracting ever more credibility from the Anti-Second Amendment argument. Congratulations!

  4. Good points made on both sides of the argument but the main problem was that no one viewed him as a threat until it was too late to act (as a practical matter)and the theater room was filled with smoke obscuring Holmes. As witnesses stated the patrons thought it was an act. By the time they knew it was not - it was too late to save most and most the damage was done.

    This cannot be compared to a store robbery where everyone knows when the robbers come in the door that they probably have real weapons and are real robbers.

    It proves at least one thing for sure - criminals don't obey gun laws.

    1. Raymond KoepsellJuly 22, 2012 at 3:47 PM

      Wrong Anonymous, there aren't any good points made on the anti-gun side of the argument, unless you're including arguments in your imagination or from another blog or website. Everyone should think hard about your last statement: "Criminals don't obey gun laws." If the left succeeds in disarming the law-abiding, the only ones with guns will be the bad guys. In 2012, that stands among the most powerful reasons why the law-abiding should fight to protect the Second Amendment to our Constitution.

  5. But a prohibition against CC in theaters and churches is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. I doubt there's anyone there savvy enough to spot it unless it fell out of the holster and landed on the floor with a *thud*. My local library is posted no carry, too. But I doubt that's ever stopped anyone.