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July 10, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Restaurant facing legal battle over 10% discount for Christians.

We all know that Affirmative Action mandates are intended to assist people of color, blacks specifically.

The well-known formula works like this: A block of new enrollments to a college -- say 20 percent - are reserved for blacks. Consequently, non-blacks, such as whites and Asians, may be declined enrollment even if their qualifications exceed those of accepted blacks.

Such mandates favor one group at the expense of all others.

Such quotas are familiar in school admissions and hiring policies. Even when mandated quotas are missing, businesses are exposed to class action suits and find it prudent, therefore, to cater to those groups most likely to engage in legal action.

Discriminating in favor of any group, such as gays, results by default in the discrimination against all others who are not in the group.

Such discrimination is not inherently wrong, in my opinion. What I find objectionable is the government mandating such quotas.

I also find it objectionable when the government forces institutions not to discriminate against particular groups.

At issue is a restaurant in Pennsylvania.

A July 4 news report indicated an atheist was pursing legal recourse against the restaurant for offering church goers a 10 percent discount. The deal offered was: Bring a church bulletin for Sunday dinner, and you get your discount.

The atheist deemed that policy to discriminate against him and others like him. It is the inverse of Affirmative Action.

Aside from the obvious hypocrisy displayed by liberals -- it's okay to discriminate in favor of small groups such as blacks and gays, but wrong to discriminate in favor or Christians -- I find the restaurant owners well within their rights to discriminate in favor of whomever they wish.

If the Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen wishes to offer discounts to specific groups such as Christians, blacks or women, that is their business. The restaurant may also offer senior discounts. Or,  if they wish, they may offer discounts to whites only. It's a private business; they may do as they see fit.

Paul Kersey has published a well-written article lamenting the fact that the First Friday program in Augusta, Georgia may soon be shut down due to black violence.

First Friday is a national movement in which black professionals meet, greet and hob nob. The program intentionally discriminates in favor of blacks at the expense of all others.

I see no problem with such affinity group members working in tandem to improve themselves, each other, or just enjoy fellowship. As a matter of free association, such groups could be comprised of Catholics, Irish Catholics, White Irish Catholics, people named 'Fred,' dog owners, Asians, recovering alcoholics, liberal Democrats, conservative Republicans or white Christians.

And that brings us to another recent news story in Alabama.

An affinity group of White Christians chose to convene in Lamar County. While the First Friday groups were praised for advancing black professionals, the Lamar County meeting was condemned as being 'racist'. Meanwhile, the Christians-only-discount in Pennsylvania has attracted the wrath of left-leaning atheists while Seniors-only-discounts are highly praised by members of the AARP.

In case you missed it, there seems to be a pattern.

Discrimination, in the minds of liberals, is morally repugnant when targeting particular groups yet wholly acceptable when targeting others.

And if you happen to be near Columbia, Pennsylvania, stop by Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen for a meal. Here's the menu.

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